Here is an update from Cooper’s family:

Cooper is absolutely gorgeous, he is so handsome. The vet estimates he is going to be about 80 lbs full grown, he is doing really well……very smart dog, I have never heard of a dog house training within a few weeks…. He can be a real handful when he gets playing hard….lol!! we are so in love with him, especially my 13 yr old daughter they have a bonded amazingly which is exactly what we were hoping for…. I think our only regret is we wish now we would have gotten 2 puppies from you….lol!! take care.


Cooper is one of Kloe and Einstein‘s males from their July 29, 2013 litter. His family told us:

Just updating you on our little Cooper! It took a few days for him to get used to his new surroundings but he has fit in nicely. He is very energetic and outgoing. We all love him, he has added so much to our lives. We had trouble deciding on a name but Cooper was the winner.


Here is an update from Frankie’s family. His mother, Kloe is spayed and lives with a Dr. in White City and has twin boys to play with her. I have a full sister to this Frankie dog that will be old enough to breed this summer, her name is Dane and she is the spitting image of her younger brother. It warms my heart to receive pictures and updates of my pups and I sincerely thank Adam and Samantha for sharing these pictures with myself and my other puppy lovers. They wrote:

I hope you’re keeping well. I have to tell you that Frankie has become quite the hit in our neighborhood! People have been stopping me on the street to ask me where I got him and they can’t believe how gorgeous he is. I think you even spoke with a woman we met on our walk this morning!! I thought I should send you some more current photos of our little (well not so little) Frankie so that you can see how he’s doing. He weighs over 60 lbs now and is in need of his first hair cut which is coming up in a week or so.

He was very confused by the melting snow these past couple weeks but is starting to figure out that grass is his friend haha He loves his long walks and loves playing in the yard. He even comes on some errands with us (you will notice he’s making a transaction at the bank in the first photo! Everyone at the bank loves him haha)

He is honestly the best dog. We love him so much!


Here is Frankie with his play pal Morgan. They both live in Winnipeg. I am so amazed by all of my pups that have met their siblings in a number of big cities. I am getting calls from Toronto, Iowa and South California, but I won’t ship my pups unescorted, they will have to fly up here and fly back with their pup.


This lucky dog had another playdate with another relative, Morgan! Frankie is from Kloe and Morgan is from Kianna, Einstein is the father to both litters, one of Kloe’s other males, Lloyd is in on this crew that has play dates also. My pups have created a little family to bond with by having play dates with the pups….this is amazing. Go Doodles Go!  Frankie’s family sent us these pictures and wrote:

I hope this email finds you well. We thought we’d send a few recent photos of our little (well not so little anymore…) Frankie! He is loving Winnipeg winter, especially climbing the mountain of snow in our back yard!!!

Also, our friends took home Morgan from one of your more recent litters and she came by for a play this weekend. The puppies had the best time together! Your dogs are the best!


An update on Frankie:

Frankie and his brother Lloyd had such a nice play date last weekend! They instantly knew each other and had a great time together. Here are a couple photos!


Here is a new picture of Frankie. Note the words on his football jersey!


Frankie is one of Kloe and Einstein‘s 2013 pups. He now lives in Winnipeg. His happy family told us:

We just wanted to let you know that Frankie has been doing extremely well in his new home. He is just the best puppy! You did such a nice job of preparing him for us and we couldn’t be more in love with him!

Here are a few photos I took of him in his first few days with us. He loves napping on his bed! More to come…

Stewie (Chestermere, AB)

This ‘Pot Licker’ is Stewie. There is not, to the best of my knowledge, any Italian in Stewie but I think he has a fondness for spaghetti! Maybe a little red wine to go with it. It sounds like this guy has an awesome personality and is very lucky to have a family like this. Stewie lives in Chestermere, Alberta. He looks like he could be a little mischievous even in the pictures, he has that twinkle in his eye, but it looks like Michelle has that same look, so this makes a matching pair of bookends. His family wrote:

We wanted to send you a quick note on Stewie. He turned two this past December and he looks like he has finally slowed down on the growing portion – he is now a stellar 90 Pounds and is quite tall and leggy.

Still charming and gentle and a little mischevious on occasion. He comes with me quite often to work and sleeps under my desk and is terrific company for us all. We continue to work on training him and he is quite a smart fellow!

We were not however, teaching him how to cook in the attached picture. He is such great company for us all and we couldn’t have asked for a better companion!


Here is an update on Stewie. Darla is his full sister and she just has her first pups now from Einstein, so now he is Uncle Stewie. Take a look at this Halloween costume, that is awesome!

The answer to their question is ‘yes’ I know what to do about ear infections. Keep the hair plucked out of the ear canal every few months, I use a forceps that have a curve in them. If you are squeamish get your groomer to pluck them out but it really is easy to do and most dogs learn to like it, they lay in my lap to have it done. Then make sure the heaviness is clipped off the centre of the ear inside and out, so in other words just leave the fringe around the edges, the weight of the hair keeps the ear too close to the head so the canal doesn’t get any air. Tip the dogs head to one side and pour hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal and gently massage the base of the ear so it runs down into the ear canal. If it bubbles you have an ear infection or mites and it works for both, if it just sits there then you don’t. Regardless, it will clean the ear canal. If it bubbles, or not, clean it out with Q-tips, be careful to go straight down into the canal and twirl the Q-tip in one direction, don’t twirl it one way and then go the other way, this way any loose hair will wrap around the Q-tip and you can pull is out. Repeat until the ear canal is squeaky clean and then get it as dry as possible with Kleenex and Q-tips. If you have ear medication or drops now is the time to put it in. I clean the dogs ears when they get clipped spring and fall, I rarely have an ear infection in between except with Daisy so I cleaned her ear that was infected for five days in a row and eventually I actually flushed out a dead beetle.

My groomer taught me this, her daughter, who is 11 years old now, was prone to ear infections when she was younger, Thea’s sister worked in a health food store and read about this in one of the books. Thea tried it and Dinah has not had an ear infection in a couple years now. I have used this on my dogs for the last eight years and it works wonderfully. Stewie’s family wrote:

We had a quick question regarding Stewie. He keeps getting ear infections. We have taken him to the vet several times but have not been able to re-mediate them.

We were wondering if you had any ideas on how we can help him….


Here is an update and a new picture from Stewie’s family:

Hi Margaret Ann – here is the latest picture of Stewie and Elora. They have so much fun together! He just had his first haircut and is looking very handsome. Such a sweetheart. They are inseparable.


This is one of Kloe and Cesar‘s pups born Dec. 17th. 2012. Stewie lives in Chestermere, Alberta, with his family who wrote us:

Just a quick update. Stewie is doing well. He is already 70 pounds and still growing. Easy to groom and a very steady personality. Absolutely loves our daughter Elora – they are inseparable. He travels with me most places I go and is an absolute scream. He went for his first hair cut yesterday. We kept him long though as he has the wire hair and it`s pretty easy to take care of. He loves to camp and go for walks. Never far away and he has never run off but stays close to us. Great dog!!!

Waldo & Olive

These two Fur Fettish Farm Doodles live in Regina with Jimmy and Elizabeth, who, quite obviously, are top notch dog owners that put a lot of time and effort into making Waldo and Olive the best they can be. Olive’s mother, Kloe, is spayed and lives with her family in White City (her new family are all red heads so Kloe fits right into the group).

The picture with them dressed up as Lions is my all time favourite. I sincerely thank Jimmy and Elizabeth for this great update and awesome pictures and I would love to hear how their siblings are doing. When I receive updates I go into my book and share them with buyers who own a sibling, this sometimes results in that buyer sending an update on their Doodle. You can be assured that I never include anyones personal information when I forward. These updates are the wind beneath my wings and are genuinely what keeps me putting one foot in front of the other.

I have been slowly downsizing due to some ongoing health issues but I am going to try to hang in to finish this project that I started, the last of the breeding stock were picked and kept back in 2013, and they will be old enough to breed this year. Waldo and Olive’s family wrote:

Waldo and Olive are doing well. Nothing much new with Waldo, beside being a bit more mature and mellow now. We’re still doing lots of dog sports with him, and I’ve been training him in agility, getting into flyball, and he’s doing pretty good. Olive on the other hand had grown up lots. She was really shy as a pup but we’ve done a lot of work with her, taking her to classes, play, and training, so she had really starting to gain more confidence in herself. It’s kind of funny how the two are so closely related, but could not have been more different in personality. Olive loves to cuddle, Waldo not. Waldo is much more friendly outside of the house, while Olive is more shy, but Waldo is the laid back one at home. Olive follows her big brother around all the time, while Waldo can do without her. We always tell her to “find Waldo” and of course he’s always the first one she looks for and play with. Waldo thinks of her as the annoying little sister, but they love each other. Olive is really good at obedience too, even better than Waldo, so we’ll continue to work on that.


The older dog is Waldo, son of Kamryn and Einstein, born August 20th. 2011 and the pup is Waldo’s little sister, Olive, who is from Kloe and Einstein born July 29th. 2013. These two lucky dogs live in Regina. Their owners wrote:

Just thought I would send you a quick update on Olive and Waldo.

Olive is doing great, adjusting well at home. Her and Waldo have became best of friends. It took Waldo a couple of days to warm up to her, but now they play together all the time. Olive is fun to have around, she’s a lot more playful than Waldo when he was a puppy. It seems like she has more Golden in her while Waldo has more Poodle.

House training is coming along, but she’s not there yet. She had a couple of accidents but generally she’s getting it. She had her 3rd booster last week, and gained about 7 pounds already in three weeks. She is very smart and picks up things really quick. She already knows the sit and stay, and we’re working on the down. It’s a little more challenging to train her compared to Waldo, as to her it’s play time all the time. Her tail is constantly wagging, and I must say she is much more happy go lucky than Waldo ever was, he was always the laid back one.

Waldo will finish his first agility class tomorrow night. i think he found his calling doing agility, and we’ll be doing level 2 after. Olive will begin classes soon too. Judging from how well she learns at home, i think she’ll do great.

Will keep you up to date on their progress, stay warm, will be in touch.


This is Waldo, he was two on the 20th of August, 2013. Waldo is from Kamryn and Einstein….and now he is getting a baby sister from Kloe and Einstein’s July 29th. litter. I have had a few sales from people seeing Waldo and yes they should get commission for passing out my name. Now this is a gorgeous Doodle….even if I do say so myself. Waldo lives in Regina and although I have not seen him since he left me at 8 weeks old, I have certainly heard about him many times. Now I really wish I was not so damn old!

In addition to the pictures, Waldo’s family told us:

As you know Waldo turn 2 yesterday. He’s doing great, and yes we do have lots of comments about him from strangers everywhere we go. We have had people take photos of him when we’re driving, people came up to us asking about him all the time at parks, during walks, at store, people driving in their car stopping in the middle of the road asking about him, everyone seems to love and wanting to pet him, and sounds like some of those people became your client. We were joking the other day at home that he should get part of your puppy sale commission for marketing, kidding of course.

He’s very mellow at home, gets a little excited when people comes to the door, more so with people he knows, but overall he’s great. We haven’t done any classes this summer as puppy school is close for the summer, but he is on the waiting list to try agility.


Waldo’s owners sent us some updated pictures!


This is Waldo. He lives in Regina and is one of Kamryn‘s pups from this last litter. He is about 4 months old now. His owners wrote:

It’s been almost 2 months since Waldo came home with us, and it’s been the busiest and funnest 2 months of our life. Waldo is such a great dog, so loveable and full of life, everyone who see him just can’t get over how cute, soft and well behave he is. Just tonight we finally took him to the dog park, and i’ve never seen a dog so happy just running around, fetching balls and playing with other dogs. As I’m sending this email he’s all tucker out by my feet. He is growing up fast too, almost 30 pounds already. We nickname him the beast or the yellow beast at home…

Waldo is a fast learner. He sits, downs, and fetch and retrieve now, all with just a voice command. Still working on the hand shake, roll over, come and stay on command, but we’ll get there. He’s pretty much house trained, and we don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to let him out anymore. Still has some accidents when he gets too excited from playing, but that’s few and far between. He’ll begin obedience class in January, which i know he’ll finish first in class for sure, if not, first in cutest.

F1 Golden Doodle Litter (Kloe) – Born July 29, 2013

All Kloe’s puppies have now been SOLD!

I just thought before I leave the computer I would send pictures of Kloe and Einstein’s entire litter of eight. They are all spoken for now, we start delivering them on Sept. 26th., it will be quite a chore this time as they are going three different directions, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg so I am working at coordinating meeting the buyers. This is a very laid back litter of pups and so nice to work with, they are really mellow, come to a whistle, pee and poop in one spot and are really a pack of tail waggers. This is Kloe’s last litter, too bad as she has such nice pups, but she has done her part so is retiring as soon as she weans. Cuteness at it’s best!


There is only one male available now from Kloe and Einstein’s July 29th litter of eight puppies. He is a little fat “gentle Ben” type of pup, he will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice, he is booked for the vet check on the 24th and will be ready to go after the 26th. He will be minimal to non shedding, will have a wavy coat and already has a little ‘cock of the walk’ strut when he waddles across the pen.

He is $700 delivered to most places on the Prairies, buyers from further away are welcome to meet me part way, or fly to Regina or Saskatoon to pick him up. I do not ship unattended puppies. For further information call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) now have only three males available from their July 29th litter of F1 Golden Doodles. This is her final litter, she is now retiring to her forever family for the rest of her years. These pups will be ready to go about the 27th of September when they are a full eight weeks old. They have had their dew claws removed and will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed twice and completely vet checked before leaving my arms and arriving safely into yours.

The price of these pups is $700, including delivery to most places in the Prairie Provinces, further away buyers can meet me part way. They will arrive with a 2 kg. bag of the food they are on (Purina Puppy Chow) and a can of what they get at breakfast, and lots of instructions on how to feed them. They will have their personal toy with them so they have something familiar to make the transition from my home to yours.

For more information or additional pictures please refer to the toy that is with the puppy you are interested in. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) have 8 beautiful F1 Golden Doodle puppies, born July 29th. There are five males and one female left available. These are minimal to non shedding, they will mature at between 50 and 60 lbs. and be between 21 and 24 inches at the wither (shoulder). They will have two sets of boosters, they will be dewormed twice and completely vet checked before leaving on or after September 27th.

The price is $700, including delivery to most places on the prairies, further away spots can meet me part way. My pups are very well handled and past buyers references speak for themselves about the quality of pups I produce. This is Kloe’s last litter, she will be spayed and go to a new family for her last years….Einstein, however, thinks he is up to the job of producing some awesome pups for a few years.

For more information or pictures of a certain pup, refer to it by the toy that accompanies it in the pictures or call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) have had their last litter, Kloe is now retiring from the business of raising beautiful puppies and will be looking for a farm or acreage home with children. Their pups are F1 Golden Doodles and there are eight of them, only males left available. They were born July 29th, so are three weeks old at the taking of this set of pictures. They will be ready September 27th, with two sets of boosters, two dewormings and a complete vet check.

Dew claws are removed. These are very well handled pups and once again Kloe is doing an awesome job of keeping them spic and span clean and fed. They get the tiny ends nipped off their nails weekly and paw massages daily, so they will be bomb proof with foot handling when it comes time to clip. The F1 are classified as minimal to non shedding, this means that if they shed at all it will be very little, not like a full Retriever. The coats on these males will be wavy to loose curly, not tight curly like their dad. There is one darker Apricot and one Blonde, the other two are medium apricot in color.

The price of the pup, $700, includes delivery to most places on the Prairies, if you are further away you can meet me part way. These will be very loyal, gentle natured, clean family dogs that will dazzle you with how quickly they learn and how willing they are to please.

For more information call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


I am thrilled to hear about Caius and see how he has turned into a handsome, gentle and energetic young man. I sincerely thank Ezra for the great update, Caius lives near Moose Jaw, Sask. with his family. They wrote:

Here are some overdue pictures of Caius.. He’s doing great. Weighing in at 80lbs of muscle, I can’t tell how tall he is but as you can see from his standing, he is almost as big as me. He is the toast of the dog park. He’ll play with anyone, and he plays hard. He swims, he rolls in snow, he fetches like a champ and he’s really nimble in the woods. He’s brindled a little bit mostly on his face. Just changed him from a pure black to some stray grays. Recently he’s been playing a little with his sister the white cat Fionn, and he comes over and sniffs his human sister Isabelle. I’ve included his picture from the first day we came home with him. His Halloween Butler outfit, his face with his new sister so you can see the brindle, and the standing command to see how tall he is. I’ll try to send a video in another email so you can see him play.


This is one of Kloe and Cesar’s male pups, his name is Caius. He was living in Moose Jaw but has recently relocated with his family to Nova Scotia. I have his sister here, her soft baby hair was clipped last week, her name is Darla…The groomer was impressed with how well behaved she was for a first time clip. Caius’ owners wrote:

Caius is a super dog!!! I think I told you how he won first place in obedience training. His repertoire of basic tricks is excellent and now we’re moving to more fun stuff. He usually gets the idea within the first session. We just started “Find mommy/daddy” and it took 15 min for him to figure out what was going on. He is amazing around everyone and every species. Even with people with fears of dogs he’s helped them come out of their shells. As I write this to you he’s outside playing with the neighbor’s daughter who is afraid of dogs after one bowled her over when she was younger. She’s taken quite a liking to him. He still thinks all dogs are for playing with and luckily still hasn’t had any really bad experiences. He is done puking in the car. Which is good cause we drove 5000 km to get to Nova Scotia. He took it like a champ!! Just slept and hung out. He is starting to challenge us a little with some commands. He knows what to do but I think he`s just at that age where he`s challenging us. A little throw down and he`s back to normal. He still has blue monkey though he is now missing his head. He`s been going through a phase, probably related to his teething where none of his toys are safe. He has STILL never destroyed a shoe, or anything else except what belongs to him. He`s a swimmer btw. A good one too. All and all we are showered with compliments about him all the time. That he shouldn`t be as well behaved as he is till he`s 2 years old. Our neighbors constantly threaten to steal him or trade us one of their kids. Everyone keeps asking us what we did and though we have worked a lot, his temperament and whatever you did probably have far more to do with who he is. I`ve attached some family photos. They were taken almost 2 months ago right before his first grooming. Know that he looks very handsome now and we keep it short for the summer.


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We received these new photos and video of Kobi!


Kobi’s owners sent us this updated picture and wrote:

He’s very happy. He is a wonderful dog. Very smart and looking great!


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Here is a video from Kobi’s first camping trip!  It looks like he has scored a pretty good home.   I love it when people stay in touch and update me with how their pup is turning out.   These Doodles are so smart, they are very quick to catch on and a little praise, as you can see, is all the encouragement they need to try to do what they think you want.


Kobi is one of Kloe and Cesar’s puppies born on Dec. 17, 2012.  His owner told us:

Things are going great with Kobi.  We have him enrolled in obidience training at the moment and he is top of the class. Kobi loves to play with the other dogs and has learnt impressive control between playing rough with the ones that want to, and gentle with the ones that dont.  The other day he went straight from rough play with a boxer puppy of the same age to letting a 3 month old golden retriever chase him around the gym.  It is really amazing to watch.  I’m also happy to report that he sucessfully goes from 100KPH to 0KPH when we need him to…what a smart dog and full of energy and very happy. 
His trick list is as follows:
– sit
– stay
– down
– retrieve
– drop it
– leave it
– shake a paw
– in your bed
– roll over
– high five
We’re working hard on his recalls at the moment but that active puppy mind seems to be standing in his way a bit. He doesn’t run off though, so we’re not to worried.  We’ve been to the dog park quite a bit and he always makes sure he can see us.  If we go out of site…Kobi comes running…it’s adorable. We’re also working on training him to be outside in his dog run during the days.  We bought a 10ft x 10ft outdoor kennel and are saving up for a nice dog house to put inside.  It’s currently in a nice shaded part of the yard.  He still is not quite comfortable in the run, but after about 30mins of crying and barking he goes back to playing with his toys or lounging in the shade.
He is almost house trained, with only one or two accidents per week and usually when he is meeting new people or very excited.  90% of the time he let’s us know it’s time to go by sitting and giving us those puppy dog eyes. 
Another wonderful thing with Kobi is his walks and runs.  Anna and I have him used to being between us and he’s pretty good not to pull on the leash.  He runs with us now too and loves to keep up. 
I don’t think i’m missing anything here…haha…the moral of this story is that Kobi is an obidient, happy, and healthy puppy right now.  We are having a great time with him. He’s about 24″ to the shoulder and 40lbs right now. 

Rosie (Saskatoon)

This is Rosie and her look alike brother. I have clippers here that will work on both. I have a son that looks like this also but can’t get him near the clippers. I have Rosie’s sister Darla here and she will be bred this fall. Thanks for sending Darrell and Lorraine! They wrote:

Here is our Rosie with our equally scruffy son. To say she loves attention is an understatement.


Rosie’s owner sent us new pictures to show her off after her first visit to the groomer!


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This is another of Kloe and Cesar‘s pups, Rosie (the black one).  She lives in Saskatoon and obviously loves her sister.    I kept a full sister to this pup back for breeding, her name is Darla and she looks exactly like Rosie.  Her new family wrote:

Rosie loves chasing her sister Lucy!  She is wild and wonderful and best of all she is soo smart!


Theadora lives with a retired Calgary City Police family and they dote on her like a kid. I would be thrilled to find homes like this for all my pups….this is the hardest part, letting them go and sometimes never hearing how they are.

Also of note is the fact that this girl was born black!


Theadora looks like she is enjoying all this attention!


An update on Theadora! Her owners wrote us an email with a subject line titled “Sleepy and Dopey” and wrote:

We won’t comment on who is who however we do look on the bright side. Last night Tsun Jing injured his left hind paw. Today Theadora was in to be spayed. The bright side of it is that they are both convalescing and neither one is too energetic, which is good. If one were 100% the other would want to romp, rock and roll.


We received an update from Theadora’s family! Here is what they had to say:

Growing still. Had her to vet for checkup last week and they are very impressed. Good weight, listens well to me, very healthy. I may have a newer video I can send later too.

P.S. that’s the door of the dishwasher. She has had a tendency to pre-clean what is in there, which might be funny to some but I have concerns that she will lick a sharp knife or such. So…… Down. Stay. And then clattered around for a while with the door open. No problems.


Here is a new picture of Theadora. Her owners wanted us to know:

Theadora is doing very well. Not sure which videos of her I have shared with you but I am attaching a couple of pics. The weather here has been less than nice and not very consistent so as a result a couple of my walks with her have been a bit wet. She does not seem to mind though!


[stream flv=x:/ img=x:/ hd=x:/ mp4=x:/ embed=false share=false width=272 height=480 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

[stream flv=x:/ img=x:/ hd=x:/ mp4=x:/ embed=false share=false width=272 height=480 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

Theadora is one of Kloe and Cesar’s F1 Golden Doodle pups born Dec. 17th. 2012. She lives in Calgary.