Dawn is a February, 201,2 model out of Hannah (a very stocky Chocolate English Lab) and Cesar, my Chocolate Standard Poodle. I really expected chocolate pups from this cross but the yellow Lab in Hannah’s background and the black genetics came through in this female. I tell her that women pay good money to get their hair frosted to look like this.

Dawn is one of my smallest F1 Labra Doodles weighing in at 45 lbs. This is her first litter and she was bred to Newton (son of Einstein, grandson of Pluto) so we have some very good foundation stock here. Dawn is a very gentle mannered dog, I didn’t think she was ready to take on a litter of pups in 2015 so the litter in her, due mid April, will be her first and they will be F1B Labra Doodle pups.

Dawn was coal black when she was a pup and slowly the blonde and chocolate highlights started to show up. She is a very loyal dog, dedicated to please me, which makes it very hard to retire her when the time comes. She simply loves other dogs and there is not a pen I can’t put her in that she doesn’t bond with whatever dog is in it.

Retired Dogs Looking For Forever Homes

All available retired dogs have found new homes! !

I have a number of loving retired girls that are looking for good homes. However, I care very much for my girls… I let Casey and Misty go for free and have never heard another word about them so I am not doing that any more. You can’t even get a free dog at the SPCA so from now on it is $200 towards their spay to show me that you are willing to commit to a serious relationship with one of them. Dr. Cochrane says that is more than fair as I spend about $500 between shots and spay to get them ready to go. You can follow the links to see pictures of each one.

Amber, Chocolate English Lab, born May 21st. 2009. She has had three litters and did a wonderful job of them, three from her last litter are still here and have now gone into training so the price will start to go up on them as training progresses. Amber is from Abbey and Trump, my foundation English Lab line, she is fairly active and loves toys, literally takes her turn at checking the farm out at full speed, only stopping to mark her territory every so often and then on to the next bush or gopher hole.

Hannah, Chocolate English Lab, born July 16th. 2008, who is heavy set and more on the laid back side and couldn’t care less if there were toys. She is originally from Central Alberta and I purchased her through another breeder, I liked her stoutness as I was breeding her Standard Poodle, to be specific, to Einstein who has a slight build. She had three litters from the same sire, one pup is still here from her last litter, he is Simon and will soon be posted on my web site as an obedience started male. Hannah was an very good mother, not hard to have around, hardly ever barks and likes to take herself for a leisurely stroll around the farm and comes back on her own good time when she is sure she has checked every nook and cranny out.

The Golden Retriever is Kianna, she is from Klifford the Big Red Dog and Katie (now retired and living in Manitoba). Kianna was born March 8th. 2010, although she is from one of my best Golden Retrievers who was a wonderful mother, Kianna failed bitterly as a mother. I could not stand the heart ache of ever breeding her again, although the pups she raised are magnificent it was a lot of work for me. She is a very easy keeper, it is hard to keep her weight off, she really needs to go where she has lots of room to run free and attempt to catch gophers (if she ever did get one she would lick it to death). She loves kids and I would really like to see her go to a farm home that was overflowing with kids to keep her busy.

The F1 Golden Doodles looking for a home are two full sisters, Dinah and Doe Dee, born March 13th. 2008. Dinah is blonde and Doe Dee is darker apricot. Both have had three litters, within days of each other. They were born together, kenneled together and whelped out their pups in stalls next to each other, I am trying to place them into a forever home on a farm or acreage together. I will try for a few months and if I can’t place them together I will have to consider splitting them up. They are both happy go lucky girls, they are allowed to go for runs but not at the same time as it takes them too long to come back….but that being said, they always do come back and never leave the farm, so if the new owner tied one, and let the other loose, and then switched them, for about two weeks until they figured out that was their new home I am sure they would be faithful farm dogs. They have always had access to all my farm critters, so know about horses, cattle, donkeys, Llamas and Alpacas and have never attempted to be herding dogs…they just mosey on through the pastures and check things out. These two require clipping at least twice a year and both are very good about standing on a table to be groomed and have nails done. The mother to these two is Katie, same as Kianna, and the father is Einstein. These two characters smile, big toothy grins (especially if they think they are in trouble). They will bark when something is amiss and be quite when told. They both really like kids also.

If you think one of these girls may fit the bill as an adult dog in your farm or acreage environment please let me know.


Red Deer Jake unfortunately had to be re-homed. This was a very hard decision for his family, as they did a lot of work on Jake and he was the best dog ever for them. They wrote:

I am with a heavy heart .. I Stalled finding a home for Jake as long as I could.. I couldn’t avoid it any longer. Thought if I eventually had to give him up it would be in Jake’s best interest to do it sooner rather than later. I was totally in love with that dog! He was so damn smart and devoted. I put an ad on kijiji with stiff requirements as I didn’t want to Jake to be just…. rehomed. I needed to be sure he was going to a loving home with someone that would spend time with him. I Just posted the ad 3 days ago And got a response from his new owners within one hour of posting it. I actually just said goodbye to Jake 2 days ago. (Lots of tears). And still tearing up just typing this. We got a perfect home … He is actually back in Saskatchewan. A little town outside of Prince Albert. The dad stays home with his 4 yr old son and only works an hour a day at the water plant. Mom Works full time. There is only about 90’some people In that town and half of them are relatives. They have a cat and a horse. Apparently They have been looking for a dog just like Jake for a while. We were a little worried about the cat as Jake has never been around them but it seems all is good.

They drove through the night to come and see Jake and let me meet them before we let Jake go. Well.. Jake was in love with the little boy instantly. I cried my eyes out. But it sure helped to know he was going to a good home.

I got a message from them and was told that Jake loves the cat.. So much so the cat has to go hide from him for a rest. Jake absolutely loved to play ball and we played every night. I guess the little boy has him Releasing the ball with hand signals In just one day with them. Jake went with them to their sisters farm and ran with 2 other dogs and I guess Jake was the only one that listened when it was time to come home. They are so happy with him – and are In love with him already ! It helps knowing he is in a loving home and with someone that will spend a lot of time with him:.. But it doesn’t stop the hurting.


This new picture of Jake came with the following update:

Jake is doing awesome… Sometimes I wish he wasn’t so smart though.. Lol

We go to the off leash almost every day— even at minus 20… It seems he is so much better behaved when he tired. Hahah. But I’m so glad it’s finally warming up.


Here is a new picture of Jake; he is a beauty, I almost wish I would have kept the female back for breeding but that has to end. My Doodle breeding program will end in 2018 is all goes as planned. Jake’s family told us:

Jake is doing great!!! Barry took him to the vet for his last shots and received such a great compliment… Said Jake was amazing and acted like a full grown well behaved dog instead of a puppy… Guess we r doing something right!! Hope all had settled down for u somewhat!!! Here us an update pic of our buddy!!!


Here is a new picture and update from Jake’s world:

Just a quick note and pic of Jake’s new Christmas buddy… He fared pretty well with all the people AND dogs and didn’t pee on anyone’s floors… such a good boy!!!


[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/jake.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/jake.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/jake.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/jake.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

This is Jake, son of Hannah and Einstein and born September 14th, 2013. His new owners sent over some pictures and a video. They told us:

Hi MA.. Hope you had a good trip home and arrived safe and sound… It was an absolute pleasure finally getting to meet you… Some time we will actually be able to sit and have coffee. You have a standing invitation to come visit Jake any time!!

Simon – F1 Labra Doodle (from Hannah) – Born September 14, 2013

Simon has now been SOLD!

Simon has now gone into intensive obedience training, his price will now go up $25 a week until he is sold. This is a very soft temperament, easy going young male F1 Labra Doodle. He is very quick to learn, is quiet in both vocal and nature and is just an easy going kind of pup, very much like his mother. He is classified as a minimal to non shedder. I do, however, think he will shed a bit… nothing like a Lab and nothing regular brushing or vacuuming won’t fix. He has only been in the house for training purposes, so has a great winter coat and would be fine being an outside dog.

Simon has three sets of boosters,and has been dewormed twice, so he is good to go. He would like to be with children, his character is perfectly fit to be the ‘dog of a growing boy that needs some responsibility and the grounding of chores’ kind of pup. A pup that gets a kid up and outside for a walk. A pup that needs his poop picked up, to ground a kid to the realities of real life. A pup to tell all your troubles and secrets to. The ideal home for Simon would be with a kid that needs a dog! Or a hunter that needs a hunting partner….or ideally a kid that is learning to hunt and needs a partner. Simon is now $700 and will start to go up in the new year.


‘Simon’, born Sept. 14th, 2013, is the last available son from Hannah (Chocolate English Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle). Hannah is now spayed and looking for her forever family on a farm or acreage. Simon is quite the little guy that would make someone a great bird dog, he is watching sparrows in the pictures of him looking up, not all dogs look up but Simon is very aware of what is going on around him, both with sight and sound. He knows he is ‘Simon’ although he has only had this name a few days, as soon as I call him his tail starts to go and he gets that look on his face. The “are you talking to me?” look. He has now had three sets of boosters, has been dewormed twice and has been completely vet checked, so everything is in order for him to go on to be the best darn family or hunting dog that money can buy! His price is $700 delivered safely from my arms to yours as I will not ship my pups and have them traumatized along the way. Simon is starting to get his ‘Doodle hair’ in now and he shows a lot of character with his little spikes of longer hair. He has gentle temperament, something I breed for, and a great Lab style head, not a pointy Poodle head, his character is also very Lab like, but he definitely got the Poodle smarts. For more information on Simon please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. Browse the web page for information on his parents.


This is Copper, who lives near PA and looks super happy. His family wrote:

Copper just turned two on March 3rd! We love him, he is so family orientated and kind:) He has filled out to 72 lbs of fuzzy puppy!


Copper’s mother, Hannah has now retired and lives near PA and I hear she spends her days touring around in a pick up and enjoying her time with her new master. It was very hard to let Hannah go, as it is with most of my retired girls. It sounds and looks like Copper is in the best place he could possibly be and I sincerely thank Wendy for the awesome update. Keep up the good work Doodle people, I am very proud of all of you! Copper’s family sent us some new pictures and told us:

Our doodle , Copper, from la ronge is doing very well. He weighs in at around 72lbs and is very gentle and loving. He is the baby of the family. It will b two years in May we adopted him and we never have regretted it!


[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/cooper.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/cooper.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/cooper.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/cooper.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

Copper’s family sent us two pictures and a short video. He lives at La Ronge. They wrote:

Here is copper heading in on one year old! 65 pounds of pooch! We love him very much and he is very spoiled. He travels with us and is a very good puppy in the car. This is a slow motion video of drew and copper playing mini sticks and catch in the hallway. We have even taught him how to pull the kids in a sleigh!

Just wanted to update you that he is going well!


[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/copper1.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/copper1.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/copper1.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/copper1.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=272 height=480 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/copper2.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/copper2.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/copper2.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/copper2.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=272 height=480 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

This is Copper, he is one of Hannah and Einstein‘s pups from March 3rd. 2013.   This is a two part video. Copper lives at La Ronge, north of Saskatoon.  His new family wrote:

Copper is adjusting to our family and us to him! We are so happy to have found such a lovable & relaxed friend for our family.


Rylee’s family sent us some updated pictures, along with this nice update:

So I am sending you an update on my my beautiful baby Rylee. She is still the utmost amazing young woman! Still defiant and full of charm. Very very smart and knows it too but her temperament is so amazing. When she gets growled at or barked at from another dog, she comes running to me or shies away if she doesn’t see me right away. She loves to run and play… 3 hours before I took her home! Lol

If I have to leave town for an extended period of time she goes and stays with my mom and dad who just love her (and yes call to have me put them on speaker phone so Rylee can hear my Dad).

She has been spayed and they did such a great job you can’t see any mark on her at all. She is such a happy puppy but if she doesn’t get her walk or run… All hell breaks loose and she will wait until I put my head down to sleep and then grab something with in reach wait exactly 2 minutes of staring at me… Then start chewing. Yes I have taken her at 330 am for a walk as I should have done it earlier. Lol

She does have me wrapped around her finger.

Her first contact with a baby she sniffed it’s feet grabbed a toy and put it near the baby and then wouldn’t move for the remainder of the night. Licking the feet every so often. She is 72 pounds… Yup and the vet thinks she will get bigger.

I have her on a raw diet and it seemed to calm her down. She is on perfectly raw. Chicken and turkey and sometimes bison/elk/ rabbit when I can afford it ( she hates fish btw). Just thought I’d give you an update since it has been a while.

I’m considering looking for another puppy as Rylee is looking for a play mate. Needs one really. But I do not make as much money as I did up north. What do you think about that? Is it wise? Do you have one that might work well for her?

By the way her legs are silver on the front and in the winter time she gets black on her back.


[stream base=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/ flv=rylee_sd.flv img=rylee.png hd=rylee_hd.flv mp4=rylee_ios.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

This is Rylee, one of Hannah’s pups that went to Calgary.  When her owners sent us the video above, they also wrote:


Update on Rylee.

When we got home I opened her kennel door and laid outside it till she wondered out. She wondered the house then came and laid in front of me letting me pet her. She has an amazing temperament, very very smart. Mastered stairs and a treat ball (see the video I sent along) as soon as she was presented with them. I have high suspicions that she chewed my kitchen chair…. Yet can’t prove it… If only the chair could talk….

She loves yams.( I made her yam and honey cookies) which I also love….

She will have nothing to do with her leash but will walk with me out side watching me as we walk. Not going far from me. (We are working on leash skills) She comes most times when called and waits patiently to come out of her play pen.

I am free feeding her and she has no accidents in her playpen, but reminded me that my first job when I get home is to take her right outside even if my bladder is about to burst….

She is very quiet. Doesn’t beg. Really isn’t food motivated. But listens and loves praise. She barks when she plays hops and rolls. And is starting to fetch. She will go get the ball and brings it back about 40% of the time.

When I give her a kiss I tell her I kiss her she doesn’t kiss me… So she takes her nose and puts it on my cheek.


This little monkey is Zuzu, she was one of the tiniest pups I had ever seen come from Hannah and Einstein. Right from the start she was a little go getter. I fed her around the clock for the first four weeks, some nights I would just sit in the whelping box and feed the others and put them on the other side of me and let little Zuzu get her tummy full of mothers milk. She was so small we called her Tinykins. I am so happy to hear about this little girl, she really stole my heart. I hope one day I can see her and hold her in my arms. I don’t think people know how hard it is for me to place one of my pups into a strangers arms, but many of those strangers have become friends, we connected over a puppy, what more fitting way could there be to meet a friend. Thanks for sending Kira, I have quite a few Doodles in Calgary now. Zuzu’s family wrote:

I thought you might like seeing Zuzu at 2 years old. She is a sweetheart of a dog and we are grateful for her in our life. Zuzu weighs 57 pounds. Happy and healthy in every way! She is so smart and has an incredible nose. There isn’t a place that I can hide that she can’t find me. She absolutely loves hide and seek. I told my husband that if I ever get lost in the woods to just send Zuzu and she will find me. She also loves the water, loves retrieving the ball, and She can catch a frisbee like a champ. She loves people so much. We haven’t run into anyone yet that she was afraid of or disliked. We really are so lucky to have her and we owe so much of that to the great start to life that you provided to her. I hope that all is well with you and your crew!


This was one of the tiniest pups I have ever had born here. I went around the clock for four weeks to keep her going. She was bottled and I would sit and hold her on Hannah’s tit to get some mothers milk so she would have a good immune system. She turned out to be such a beautiful dog. Hannah only had one litter after this and then she was spayed and has her very own man to dote over her and take her for rides. I love happy endings! Zuzu’s family wrote:

I thought that you might like an update on Zuzu. She turns 18 months old tomorrow and this is a new photo of her taken this afternoon. She is still the greatest and such and important part of our family. She is very loved!


Zuzu was such a tiny pup that is a wonder she made it, not only did she make it she had a very strong heart with no sign of a murmur that tiny ones sometimes have. Her family told us:

Zuzu is now 50lbs and she is great. Here is a funny picture that we took of her the other day. We called it working class dog. The other photo is Zuzu with my oldest son (they are best friends).


What a beautiful specimem of an F1 Labra Doodle Zuzu is. She lives in Calgary and was the tiniest puppy you could imagine, if I had not been out there every few hours with a bottle she would not be here, so I am so thrilled to hear she has made it to 46 lbs. and is happy and healthy in every way. This is what keeps me ticking! Her family let us know:

I thought you might like to see a new photo of Zuzu…just taken. She is 8 months old today and weighs 46lbs (hardly the runt now). She is just the best. She has brought much joy to our family and we are grateful.
I hope all is well with you!


Here is an up-to-date picture of the lovely Zuzu! Her owners also told us:

Here is a picture that I took of Zuzu this morning with her favorite pink pig. She is a wonderful pup! Still getting lots of compliments on her. The latest was a group of women (strangers) that thought she should be on tv because she was just so cute. They also couldn’t believe how well she walked on her leash for me.


Zuzu lives in Calgary and is one of Hannah and Einstein‘s March 3rd pups, she was very tiny and weak when she was born so I spent a lot of time sitting with her until she was strong enough to fight for a place at the dinner table on her own.   Once this little stinker got going she was really a go getter and such a funny pup to watch, it was like she was telling the world she was just happy to be alive.  Her owners sent us some new photos and told us:

Things with Zuzu are going well. She really is a wonderful pup. She turns lots of heads when we are out with her and she has even had a couple of cars stop to see where we got her. Everyone LOVES her.

I am sending you another picture of Zuzu so you can see how much she has grown. She is soooo beautiful.


This is Zuzu.  Her owners told us:

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding Zuzu. We have had her now for 24 hours and I think that she is a genius dog. She has gone to her designated pee/poo spot every time (no accidents yet in the house). She is already learning the come and sit commands, and she is as sweet as pie. And although last night there was a little crying through the night, (as expected), she has been napping comfortably in her crate off and on today (the last time I put her in her crate, there wasn’t even a peep).  We are in love with her. If her siblings are even half as wonderful as she is, you are going to have some very happy puppy owners!
Thanks again for everything!

F1 Labra Doodle Litter (Hannah) – Born March 3, 2013

All Hannah’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Donavan (first 10 pictures above) was born on March 3rd. 2013, so he is now 4 months old. His mother is Hannah and his father is Einstein, this is their second litter together. Donavan is a very gentle character, much like his mother, but with the attentiveness of his father when it comes to how quick he picks things up.

This fellow is a ‘people pleaser’, he is a calm, attentive, striving to please when asked to do something he has never done before, kind of pup. I have a boardwalk, made of fence slabs….most pups walk onto it and freeze….not Donavan, he was extremely curious and walked beside me like he had done the boardwalk every day of his little puppy dog life. He did the same with the deck stairs, a few little tugs on the leash and a little coaxing and he was up the stairs, going down he didn’t even need coaxing he stayed right at my side and did not bolt or pull.

Donavan will mature at about 60 to 65 lbs., he has a shaggy coat that will never need to be clipped unless you want it done….it will grow about 4 inches and stop. He will look like Dayle on my retired dog page. He is classified as minimal to non shedding, personally I think he may shed a bit, but weekly brushing will completely take care of that…he will not shed like a Lab but more like what you would get in your hairbrush.

He is in a large pen of pups his age and he is a bit of a diplomat, no aggression but no submission either….he waits until the ball (there is more than one) is dropped and takes it into his den and lays on it, he did this as a young pup also….so he is a thinker.

Monty (last 10 pictures) is turning out to be a little clown, he takes the toys from the other pups and runs in circles trying to get them to chase him and is delighted when it works! This is a very happy pup, it is almost like he is laughing. His favourite toy is a rope with knots in it, the rope used to be as big as he is but he can manage it pretty good now. Monty is playful until he is called for his leash work, he comes to the gate, sits down on command and lets me slip the training lead over his head, then Monty the clown immediately turns into Monty the student.

Monty the student would like to go to someone who wants to teach their dog to fetch, come, stay, swim with them, maybe hunt with them….there is no end of things Monty can learn to do. He goes into each training session watching me, not everything going on around him, he concentrates on what we are doing (this is actually fairly rare in a pup this age, I can work him right down through all the kennels and he basically pays attention to me and is not easily distracted by all the commotion going on around him. He would excel at obedience, he loves the water so would also do very well with fetching things out of the water, so he would be a great pup to take to the lake. This guy would love to join your family for the next 15 years as part of the ‘gang’, he will be a very loyal companion.

Both pups have had three sets of boosters, are completely vet checked, dewormed and well on their way to being a loyal lifelong friend to the right family. I have lots of bonding techniques that I am more than willing to share. Their leash work continues daily, this week we are working on down and stay. They are old enough to sleep through the night. They have had access to a crate with the door off for a few months now, so that is their den, crate training will be very easy for these guys. Crate and house training go hand in hand so that step will be a snap.

I don’t always get to see the character in my pups as they are gone at 8 weeks old, so for me, it is kind of a treat to get to spend the extra time with them. I got asked today why three of the pups got older without getting adopted….it is really a pretty simple answer, I have been super busy with dogs, yard work, painting and fence checking, once I get down to three pups it doesn’t pay to place ads in the paper, they are fairly pricey, so it is easier to just get to work on them and know the right buyer will come along.

Monty and Donavan are now $800, the price is going to go up $100 a month as I put more training into them. If you may be interested in Donavan or Monty just let me know and I will give you all the information you ask for. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


“Monty” (apricot colored and in the first 10 pictures above) was born on March 3rd, 2013 from a litter of nine. His mother is Hannah (Chocolate English Lab) and his father is Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle), making Monty an F1 Labra Doodle. His training has officially started with leash work and today he was tied up for the first time…. he was amazingly good, no barking, and no hitting the end of the chain. He is equally as resilient on the leash, he has mastered ‘holding his licker’ with no mouthing or tugging on clothes, he pays attention to his queues and usually sits first time he is asked and almost every time I stop while he is on a walk.

Monty will weigh about 60 lbs. when he is mature, he has his mothers calm temperament, broad chest and good solid stance, and his fathers brains and lovable personality, this cross created some very great pups last year and I am quite confidant he will be the most loyal family dog you would ever want to own. He will be minimal shedding, which means he may shed but not like a Lab, if he sheds it will be more like what you get in your hairbrush. If you pick an evening, say Sunday, and brush your pup (dog) once a week, you will never see clumps of hair from him. Monty is $700, he has three sets of boosters and has been dewormed three times, so he is ready to go to the dog park, obedience classes or just hang out in the back yard.

Also pictured here (the latter 16 pictures above of the pup with more blonde coloring) is Monty’s brother, “Donavan”. His mother is Hannah, my stocky, solid as a rock, gentle as a kitten, Chocolate English Labrador Retriever who weighs 60 to 65 lbs., and his father is Einstein, my Apricot Standard Poodle (Mr. Romance….this guy should have been named ‘Romeo”, if I can’t get the female to cooperate he ‘sweet talks them’), Einstein weighs between 45 and 50 lbs. so I estimate Donavan will weigh about 60 lbs. when mature.

Donavan is the guy, that upon being tied to the dog house for that phase of his training, went to the end of the chain, turned facing the dog house, and stood there for over an hour contemplating what his next move would be. He finally gave up and gave himself some slack and had a little pout and lay down. When I took him off the dog house, and onto the training lead, he did two giant flips at the end of the leash (it was like fishing for Marlin) then stood stock still. When I asked him to come he came right away, when I put him in a ‘sit’ to start our walk he sat right away. We walked all around the yard and he was being so good that at the first flower bed I asked him to sit and stay, which he did while I pulled a few ‘non acceptable flowers’. This was going so well that I went to the second flower bed, and started to do the same thing, but we got interrupted by two young wrens flying out of a bush in the middle of the flower bed. Once they started their terrified peeping we were bombarded by two sets of adult wrens dive bombing us….so we had to do a hasty ‘stage left’ so the parents could call the fledglings to a safe place. Donavan was very curious about the little wrens frantically fluttering through the grass but he stayed put and did not attempt to ‘taste’ them. This pup is a thinker, he thinks about what he is going to do before he reacts, I am quite impressed with how smart this guy is and sincerely hoping he goes to someone with a few training skills so he can reach his full potential.

The price of Donavan is $700, delivered to a meeting spot near you. As his training progresses the price will go up $100 a month. He has three sets of boosters, has been dewormed three times and his next vet visit should be for neutering at 6 months of age (September). At that time he should get a Rabies vaccination and be dewormed again.

For more information on Monty or Donavan, call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Hannah (English Chocolate Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) now have only two Male pups available at $700, one Apricot (Monty) and one Blonde (Donavan). These pups were born on March 3rd. so are now 12 weeks old, they have had three sets of boosters and have been dewormed three times. Dew claws have been removed and these pups have been very well handled, they had their first leash session yesterday, they were not impressed at the start but by the time pictures were done and we took a few late afternoon ‘drags’ around the yard they started to get the idea that if they moved their feet they didn’t plough up as much grass and gravel!

Hannah and Einstein’s boys will mature at about 50 to 60 lbs. and be about 21 to 23 inches at the wither.

The price of the pup includes delivery safely into your arms….I do not ship my pups. For more information call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Hannah and Einstein now have only two males available out of their March 3rd litter of nine.   These pups are $700 and that is delivered safely into your arms price.   They have had three sets of boosters and have been dewormed twice.   These guys are very well handled, they are both kind and loving pups that would like a family with kids, these guys are crazy for kids.   They have Hannah’s laid back Lab personality and Einstein’s smart ways, they are clean, loyal and gentle….. they have started to retrieve the ball and have great fun with an empty bleach jug playing keep away from each other.   They sleep in a crate with the door off, and pee and poop in one area of their pen.   They are safe to go anywhere after May 28th. when they will have a full immune system in place…. for more pictures tell me which pups peaks your interest, I would need to know which toy is with it, I took lots of pictures of these characters today.


Hannah and Einstein now have only three females and three males available. They were born March 3rd, so are just old enough to go now. They have dew claws removed, two sets of boosters and have been dewormed twice. Their next set of boosters are due the week of May 8th. These pups will mature at about 50 lbs. and be minimal to non shedding. They are well started on crate training (they play in a crate with the door off) and are trained to all pee and poop in one designated area of their large pen. These are well handled pups with great lovable, loyal personalities. Their mother is Hannah, an English Chocolate Lab and their father is Einstein, my Apricot Standard Poodle, which creates an F1 Labra Doodle. The price of $700 includes delivery to most places on the Central Prairie Provinces. For more pictures of a pup refer to it by the toy in the pictures with it and call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


I have taken fresh pictures of Hannah’s puppies! They sat like little angels for me, if all my photo shoots went this good my life would be a lot easier! There are only 3 females and 4 males left to adopt out. These are F1 Labra Doodles from Hannah and Einstein, born March 3rd and ready to go any time after April 26th. Hannah is a very heavy milker so these are fat little rascals hence they have been slow to get onto the dish but have got the hang of it now. The vet was here today and they all got second boosters and second deworming and everyone got a clean bill of health. They are $700 and that price includes delivery to most Prairie Province cities. The quality of these pups speaks for itself! These are solid, square little characters that are going to grow into solid, square F1 Labra Doodles. Einstein and Hannah had pups last year about this time and some are featured on the web site. For more pictures tell me which toy is in the picture with the puppy. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Hannah (Chocolate English Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) have three of their five female puppies and four male puppies available for adoption after April 27th when they are 8 weeks old. This litter was born on March 3rd and there were nine of them, one little girl was quite small so I bottle supplemented the whole litter for the first four weeks of their life. After bottle feeding, they started on a dish with soft food and this week they are starting to eat dry food and drink from the watering dish.

They will be completely vet checked and have two sets of boosters before being delivered safely from my arms to the arms of their forever family. I will also give you lots of instructions on when to get the third set and how to keep them safe until they have a strong immune system.The price of $700 includes delivery to most places in the Central Prairies, buyers from further away can meet me part way or fly to Regina or Saskatoon and fly home with their puppy. I do not ship my puppies unattended.

This is Hannah and Einstein’s second litter, her last was born Valentines Day 2012. These girls will mature between 45 and 55 lbs. and stand about 21 to 23 inches at the wither (shoulder). They are extremely clean, loyal and easy to train. They are classified as minimal to non shedding, which means if they do shed it will be like what you get in your hair brush, not like a Lab sheds.

Nails have been nipped weekly, paws handled daily, they are imprinted to humans and cats, they are laid on their backs when handled for submission and come to a whistle now. Everyone has mastered going out of the whelping box to the designated area of the pen to pee and poop, so training them to go to one spot in your yard will be an easy task. They have had access to a crate with the door off to play in, so crate training will be easier on them as they have no fear of a crate, I throw their toys into the crate each time I clean their pen or go play with them and they think it is great fun to try to be the first one in the crate to fetch the toy.

These are loyal, clean, easy to train and very intelligent dogs that will do their best to please their family. My puppies leave me with no bad habits, they have not been allowed to lick, tug on clothing or put their paws up on me (4 on the floor). I update my pictures weekly, if you see a pup that interests you tell me what toy is in the picture with it and I will send you all the recent pictures of that puppy. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Hannah and Einstein have four stocky, healthy, bright and adorable males and four beautiful female pups available for adoption. These pups will grow up to be like their parents… sound frame, loyal, healthy, intelligent family dogs that you will be proud to own. They will have shaggy wavy type coats that will be non to minimal shedding that will never need to be clipped unless you choose to clip them, they are low maintenance with Lab personality less all the hair loss and with little effort needed to keep their coats in awesome shape. This combination is a win win choice for the Lab lover who is tired of all the dog hair. Some of my Labra Doodle pups have been going on to make hunting dogs, they are very versatile in that they can just be a family dog to a hunting companion (one in Edmonton has become a Service Dog) so you will get back out of your dog what you put into him for training.

If you go onto my web page and look for Danni, this is what these pups will look like when mature. Hannah is a laid back, loyal, easy keeper who is not a barker, doesn’t wander and is extremely obedient. She has the great English Labrador confirmation, a little on the shorter side of the crew here, nice flat heat, barrel chested and good spring of rib….a win win situation was breeding her to Einstein, my Apricot Standard Poodle. Einstein weighs between 45 and 50 lbs. (depending on whether he is ‘in love’ at the time) and he has produced some pretty awesome sons and daughters from both Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever females….you can see lots of testimonials on my web page.

Dew claws are removed so there is no danger of ripping one if he goes in the bush or the lake, they come with two sets of boosters and lot of instruction on when the third set is due and when they are safe to go to the dog park with no danger of contacting some viruses that are present, especially this time of year. They will be completely Vet checked before leaving my arms to your and delivery to most places in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba is included in the price of $700….I two year health guarantee for anything hereditary and completely stand behind what I breed. I make myself available to share training tips and love to hear how my pups are doing as they go through life as your dog. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Hannah and Einstein’s March 3rd F1 Labra Doodle pups, soaking up the heat after a belly full of milk. The black are all females, the smallest Apricot is also female and the four big fat lug Apricots are males. This is a very laid back litter of pups, at 3 weeks old all they want is a full tummy and some heat, all the Apricot have black noses this time. There will be individual 4 week old pictures next week when they start on a dish and the week after when they will start venturing out of the warm whelping box and into the big pen to wrestle and investigate. If you see a pup in this pile that may interest you please let me know and I will try to get some better pictures of him or her. It is very hard to get pictures at this age except in a group but this will give you an idea of how they have progressed from the first video when they made their debut.

F1 Labra Doodle Litters (Hannah & Winnie) – Born March 3, 2013 – Pictures AND Videos!

All Hannah’s and Winnie’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Fur Fettish Farm is announcing, for the very first time…..we finally have Chocolate Labra Doodle puppies! We also have five Apricot and four Black, all born in a two week time frame. I was running on empty for ‘get up and go juice’, so I asked God to send me help and first he sent Richard and Lori, friends from Grenfell….they came twice and worked like beavers, Richard both times and Lori with him the second time….let me tell you that is a team! Then he sent My Courtney back, she worked here three years ago and there is nothing that young lady can not get done in short order. So I am not feeling quite so forlorn and worried now, Courtney has even mastered the fine art of bottle supplementing in case I can’t be here or get sick again. My girls seem to have big litters, which is a curse for me and them, but you get what you get…and this time we got Chocolate, two full litters of dark, rich, beautiful, chocolate pups from Cesar. Hannah was bred to Einstein, and although she is chocolate she had four black and five apricot….so we have the best selection for color we have ever had. These puppies will be ready to go in May….let me know if you are interested.

****Here is a rare look into the whelping boxes at Fur Fettish Farm. As well as our first bottle feeding videos! Enjoy the videos below as you wait for more pictures of Hannah and Winnie’s pups!****

[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding1.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding1.png mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding1i.m4v embed=false share=false width=480 height=352 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=4:3 /]

[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding2.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding2.png mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding2i.m4v embed=false share=false width=480 height=352 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=4:3 /]