Here are a few updated pictures of Charlie. His family wrote:

Thought I would send a couple pictures of Charlie. He is doing very well and has brought a lot of joy to our lives. I hope all is well with you.


This young man is named Charlie and he lives in Regina. He is the son of Dolly and Cesar, born March 6th. It looks like he is growing into a handsome young man. His new family wrote to let us know that he is doing great and sent along these pictures.

Trooper – F1B Labra Doodle (from Dolly) – Born March 6, 2014

Trooper has been sold!

Trooper was born March 6, 2014. His mother is Dolly (daughter of Misty, English Labrador Retriever, and Einstein, Registered Standard Poodle) and his father is Cesar, Registered Chocolate Silver Factor Standard Poodle. This makes him an F1B Labra Doodle. He is non shedding, has had three sets of boosters and is completely vet checked and dewormed. Trooper earned this name, when he was two days old his mother stepped on him and laid his back open across the wither area. It has completely healed, I tried to take pictures that show his patch of hair where the wound was is shorter and a little darker color, I think as he matures it will fill in nicely and unless he is clipped to the hide it will never show (and it may not even show then).

This pup has been very well handled because I treated his cut several times a day. He has a soft and gentle temperament and is a happy go lucky kind of a guy. He is $900, I am firm on my price so please do not apply unless you are sincerely interested in having a great pup that will turn into a great dog, this guy has the life expectancy of 15 years. Text number is 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Finley’s family sent us some new pictures and wrote:

I have attached a picture of Finley that was taken at the dog park this morning. She LOVES sticks! She sure is a great fit with the family and us very good natured. Thank you for making her apart of our family.


Finley’s family sent us some new pictures and wrote:

Wanted you to know Finley is doing great. She fits in well with our family. She will be 5 months old soon and weighs a healthy 31 lbs! Growing fast. As you can see by the pictures Finley got her first hair cut! She looks SOOO different. She was such a good girl, the groomer was very impressed at how calm she was. She does seem to be losing her darker apricot colour and is becoming my Blondie.


Here is an updated picture of Finley!


Finley sure looks like she is happy and very loved! This makes my life worthwhile. Her family sent us these pics and wrote:

Just a quick pic to show you how much she is growing! She weighs 16 lbs already!


This is one of Dolly and Cesar’s F1B Labra Doodle females born March 6th. Finley now lives in Innisfail, Alberta. She looks pretty content in her new home and I know she is very loved already. Her new family wrote:

Finley is fitting in so well with our family! She REALLY loves the soccer ball. Thank you for making her a part of our family.


It looks like his kid does his hair-do nicely, these are awesome pictures. His family wrote:

It’s hard to believe our little puppy is already 8months old!! Here are some updated pictures of him!


It looks like Gunner and his family have bonded well. Nothing makes me happier than pictures of a kid with one of my pups. They wrote:

We have had a wonderful summer with Gunner and look forward to many more. I thought I’d send you an updated picture of him. He’s a very well mannered pup and we love him!! Take care!


Gunner’s family sent us a new picture and the following information:

Here is an updated picture of Gunner for you. He’s 12 weeks old and growing like a weed! He loves going to the lake with us on weekends but isn’t sure of the water yet, although it is still pretty cold in there!! He is doing excellent with potty training and can sit, shake a paw, and lay down – and he isn’t trying to eat the children so much anymore!


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This is one of Dolly and Cesar‘s March 6, 2014, male pups. Looks like he scored himself some pretty cute kids. His family wrote this about the video:

Our son just loves playing with his new buddy Gunner!

F1B Labra Doodle Litter (Dolly) – Born March 6, 2014

All Dolly’s puppies have been sold!

Due to a buyer backing out for medical reasons there is still one male F1B Labra Doodle puppy available from Dolly (F1 Labra Doodle Misty and Einstein) and Cesar (Registered Chocolate Silver Factor Standard Poodle) born March 6th, 2014. This cross makes this little man an F1B Labra Doodle. This is a well handled little monkey with a sweetheart personality, I sincerely hope he goes where there are kids because he will soak up all the attention he can get! When I am sitting in the whelping box this little character takes his share of pets and belly rubs and comes back up onto my lap to try to take the next guys share also!

This pup will be ready the end of the month when he is a full 8 weeks old, the vet is coming this week for boosters and complete vet check. He is $900 delivered safely into your arms as I do not ship my puppies but choose to meet each buyer and place the pup safely into their arms. He is two year health guaranteed for hips, ears, eyes and elbows for anything hereditary. I am extremely careful about my breeding program to assure you the best quality pup at the most reasonable price. I have lots of references on my website. This is a 15 year commitment so choose wisely when you purchase your next family member.

I titled today’s pictures, ‘Is it Spring yet?”

This is a non shedding puppy, he may blow his puppy coat in the spring but after that he will not shed, a regular brushing once a week is the kindest thing you can do for your dog, pick a night of the week that is quiet time and brush your dog that evening. It will not only bring out luster in his coat but will bond you with your puppy. I stand behind what I breed and will advise as long as you need me on training issues. I love what I do and hope to be able to do this for at least another four years. If you have been thinking about getting a Doodle this is the time to act on those thoughts! You can text me at 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Dolly, daughter of Misty and Einstein, making her an Apricot F1 Labra Doodle, has now had her first litter of seven F1B Labra Doodle pups sired by Cesar, my Chocolate Standard Poodle. The pups are all Apricot and Blonde in color and there are only two males left available from this litter. These pups will mature at 60 plus pounds, will be low to non shedding, dew claws are removed and they are very well handled. They were born March 6th and will be ready to go when they are a full 8 weeks old, May 1st. They are $900, the price of the pup includes delivery to your area as I do not ship my pups but choose to drive them to be safely placed from my arms into the arms of the forever family.

These will be extremely intelligent, loyal, eager to please dogs that love the water and the company of their human family. Dew claws have been removed and they are very well handled. The tiny ends are nipped off their nails weekly and they are given daily paw massages so they will be very good about having their feet handled. They will have two sets of boosters and lots of instructions on how to keep them safe from Parvo Virus. I stand behind what I breed and make myself available to help you with the transition of bringing a new puppy into your home. For more information or pictures of the parents and grandparents please browse my site or use my contact page.