Jenny (Blairmore, AB)

This is another of Krissy and Einstein pups born May 6, 2014. Krissy is now retired and on a farm home near P.A. living the good life. Jenny is starting to brindle, she was coal black when she was born. I am so happy to hear from her owners. Thanks Jocelyne and Jason! I sincerely enjoy seeing pictures of and hearing about my dogs, so never think you are bothering me. I am also here to help with any training issues if needed. Jenny’s family wrote:

Here is a photo of Jenny at 5 months. She’s a handful. Keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh a lot too. We love her to death.

Cash (Regina)

This is Cash, he is the son of Krissy and Einstein. Krissy is now retired and lives on a farm near P.A. What Leanne is saying is that they should have started sooner with enforcing the rules. This is a very beautiful pup, even time in the back yard with another young dog would help. Decide what the end result of your dogs behaviour should be and start working on it right from the day you get your puppy. I am sure Cash will catch on quickly, these Doodles are very eager to please. Cash lives in Regina, so maybe his Grammie will get to see him one day. His family wrote:

Just sending a quick update on Cash. He’s been great, however we’ve come to realize we need to step up our parenting skills… Our new doggy day care team has let us know that Cash behaves like he’s much younger than 10 months – which we hope this socialization will help with.


This is another of Krissy’s males, this guy lives in Regina. I am surprised that she says he is learning slow because they pick up very quickly. His Brindling is right on schedule, it starts with the face, then paws and underbelly and just goes from there. Some Brindle more than others but his face is definitely brindled now. This was the second biggest male in this litter. His new family wrote:

Here is a pic I just took of Cash. He’s turning into a handsome gentleman!! Very slow on the brindling tho, I expected more than his face to change by now. He’s just over 30lbs as of last weekend. Growing fast and learning slow.

Guinness (Calgary)

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This is Guinness and his room and playmate, Lexi, Guinness is one of Daisy and Einstein’s males from their last litter before Daisy retired. He looks like he is having a lot of fun! Guinness and Lexi live in Calgary.


Here is an updated photo of Guinness. His family wrote:

My baby boy, he is an amazing dog. Getting close to finishing his service training.


This is one of Krissy and Einstein’s May 6, 2014, males that now lives with his family in Calgary. He is really getting his brindle coloring in now. I would love to see what the rest look like. Krissy is now spayed and looking for her forever home. Guinness’s family told us:

So Guinness is what we named him and he is amazing. Really fitting into our family really well. Thank you so much.


Millie’s family sent us an updated picture and told us:

She is growing by the day, it seems and has mastered ringing a bell to let us know she needs to go outside. Wherever our kids are, that’s where Millie is … Especially when they are eating a snack!
She is still quite black but in the sunlight, a little of the brown/gold can be seen. Thanks for the emails, we have enjoyed seeing her brothers!


This is Millie (used to be Lola), daughter of Krissy and Einstein, at her new home in Saskatoon. They had a Labra Doodle for eight and a half years and while he was at the boarding kennel something happened to him and his stomach (flipped) and they lost him. They were so happy with this cross that they purchased Millie, and I took her to meet them yesterday. Looks like a good match. They wrote:

Our family loves Millie – she has made herself right at home and is great with our kids. Thank you so much!

Louis (Fort Saskatchewan)

Here are a few new pictures of Lou. His family wrote:

Here are a few pics, thought you’d enjoy seeing one of your pups again. He’s 83 lbs now, and a real gem!


Lou is a wise looking soul for such a young dog! His family sent us this pic and wrote:

Hope all is well, here is a quick pic of Lou . 10 months old and full,of ENERGY!!!!


Apparently this guy is still all black. Louis’s family wrote:

Louis is high energy!! Catches on fast, amazing! New blue collar today. He is so loved by EVERYONE! Still black, no worries, just love him as he is.


Louis is one of Krissy and Einstein’s males that lives in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. When asked for some grooming tips, I replied: I trim in between their toes and pads with a small pair of scissors, if you are not brave use ones with blunt noses. I cut the hair between the pads and toes, it really helps if you continue to do this and then in winter he won’t get ice balls. Louis’s family wrote:

Louis is a delight, puppy challenges and all. Need to know how to trim his foot pads.

Maggie (Calgary)

This is Maggie, she came back at about a year old, her owners were too busy for her. She came back with some issues that had to be worked through but she was such a willing student. Apparently the socks are still an issue, once the dog is bonded to the family, or the pup starts shredding them, they are supposed to be taken away and replaced with a pigs ear of denta bone. I think keeping the socks picked up is the only answer here. Maggie’s first home was in Swift Current, she now lives in Calgary and has her very own boy who vowed to his mother that if he could get a dog he would take all the responsibility for her, and that he has done. Maggie is a very lucky dog, this home just fell into place when she needed a home. I am a sucker for happy endings! Maggie is from Krissy and Einstein Oct. 30th. 2012, Krissy is now retired and lives with her new family with four kids that love her to bits! And a whole acreage to roam on. Maggie’s family wrote:

Thought you would enjoy Maggie’s second bday pics. She’s doing great ! Still eats socks but boy do we work on it. Sigh. Dearly loved and a 14 year old boy owner who still walks her daily and sleeps with her nightly.


This is Maggie, who now lives in Calgary.  She is one of Krissy and Einstein‘s pups from the first litter born Oct. 30, 2012.  Krissy and Einstein have two males and two females left from their May 6, 2014, litter that are going to look  very much like Maggie with the ‘Brindle’ throughout their coats.  Maggie’s family told us:

Owen loves his dog.  Oh my word!  He takes her for huge walks almost every day.  He does all her dog run clean up.  He BUYS her food as he has a job now, pays her vet bills, licensing, grooming, toys, treats…. and he only just turned 14.  It’s awesome.  Very proud of him.  She is very loved and learns more obedience as time goes by…. it’s our fault for inconsistency not hers. 

Just wanted you to know…. sweet little magpie is doing just fine….  Sleeps in Owen’s room every single solitary night…. is terrified beyond belief of fireworks we found out (the hard way as she bolted!) but is just happy to be near anyone and to get some scratches…. 

Jax (Kindersley)

Jax is the mascot for the ball team and I bet he gets a lot of attention. I hear he even rides on the bus with his team. I love to see this kind of thing where one of my pups is so included in the family’s outings. Jax will no doubt grow into a well mannered and well known dog, apparently he starts hunter training this fall. Way to go Jax (and Tom)!


It sounds like Jax is picking up on what he needs to do pretty quickly. He still has one sibling here named James, the rest of the litter are in their new homes. These are the last pups from Krissy and Einstein, she has now been spayed and is looking for a new farm or acreage home. Krissy is a beautiful Chocolate Lab from Registered Stock although I did not register her. She is kind and very gentle and not a barker. Jax’s master told us:

Jax also knows how to sit, down, and shake a paw.


Jax lives with his master Tom at Kindersley, this fellow is going to be a duck/goose and upland game bird Retriever.  Jax is from Krissy and Einstein‘s May 6 litter.


To keep a pup calm you need to stay calm around her, I don’t know if Dexter is a calm dog or not but a lot of smaller breeds are not (through no fault of their own, they are way too cute and get carried around way too much). Keira’s family sent us a new pic and wrote:

Keira was fixed last week and healing nicely. Our biggest hurdle is keeping her calm.
I am attaching a pic of her and Dexter taken this morning.


Keira’s family sent us some new pictures. I advised them how to solve the digging issue, so hopefully they take that advise. I have my dogs in huge runs on dirt and have never had one dig out yet. I am sad that Krissy can’t have more pups but with mastitis being the issue this round there is no way my heart would let me do that to her again. Keira’s family wrote:

Here is some photos of Keira from today. She is growing nicely. Absolutely tons of energy and she is true digger. Good thing we have lots of space for her.


Keira is one of Krissy and Einstein’s May 6, pups who now lives with her buddy, Dexter, in Winnipeg. Her family sent us some pictures and let us know:

I am attaching some pics of Keira with Dexter who is 10. They are getting along famously.

Jeanna – F1 Labra Doodle (from Krissy) – Born May 6, 2014

Jeanna has been sold!

Jeanna is the daughter of Krissy (who will be spayed this next week and looking for a farm or acreage home) and Einstein, born May 6, 2014. This pup has a ticket to be whatever you want her to be, she is quick to pick up on what is expected of her and is very clean (pees and poops in one small area of their big pen) and is eager to please.

She will have a brindle, shaggy coat when she is mature at about 55 to 65 lbs. or slightly larger. She has had three sets of boosters, has been dewormed and totally vet checked. She has a very gentle and loyal personality, eager to please and has soft loving eyes that melt every heart that meets her. Jeanna would excel as a water fowl or upland game bird dog. She is classified as minimal shedding, this means she will shed some but nothing like a straight Lab. So here you have the best of both worlds in one dog, Lab gentle temperament and Poodle smarts and loyalty. Both sides of her family have hunting and agility running strong in their blood. Jeanna is a quiet natured girl that is ready to learn just about anything you would want to teach a dog. This girl is eager to trade all the love in her heart for attention, food and a good health care plan where the owner actually cares about her welfare. I can not say enough good about Jeanna, she has been a very easy pup to have around, learned quickly what was not allowed here (licking and jumping on people) while mastering using her bathroom area and coming to a whistle every time. She sits calmly to be pet and handled, is great about her feet being played with and nails being done. You would not be disappointed if you put this girl into your household. She sleeps in a crate with the door off and is well socialized with other dogs and the old barn cat.

She is $835 with three sets of boosters. Her next vet visit would be for spay and rabies at 5 months old. Her price includes delivery to as close to you as I can get her. I do not ship my pups but prefer to have them safely placed into the new family’s arms. For more information on Jeanna please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371.

Lola – F1 Labra Doodle (from Krissy) – Born May 6, 2014

Lola has been sold!

Lola is the daughter of Krissy and Einstein, born May 6, 2014. She is the smaller of the two females that are still available. She is really starting to show the brindle coloring, with chocolate and gold starting to highlight her features on her face, especially around her eyes and muzzle. She is looking like a little clown and acts like one too. This pup loves to show off, plays with a ball and tries to hide it on the other pups by taking it into the crate and laying on it. If nobody notices she puts it in her mouth and does a few laps around the pen and scampers back into the crate hoping someone will be in hot pursuit.

Lola would love to belong to a family with kids, she loves kids, especially ones that would throw the ball for her. Getting her to bring it back would be very easy with this girl, if you wait a few minutes she will drop it at your feet and hope for another round. She is great about having feet played with and nails done, paw massages are one of her favourite things and she just lays down and hopes for more. She would love to be around water or go to the lake once in a while, maybe a hike in the bush or a squirrel to tree. She is classified as minimal shedding, which means she will shed but certainly not like a full Lab. Her hair will be shaggy but never need clipping unless you would like her clipped. She has three sets of boosters and is completely vet checked, dewormed and ready to go. The next booster should include rabies and can be done when she goes for spay at 5 months of age.

For more information on Lola please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371. The price of Lola is $835 and that includes delivery safely into your arms. I do not ship my pups but prefer to meet my buyers and introduce the pup to them, demonstrate nail care and handling. I make myself available to coach you along the way if you need help.