This is one of my first Doodles, Dexter is the son of Kelly (Golden Retriever) and Pluto (Black Standard Poodle) born Feb. 1st. 2006. Dexter was one of 13 puppies and he has done some pretty awesome things in the last nine years! Dexter is an F1 Golden Doodle. I love to hear from my Doodle owners no matter how old and what they have achieved. One of Dexters full sisters, Dixie, same litter went on to produce three litters of F1B Golden Doodles. Dixie is now retired and living on a farm near here with four children to keep her busy. Dexter’s family shared this news with us:

I wanted to send you this newsletter to let you know what our Dexter is up to these days. He was selected as one of the first dogs to volunteer at the RMH here in Edmonton in a pilot program. He has been to the orientation day so far which went really well and his next visit is this Saturday. The kids loved him- a very sweet little girl came in so excited to see him and said to her Mom “this is the dog I was telling you about from the newsletter”. As for me, nothing better than spending Valentine’s Day with my handsome boy.

The old kitty in the picture with him went “Home” in the fall. She was 17+ years and with us for 15 of those. With the exception of the occasional “school yard beating” from the odd feral cat she pretty much lived a nice peaceful life and as you can see loved her puppies. She lived with as many as 5 different dogs in her life and she instantly made friends with all but one (We took in Darin’s Grandma’s dog who was near 16 by the time she came to live at our house and it was like living with two old ladies-they never fought but they stayed clear of one another and cut the odd dirty look); however, Dexter was by far the closest to her.


Dexter, of Stony Plain, got an awesome owner who has him certified as a dog that can visit hospitals, airports etc., I am just thrilled when one of my dogs goes on to be more than just a dog sitting in the back yard. Dexter is one of my originals from 2006. I kept his sister Dixie, who has gone on to have three litters of F1B Golden Doodles and then retire to a farm home near here. These are the stories that keep me going. His owner wrote:

Just a quick line to let you know Dexter was part of a pilot project at the Edmonton international airport to do some pet “therapy” for weary travelers heading home for Easter. They told us it is the first airport in Canada to try this and from what they said it went over great. If it gets accepted we will probably be back for the thanksgiving weekend. My Boy needs a haircut and a lady who saw him from behind thought he was a lamb! It was great fun.

I do love my boy and I am proud of what a great sport he is about volunteering and how enthusiastic he always is to “go to work”. He has brought tears to people’s eyes and experienced so much love and gratitude from the people he visits it would just fill your heart. Many have a dog story of their own and I swear Dex is listening to every word. I am so grateful that Dex started out in such a good home and with so much love and affection from day one, I have no doubt that great start is what makes him such a good therapy dog.


This is Dexter! He is one of Kelli and Pluto‘s pups from 2006, and he is a beauty! He is also Dixie‘s full brother. His owner wrote to tell us:

I thought you would enjoy knowing that Dexter and I are officially part of the Pet Therapy Society of Alberta and have completed their pet education program which allows us to act as a companion team. We have been volunteering some time each week to visit patients at one of the hospitals in the city. I am not sure where this will take us as there are many volunteer options open to us but we are having a lot of fun. Dexter excelled in class and brings many smiles on his visits. Here he is in his Pet Therapy scarf. He just got home from a two week vacation at our home in Las Vegas which he enjoyed, we drove, and he traveled very well.


Kelli is the mother, and Grandmother, of some of my best breeding dogs.  Unfortuantely I was just learning how to use the digital camera then so don’t have a lot of pictures of this picture perfect girl.  Kelli is retired and lives on an acreage near Ponoka, Alberta.  This lucky dog winters in Yuma and is really enjoying her retirement home!


Some news and fresh pictures from Korral and Kamryn’s “retirement villa”! Their owners tell us:

Couple of pics I thought you might like. The kids came down today with Korral & Kamryn. Last time I saw them was in gasoline alley when you were out and Korral was a bit tubby. Korral has always been good for the kids, but seeing her today is like seeing a different dog. She is at her proper weight and fights for attention with the others. She seems happy and out going and is a wonderful dog. I think having Kamryn around has done her the world of good. The three had a good time roaming around. It was awesome seeing them all together.


Kamryn was born February 10, 2007.  She will have her last litter in 2011 and then be retired to a farm or acreage.   Her mother is Kelli, who is now retired and lives on an acreage near Ponoka, Alberta, and her Father is Klifford the Big Red Dog, who will die of old age with his loving master.

Kamryn is an average size for a Golden but long in body (I tend to keep girls for breeding that are a bit longer as they carry their offspring easier and usually don’t have as much trouble with whelping).  She is well feathered and only slightly wavy.   Kamryns maternal Grandfather is “Dexter” of Telford Kennels.  Dexter is a Platinum blonde Golden Retriever that fathered some of the most outstanding Golden Retrievers I have ever had the pleasure of petting.  Kamryn is the mother of Dezi (grey F1 Golden Doodle), so the Grandmother of the two pups she has now.   This is another girl that I will have a lot of trouble parting with so am on the hunt for a special home where I may be able to visit her.   A lot of  my girls retire to my friends and neighbors so I get to see them.  My Chololate Lab, Abbey,  actually came to visit me for Christmas last year.


Dixie is now retired and living happily with a family near Springside. Her new family wrote:

Dixie is adjusting to her life here. She is still shy around us but is warming up slowly. I love her quiet personality at night though. She loves to be off her chain and explore our farm. The kids love to take her for walks on the leash.


Dixie is an F1 Golden Doodle from Kelli, one of my original Golden Retrievers.   I owned Kelli’s mother Bailey, also, and Kelli’s father is a Platinum blonde Golden Retriever owned by Telford Kennels who produced some pretty outstanding pups in his day.

Dixie’s father is Pluto, my black Standard Poodle and she was born February 1st. 2006, she will have her last litter this fall and then be retired to a farm or acreage home.   Dixie has the poorest hair coat of all my Doodles but the best confirmation.  She produces very good quality pups with non shedding coats that are wavy rather than curly.

This bloodline is outstanding for temperament and confirmation.  The only fault that they had was producing extremely large litters which was hard on them and me.   Dixie seems to have skipped that gene and has had normal sized litters (she came from a litter of 14, as did Kelli).   Dixie is the girl that will let me know if someone has arrived or the cows or horses are out.  When she barks, something is happening outside!  Once she knows I have been alerted, she settles down.  There have been a few times that we would have been chasing critters if she hadn’t let us know they were out!  She is not a wanderer, although she loves to go to the pasture and see if there are any gophers out (but has never caught one that I know of).  She uses her free time to scout out the farm with our cow dog “Mudflap” and then comes back and waits to be put in her pen.   This girl is crazy about kids and gets really excited when there are kids that come to visit.  I am hoping to place her on a farm or acreage home with children when she retires this fall.