Vader’s (from Doe Dee and Cesar)  family is with the military, so he is doing a stint overseas. I have one that just moved from Calgary to Texas last year, so I am really getting a few world travelers. This litter is in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba also. Vader’s family wrote:

Here’s Vader out for a walk in Vietnam and posing.


Thanks to Knox’s family for sending some new pictures and writing:

Don’t forget Ontario too! Knox is doing awesome with his 3 other fur friends. Our two cats Basil and Jack and Quinn another goldendoodle.

These are some pictures of Knox and family in our last days of the season at our cottage up North in Muskoka.

We do enjoy hearing about all of the adventures that his siblings are on. Thanks for the updates!


This is another one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s August 20, 2013, pups. This male lives in Ontario, and this litter spanned five provinces. Knox’s family wrote:

Here is a recent picture of Knox and one with our cat Basil. He is the most incredibly smart dog and fits so well in our family. He and our two kittens grew up with each other and they are the best of friends. The cats actually go over lay down with him and let him mouth them and carry them around! Thanks so much again for placing him in our lives!

Zoe (Red Deer, AB)

Zoe is a beauty and I love the curl in her tail. Thanks for sending Michael and Elizabeth! Give this girl a pat from her Grammie. They wrote:

Here are a couple of pictures taken on Zoe’s second birthday. Taken at our off leash park. Zoe is great at getting us out to walk in all kinds of weather. Walking we would not otherwise be doing! She has ended up a bit bigger than we thought she might but we would not trade her for anything. She is very attentive to us. Still a bit shy around strangers and dogs she does not know, but adapts pretty quickly when she gets to know people. She gets along really well with our grandchildren and they love to play with her. She has a very big bark but that covers quite a timid girl. We enjoy every day with her. We have had a great trainer for her (and us!) and she has learned lots. We thought you might like to see one of your girls growing up.


Zoe was the biggest female in a litter of 13 pups. I have certainly enjoyed seeing what my pups have grown into and the joy they are bringing to their individual families. There are still a few I haven’t heard from but we are doing pretty good and even though they are in different environments they seem to have common traits. Her family told us:

Zoe lives in Red Deer and has taken over our lives– in a good way! She is bigger than we expected and gets lots of complements on her looks. She is generally well behaved although it takes her a while to get used to strangers. She loves playing with other dogs at the off leash park but does not go too far from us. She had at one time liked kleenex and toilet paper but seemed to get over it but has recently rediscovered it. She loves the winter and the snow.


This is one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s pups from their last litter, August 20, 2013. Now this is what I call a beautiful dog. They said she is bigger than they thought she would be but have not told me how big she is. Doe Dee is now retired and lives near Didsbury on a farm, so she retired pretty close to where her daughter lives in Red Deer. Zoe’s family told us:

We have not been in touch with you since we got Zoe last fall. It was certainly a long cold winter here but she loved the snow and cold. This is a picture of her in April up on a snow bank watching the two dogs next door. We have had her in school and she is doing quite well although a little skittish with strangers (??although not at the off leash park where she has a great time with other dogs). We are very much enjoying her (??even if she is a bit bigger and has more energy than we thought she might)! It has got us exercising.


I love the story that goes with these pictures! This was also one of Ferlin’s tricks. Frodo’s family wrote:

Hi there, here are some latest pics of Frodo!! He is such a sweetheart, we love him to pieces!!
He is doing so well, walking has been mastered and this fall he learned to trot alongside the mountain bike with my husband, Frodo loves it. But his favorite is when he can run the trails in the National Park while we are hiking.

I’ve attached a few pics, needless to say he is in need of a grooming. He has some gray sprinkled throughout his coat, and on his face, as well as brown in his whiskers. We get compliments where ever we go that he is a handsome dude!

We can’t imagine life without him. Oh, and let me add that the close up picture of him is one I just took after he had just stolen a Kleenex out of the garbage and got caught!! And I might add that he never shows remorse when he sneaks a Kleenex out of the garbage, or toilet paper off the roll in the bathroom….yes, he has this thing about Kleenex. One day he came into the kitchen with toilet paper hanging out of his mouth and I asked him in a firm voice what he did….he looked at me like, who me, really, I didn’t do anything and proceeded to give me his doodle grin, what a guy!!


Frodo’s family sent us some new pics and wrote this update:

Hi Margaret-Ann, thank you so much for your emails and photos showing us Frodo’s siblings, we love getting them! Amazing how much they all look alike. Frodo continues to be such a blessing to us and continues to amaze us with how smart he is. He is now enrolled in Obedience classes and does remarkably well, he is a fast learner. Brent has started taking him a few times a week for a slow run alongside his mountain bike, which Frodo loves. Plus Frodo and I continue with our daily, morning walks and most days he does so well. With more squirrels and birds he can easily be distracted but usually refocuses fairly quickly.

We live close to Riding Mountain National Park so now that spring is finally here and it is drier we have gone for some hikes and take Frodo along- he loves the freedom to run. He continues to love kids and people, and other dogs, sometimes too much, especially out on our walks since he thinks every person he meets he should be able to play with!!

I am sending a couple photos of our big boy. One is of Frodo trying to sit on Brent’s lap, he thinks he should be a lap dog!! lol And the other is while out on one of our hikes.


Sounds like Frodo is being a good boy except for pulling on the leash, but that seems to be under control also. His family wrote:

Well, Frodo is now 6 months old!! He continues to grow taller, although he is definitely filling out more.

His surgery is scheduled for next week, the 27th, so hopefully all will go well.

He is quite protective of me. I take him to work with me and it is interesting who he chooses to bark at and not really want to settle down and those who come in and he barks a couple of times, looks at them and then plops right down as if “carry on”.

His walking has improved since someone recommended that I use a gentle leader on him for training. I will use it till he gets the hang of it and doesn’t pull or decide to take off after a leaf that is blowing across the street!! haha With the streets being so slippery and the fact that I slipped twice because he pulled too hard I knew I needed to try something else. As long as I take him daily (sometimes twice a day) he does well, but if I miss a couple of days it is like he forgets everything-ah puppies!

Here are a couple of pictures of him, I couldn’t seem to get the color right on the camera! His mustache is growing back and it seems to be coming in more brindle color.


This is another of Doe Dee and Cesar’s males, he lives in Dauphin, Manitoba. When you ask the groomer to ‘clean up the dogs face’ be sure they know you want a Schnauzer clip. Shearing their face right off makes them look to much like a Poodle for my liking. Frodo’s family wrote:

Hi Margaret-Ann….I wanted to send you a couple of photos of our dear Frodo….5 months already and continuing to grow!

I took today with my phone, not the greatest photos but it gives you an idea.

Unfortunately my husband took Frodo to the groomer and his idea of “clean up his face” and the groomers idea of “clean up his face” were totally different. Instead of trimming up his mustache she shaved his face….so after Frodo got over his humiliation and I got over my, well, lets just say I did get over it!  Next time we will clarify what cleaning up his face means.

3 of our granddaughters just spent 4 days with us and Frodo did great….he seemed to really get attached to our youngest, who is 3. The one pic is of the two of them relaxing….it is hard to see in the pic but he has his nose next to her head. She was often leading him all over the house and he seemed to love it. Last night when we went to bed we couldn’t find him, here he had snuck into her room and was laying on her bed at her feet, looking like he was settled in for the night (she was on a mattress on the floor in the office).

He is definitely in the puppy stage….he likes to nip the grand-kids, just gently, cause he wants to play, so we are constantly having to watch and correct him.

He loves it outside and whether at home or in the dog park his face is usually buried in the snow, he loves to dig in it also.

He is doing much better on the leash…we ended up going with a martingale, the kind used for hounds. It has a wider, softer collar in the front and he seems to do well with it. We find taking him 2 or 3 times a day for shorter periods, 10 to 15 mins max, much better rather than an 1/2 walk once or twice a day. His attention span is short so he does better with shorter walks. Hopefully as he gets older he can do better with longer walks.

I will send more as he grows back his mustache!

Retired Dogs Looking For Forever Homes

All available retired dogs have found new homes! !

I have a number of loving retired girls that are looking for good homes. However, I care very much for my girls… I let Casey and Misty go for free and have never heard another word about them so I am not doing that any more. You can’t even get a free dog at the SPCA so from now on it is $200 towards their spay to show me that you are willing to commit to a serious relationship with one of them. Dr. Cochrane says that is more than fair as I spend about $500 between shots and spay to get them ready to go. You can follow the links to see pictures of each one.

Amber, Chocolate English Lab, born May 21st. 2009. She has had three litters and did a wonderful job of them, three from her last litter are still here and have now gone into training so the price will start to go up on them as training progresses. Amber is from Abbey and Trump, my foundation English Lab line, she is fairly active and loves toys, literally takes her turn at checking the farm out at full speed, only stopping to mark her territory every so often and then on to the next bush or gopher hole.

Hannah, Chocolate English Lab, born July 16th. 2008, who is heavy set and more on the laid back side and couldn’t care less if there were toys. She is originally from Central Alberta and I purchased her through another breeder, I liked her stoutness as I was breeding her Standard Poodle, to be specific, to Einstein who has a slight build. She had three litters from the same sire, one pup is still here from her last litter, he is Simon and will soon be posted on my web site as an obedience started male. Hannah was an very good mother, not hard to have around, hardly ever barks and likes to take herself for a leisurely stroll around the farm and comes back on her own good time when she is sure she has checked every nook and cranny out.

The Golden Retriever is Kianna, she is from Klifford the Big Red Dog and Katie (now retired and living in Manitoba). Kianna was born March 8th. 2010, although she is from one of my best Golden Retrievers who was a wonderful mother, Kianna failed bitterly as a mother. I could not stand the heart ache of ever breeding her again, although the pups she raised are magnificent it was a lot of work for me. She is a very easy keeper, it is hard to keep her weight off, she really needs to go where she has lots of room to run free and attempt to catch gophers (if she ever did get one she would lick it to death). She loves kids and I would really like to see her go to a farm home that was overflowing with kids to keep her busy.

The F1 Golden Doodles looking for a home are two full sisters, Dinah and Doe Dee, born March 13th. 2008. Dinah is blonde and Doe Dee is darker apricot. Both have had three litters, within days of each other. They were born together, kenneled together and whelped out their pups in stalls next to each other, I am trying to place them into a forever home on a farm or acreage together. I will try for a few months and if I can’t place them together I will have to consider splitting them up. They are both happy go lucky girls, they are allowed to go for runs but not at the same time as it takes them too long to come back….but that being said, they always do come back and never leave the farm, so if the new owner tied one, and let the other loose, and then switched them, for about two weeks until they figured out that was their new home I am sure they would be faithful farm dogs. They have always had access to all my farm critters, so know about horses, cattle, donkeys, Llamas and Alpacas and have never attempted to be herding dogs…they just mosey on through the pastures and check things out. These two require clipping at least twice a year and both are very good about standing on a table to be groomed and have nails done. The mother to these two is Katie, same as Kianna, and the father is Einstein. These two characters smile, big toothy grins (especially if they think they are in trouble). They will bark when something is amiss and be quite when told. They both really like kids also.

If you think one of these girls may fit the bill as an adult dog in your farm or acreage environment please let me know.


Here are a few new pics of Zaney. Her family told us:

How fun for us to receive the emails of Zaneys’ litter mates!! How could I not contribute. Thank you so much!! This is our girl, she is so fluffy and looks much bigger than her 45 lbs unless she is wet. I am curious if her litter mates are shaved as they appear to have way less fur than Zaney. She is a little timid with new people but only at first and never with other dogs. We love her a lot and brings us countless laughter!!! She is a real character and it is staggering how incredibly high she can jump!!


This is one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s August 20, 2013, pups that now lives in Saskatoon with her family. This huge litter of 13 have spread throughout four provinces now, from Fernie, B.C. to Winnipeg, Manitoba and many places in between. I love to hear how the pups are doing and how they are fitting in with their forever family so will forward this to the other owners in hopes of getting some pictures and updates. Some have a post on my web page, you may want to keep up with the antics of Louis, this guy is going places at the hands of a very good dog man in Northern Saskatchewan. Zaney’s family told us:

Our little girl Zaney is fitting right in and we love her tons!!!! She is really starting to lighten up in her snout and has 2 white small patches in between her toes on her front paws. She has been fairly easy to train and is extremely tolerant of my children and their excessive love of her lol. I hope you are well and staying warm!!


Bronte was born coal black and this is how I visioned she would color up to but it seems some brindled more than others from her litter. It looks like another of my pups has it made, her own lake now! I actually have several Doodles in Sylvan Lake, they will no doubt run into each other on walks this summer. I hear quite often how Doodle owners will strike up a conversation and find that their dogs came from here and are related, that gives me such a rush to hear. Keep up the good work guys, I love getting your updates. Bronte’s family wrote:

We have moved to Sylvan Lake and we have a lovely trail from our house down to the lake. Bronte is enjoying the move as they now have 3/4 acre to run around. Leyla our shepherd is slowing down lots but Bronte is a very social and active girl who keeps us on our toes. Hope you are enjoying the new year so far and we will send off some outdoor photo soon. Bronte loves all the snow we have here.


These are the emails that keep me ticking. I am so impressed with this litter, Bronte’s grandfather is Einstein and Grandmother is Katie. Katie is retired to Manitoba, Doe Dee has retired to a farm at Didsbury, Alberta and Einstein is still here with his work clothes on. I have kept back his son, Newton so if Einstein decides to ‘slack off on the job’ I will still have his bloodlines to work with.  Bronte’s family wrote:

Keeping watch over the campsite..
Bronte is a great guard dog and is a great girl. We are enjoying her loving personality and she loves Leyla our Shepherd ..


Bronte lives in Red Deer and it sounds like she needs some Cesar bones from Canadian Tire so she chews what she is supposed to chew. More crate time with her bone and then directly outside until she has peed twice will help with the little pee accidents. A few drops of Tabasco on the spots she is chewing where she shouldn’t be will help also. Bronte’s mother, Doe Dee, is spayed now and looking for a farm home. Bronte’s family wrote:

You will see from the photo that Bronte and Leyla are great sisters. They traveled with us to spend the holidays with my daughters in Medicine Hat. She is still having the odd peepee accident and particularly likes chewing the drywall corners and baseboards….eeekk…It has slowed down a lot and think the teething is easing up. We love here so much and overall she’s very laidback…really great with our young grandkids….she was a real hit over Christmas.

PS She chases my poor cat a lot….she will be getting a swat from her soon


Bronte is one of Doe Dee and Cesar‘s August 20, 2013, females. She is living the life of Riley in Red Deer, Alberta, with a German Shepherd to keep her in line. Her family gave us an update on her and explained how they came up with her name:

Well here is Bronte…having a break from chewing. Just leaving for work and wanted to let you know that she is doing well and growing like a weed.

You were wondering how we came up with our new girl’s name, so here it is.  Charlotte, Emily and Anne BRONTE… famous writers of such books as Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre etc. Quite accomplished young ladies and I’m hoping for great things with our fast growing furball.


Here is a great new picture of the always photogenic Louis!


Louis is one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s males from August 20th. 2013. One of the owners from this litter has created a private Facebook link for only owners of this litter, if anyone wants to join it I will gladly give you the contact for a link. It is a really great idea and I love opening it and hearing about what the pups are up to in their respective homes.

Here is the latest pictures of Louis and his best friend Shane. This is such a well loved dog and Shane has put literally hundreds of hours into him. Louis needs a tether ball, it will keep him busy for hours and free up the reeling hand! LOL At one time I had a tether ball hung on the clothes line and Becki-Sue (the Russell that turned 14 in Nov.) would spend hours bunting it with her nose. As she got older and couldn’t jump high I lowered the ball. It finally rotted in the sun and I haven’t been able to locate another so if anyone knows where they sell them please advise me. Good job Shane and thanks for all your updates, they are really a part of what keeps me going. Pats and hugs from Grammie! He wrote:

Just a couple more pics of me and my fishing buddy. Lol
He loves it out there the only trouble is how sore my arm is the next day from throwing his ball. Haha


Here is a new picture of Lou. His family wrote:

My big guy. Hope all is well, sorry you haven’t heard from me for a while finally got harvest done so I thought I would send u a quick photo. Our big guy is doing very well and we love him more and more each day. He has been such a great companion for Chelene when I was gone to work, and with both kids gone now he is like the new kid so it has been great.


Louie’s family sent us this pic and wrote:

Thought I would send u a pic of Lou, Chelene and I out for the day fishing. It was 32 degrees and the big fella and I went for quite a few dips in the lake as well. He is just about a year old and he keeps amazing me at the stuff u can teach this guy. He is (like I have said a number of times) the best dog we have ever had. Thanks again for him.


This new photo of Lou was accompanied by this write-up:

Louie and I have been working for the past 2 weeks on his retrieving skills and I have to tell you there is no Labrador in the world that has it up on him! I have him doing blind retrieves and his hand commands are coming along unreal. Yesterday I started with two balls and was making him mark one and then doing a blind one with the other. I can tell you this guy is truly special. He is a machine. I cant wait to get him in the water at the lake and out of the boat it’s gonna be a riot. I will get some one to video him in the near future when we have it a little more mastered.


A sweet new picture of Louis. His family wrote:

I haven’t sent you a photo for a while so here is a quick one I took of our guy loving life having a nap with Chelene Sunday afternoon, hope all is well.


We’ve now got some pictures of Louie after his first haircut! His family told us:

Just a quick note to let you know our Louie had his 1st hair cut today… made Chelene sad that his curls are gone lol. Groomer said he was AWESOME (as usual) hahaha. Hope all is well.. Seen the pics of your standard pups man I would love to have one of those too but Chelene wants to wait and if you end up with the beautiful chocolate doodles she said she will want one of those for a brother or sister for Louie.


Another update on Louis. His family wrote:

Louie does trust me like I have never seen. He is so loyal. He is amazing but still doesn’t like to leave me out of his sight and if I go out and don’t take him along (which doesn’t happen very often) he lays at the door I left out of till I return.


Another great picture of the luckiest dog in Saskatchewan!!!! His family gave him high praises:

Just another quick pic of our Lou Bear.  He is the best dog I have ever had, his personality is like no other….
Hope all is Well


Shane is a professional photographer so he send lots of pictures and great ones! He wrote:

Here’s a update on my buddy


This new picture just arrived with a sweet little note that read:

Louie says he misses you.


I recently got an update and Christmas greetings from Louis and his family that was addressed to “the best dog breeder in the world”. This is enough to make my head swell so my touque won’t fit! They also wrote:

Louie was to the vet yesterday and everything is great they love him there…thought I would send u a new pic he is 40lbs on the nose and my vet thinks he will b 70lbs all day long when he is full grown..he is stating to loose his baby teeth now. Hope all is well and have a great new year!


A Merry Christmas from Louis!


This is Louis. He is from Doe Dee and Cesar‘s August 20th, 2013, litter. His awesome new family lives in Carrot River. The first few days they had crate trouble so I told them some of my ‘crate training tricks’ to try.

When they met me in Invermay to get Louis two weeks ago, the roads were bad and their truck wouldn’t go in reverse so they had to bring the car, apparently the roads were even worse at their end. Then Shane sent me a picture of Louis in ‘his’ truck. So Sunday I sent him back a message that said how much I have enjoyed his sense of humour and all the texts and emails he sends and I asked if ‘Louis’ truck went in reverse yet. . This is what he sent back:

I look forward to becoming friends through this wonderful gift you have given me and my family, I have your web page on my favourites and check out your posts on your pups that have found a new home. Louis is the BEST, we love him so much, he is doing great in his crate and has only ever had two accidents in the house and that was my fault the first couple days we had him.Ya I fixed ‘his truck’ (at least he thinks it is his) LOL it goes backwards now. Things are great with him, he rolls over, shakes both paws, sits, and stays, lays down and doesn’t eat until his is told. AMAZING for a pup for just over 2 weeks of training. You have INCREDIBLE dogs and you should be very proud of them. I know we sure are. Thank you very much:):)