Retired Dogs Looking For Forever Homes

All available retired dogs have found new homes! !

I have a number of loving retired girls that are looking for good homes. However, I care very much for my girls… I let Casey and Misty go for free and have never heard another word about them so I am not doing that any more. You can’t even get a free dog at the SPCA so from now on it is $200 towards their spay to show me that you are willing to commit to a serious relationship with one of them. Dr. Cochrane says that is more than fair as I spend about $500 between shots and spay to get them ready to go. You can follow the links to see pictures of each one.

Amber, Chocolate English Lab, born May 21st. 2009. She has had three litters and did a wonderful job of them, three from her last litter are still here and have now gone into training so the price will start to go up on them as training progresses. Amber is from Abbey and Trump, my foundation English Lab line, she is fairly active and loves toys, literally takes her turn at checking the farm out at full speed, only stopping to mark her territory every so often and then on to the next bush or gopher hole.

Hannah, Chocolate English Lab, born July 16th. 2008, who is heavy set and more on the laid back side and couldn’t care less if there were toys. She is originally from Central Alberta and I purchased her through another breeder, I liked her stoutness as I was breeding her Standard Poodle, to be specific, to Einstein who has a slight build. She had three litters from the same sire, one pup is still here from her last litter, he is Simon and will soon be posted on my web site as an obedience started male. Hannah was an very good mother, not hard to have around, hardly ever barks and likes to take herself for a leisurely stroll around the farm and comes back on her own good time when she is sure she has checked every nook and cranny out.

The Golden Retriever is Kianna, she is from Klifford the Big Red Dog and Katie (now retired and living in Manitoba). Kianna was born March 8th. 2010, although she is from one of my best Golden Retrievers who was a wonderful mother, Kianna failed bitterly as a mother. I could not stand the heart ache of ever breeding her again, although the pups she raised are magnificent it was a lot of work for me. She is a very easy keeper, it is hard to keep her weight off, she really needs to go where she has lots of room to run free and attempt to catch gophers (if she ever did get one she would lick it to death). She loves kids and I would really like to see her go to a farm home that was overflowing with kids to keep her busy.

The F1 Golden Doodles looking for a home are two full sisters, Dinah and Doe Dee, born March 13th. 2008. Dinah is blonde and Doe Dee is darker apricot. Both have had three litters, within days of each other. They were born together, kenneled together and whelped out their pups in stalls next to each other, I am trying to place them into a forever home on a farm or acreage together. I will try for a few months and if I can’t place them together I will have to consider splitting them up. They are both happy go lucky girls, they are allowed to go for runs but not at the same time as it takes them too long to come back….but that being said, they always do come back and never leave the farm, so if the new owner tied one, and let the other loose, and then switched them, for about two weeks until they figured out that was their new home I am sure they would be faithful farm dogs. They have always had access to all my farm critters, so know about horses, cattle, donkeys, Llamas and Alpacas and have never attempted to be herding dogs…they just mosey on through the pastures and check things out. These two require clipping at least twice a year and both are very good about standing on a table to be groomed and have nails done. The mother to these two is Katie, same as Kianna, and the father is Einstein. These two characters smile, big toothy grins (especially if they think they are in trouble). They will bark when something is amiss and be quite when told. They both really like kids also.

If you think one of these girls may fit the bill as an adult dog in your farm or acreage environment please let me know.


We received these pictures and the following update from Jax’s family:

Sending some pictures of Jax!!! You can see how big he’s getting playing tug of war with our 6 yr old shipoo! They got super spoiled at Xmas! Our house looks like a pet store!


This is Jax (for Jackson), one of Kianna and Einstein‘s males from September 21, 2013. Jax is living in Calgary. His family wrote:

Jax is growing very very fast! Already 6 kg! He has already learned to ring a bell to go outside and has been lasting all night in the crate without needing to go out! We just put his stocking on the mantle and he is a happy member of our family now!

Morgan (Winnipeg)

Morgan and Frankie both live in Winnipeg and the owners meet regularly to let them have play dates. They really look a lot alike. Morgan’s family wrote:

Just thought I’d send a quick note with a few pictures. Today is Morgan’s first birthday and we had a fun day at the park with all her dog cousins and a few extra treats. She’s doing so well and it’s been a great first summer with her. She’s also an amazing swimmer and LOVES the water! We hope you’re doing well! I have also attached a photo of Morgan and Frankie’s recent play date.


Here are a few great pictures of Morgan. Her family told us:

I thought it was about time for a little update on Morgan- so here it is! She’s doing great! She’s lost most of her baby teeth now. She knows tons of tricks, loves to cuddle (which we love as well!) and has made tons of new friends at the dog parks. Everyone loves her, how could they not?! We hope you’re doing well.


Here is Morgan with her play pal Frankie. They both live in Winnipeg. I am so amazed by all of my pups that have met their siblings in a number of big cities. I am getting calls from Toronto, Iowa and South California, but I won’t ship my pups unescorted, they will have to fly up here and fly back with their pup. Morgan’s family wrote:

Happy New Year Margaret-Ann!
Just thought I’d send you this collage of photos from Morgan and Frankie’s first play date 2 weeks ago! They’ve already had a second one since and play so well together! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Holidays!


Morgan is the daughter of Kianna and Einstein. She was born September 21, 2013. Her happy new family told us:

The very first attempted walk with Morgan on Sunday was short (she was not a fan of having a leash attached, or the car noises outside), but already last night we went for a half hour walk and she jogged a bit with us, and played in the snow, and loved it! She’s become familiar with our place very quickly, and does very well through the night! Doesn’t enjoy the kennel as much when we have to go to work, but she is getting more used to it! I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you to see as well, and will send more soon.  Hope you’re well!


Katie is now retired and lives near Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba.  This gal is the mother of DoeDee, Dinah, and Daisy who are all F1 Golden Doodles and she is also the mother of Kianna, who is her replacement.   All three of her Golden Doodle daughters presently have F1B Golden Doodle pups, Kianna will be bred in 2012 when she is old enough.

Katie is stout and solid and the picture of health.  This girl never caused me one minute of grief.  She is a clean dog, preferring to wait for her run to go out into the trees to do her business in private.  She has passed this trait on to her pups, they are all very easy dogs to own.

The pen Katie is in is only a portable run, this was how easy this girl was to keep in.   She was very loyal to me and I have received pictures and letters from her forever owner thanking me for the wonderful dog I gave her.  She is full of praise for Katie and how she is her best friend now….my heart sings when I hear these stories about my dogs!


“Klifford the Big Red Dog”, Golden Retriever extraordinaire!  I was the first one there when I found out this litter had arrived and Klifford was my pick of a litter of 10 pups.  He has very correct, solid parents and I was thrilled to be able to purchase a pup from their only litter.  He was born April 2004 and moved here as a pup with us, now this is what a Golden Retriever should look like.  He is correct in every way and solid as a rock and throws his kind, gentle temperament on to all his pups.

Klifford is the father of Kamryn and Kianna, so he is the Grandfather to any of my F1B Golden Doodle pups that come from Kamryn.   Klifford weighs about 70 lbs. and is 23 inches at the wither.  He is a very happy dog.  When he goes for his run he goes to the paddock nearest the barn and checks out the Llama, Alpaca and donkeys that reside there.  Then he looks to see if any barn cats are about so he can give them a lick.  Next he checks on the girls (dog girls) and back to where I am cleaning pens.   Every so often he takes himself on an extended run and checks the cows but on a few whistle commands from me he shows back up with the look on his face that says “you knew I was coming, what is your hurry”.   This boy will die here with me of old age (hopefully him first), as will both my Poodle boys and my English Lab male.  I can not foresee ever parting with them.  We will all retire together if my plan works out.


Kianna is adjusting wonderfully to her new home. Her forever family wrote:

We got Kianna shortly after her 4th birthday on March 16. She wasn’t sure what to think of the vehicle and was mighty glad to get out after our three hour drive. Kianna was attached to our hips if we were outside at all. Any other time, she would just sit on the driveway and watch the house waiting for us to emerge. She never wanted to venture too far by herself and she took a couple of weeks to get used to her surroundings. I think she was maybe a bit homesick as she is the only dog in our yard. Quite a difference coming from a yard of over 40 dogs to none! She soon fell in love with the cattle as we were in the thick of calving season when she first arrived. She got a little too close to a newborn though and momma cow didn’t care for it much. Kianna received a head bundt on the side and was bruised up for a few days. She was pretty sulky during her recovery but has not gone anyway near the cows since.

She recovered very well from her bruised ribs and ego. When we first got her, our two kids were away to university. So it was just Todd and I that were around her. Since the end of April, the two of us come in a distant second since the kids moved home for the summer. She has taken to the kids so severe. She LOVES them! Our son, likes to play rough with the dogs. She was a little timid of it at first but now she is rolling around in the grass with him all the time just smiling! Yes, dogs do smile.

Around the beginning of April, we started to venture out for walks away from the yard. This seemed fairly foreign to her. She stayed glued to our sides. Due to the time of year, with water laying around from the snow thaw, she would often venture for walks into the water. She loves the water. With her thick coat, I’m sure if feels great when she is warm. We go for walks daily now and that is truly the hilite of her day! She jumps around when we go out. She knows when its WALK time. She explores a lot more now on her own while we are out walking. She brings us gifts often. So far she has brought us multiple mice, a muskrat and a mallard duck. We have a few wild cats in the yard, and she makes sure they know who belongs at the house…its not the cats!

Anyway, Kianna is a great addition to our family. She took a little while to get used to the new place, but she has adjusted well. She has lost some weight since she came to us. We weighed her when she came and she was around 97 lbs. I weighed her the other day and she was at 90 lbs. She is a gentle soul that loves attention. If she doesn’t get it, she lets you know she needs a nose scratch! She smiles a lot more now and is very much a part of the family. Thank you for gifting her to us. She is doing very well. We have nicknamed her ‘Old Bear’. She is just adorable!


Kianna is now spayed and looking for a farm or acreage home, I am asking half the price it cost to spay her which works out to be about $200. Kianna is a low energy girl, she was born March 8th, 2010, so will be four this March. Truthfully she should still be having pups but she is not cut out to be a mother. First litter she laid on her pups one by one, second litter she didn’t figure it out until she was down to three pups, and I can not take the heartache of trying this again. Kianna loves kids and would make a great deck dog. She will bark when someone comes but will be quiet as soon as she is told, she is definitely not ‘watch dog’ material…she would sound the alarm but don’t expect her to keep the burglar at bay!

This is a young healthy dog with all her shots up to date and healed up from her spay, she would even make a good second dog as she gets along with everyone and everything, she even likes cats! She is an easy keeper as well, she needs less food and more exercise, she has never been thin even as a pup. She is kind and gentle, her big brown eyes just want me to find her a good home for the rest of her life. If you would like to have this Golden Retriever for you farm or acreage please text 306 521-1371 or call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page. Kianna’s mother, Katie, has retired and lives on an acreage in Manitoba and her father Klifford the Big Red Dog is living out his years here with me.


Meet Kianna, my only Golden Retriever female that I kept back from Katie and “Klifford the Big Red Dog“.  I just couldn’t let Katie retire without having a replacement to continue her legacy.   Katie is retired now and got a dream home on an acreage near Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba.

Kianna was born March 8th. 2010, so she will have her first litter next spring when she is two.  She will be bred to a Poodle.  Kianna just went on to adult dog food.  I keep my pups on puppy formula until they are a year old (for the extra calcium, they really need this once they are going to be used for breeding).  Kianna is not a tall dog, about 21 inches at the wither,  but she is solid.  She weighs about 55 lbs. at a year old and is so much like her quiet, wise mother that it is almost like having Katie here again.   This girl should go on to produce some solid F1 Golden Doodles.