Robyn is an English Lab female who had only one litter of puppies in Feb. 2013. She is now spayed and looking for a farm or acreage home. She is a kind girl with literally no bad habits, she is not a digger nor a barker although she will alert when someone comes to the yard, she likes kids and other dogs. I would prefer she goes where there is already another dog as she is really a pack animal coming from here, I fear that if she were an ‘only child’ she would wander looking for company. Her price is $200 which is half the cost of her spay, which was done over a month ago. Shots are completely up to date, including rabies, and she has been dewormed on a regular basis. For more information on Robyn please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113.


Kloe is looking very content in her new home!


This is Kloe in her forever home. I hope I can find homes like this for the others that are here waiting for their forever home.  Her new family wrote simply:

She’s spoiled!


Finally at the age of 4-1/2 Kloe has had pups! This girl was the hardest dog to get bred I have ever owned. She outfoxed Klifford the Big Red Dog, who was to be her mate, through three heat cycles! In a last ditch attempt at getting her bred I put her in with Cesar, the new kid on the block, my young Chocolate Standard Poodle, who at this point in time hardly knows which end he should be paying attention to. What to my bloodshot eyes should appear but 9 pups and every one black!

These are going to be drop dead gorgeous pups with these two as parents. I estimate they will be about 50 to 60 lbs. for the females and 60 to 75 lbs. for the males. Kloe and Cesar are both leggy and well proportioned and there is a good chance these pups may brindle in color as they get older. This is only Cesar’s second litter and he is proving himself a champion with the quality of pups he is producing.

Watch for updated pictures of this litter!


I am so happy to hear that Krissy is fitting in to her new home in LaRonge, she is a beautiful and kind girl, not to mention beautiful. Her new family wrote:

Here is the good old happy girl Krissy with her new kids as you can see she’s fitting in very well up here in La Ronge. She was quite the shy gal the first few weeks made me wonder sometimes if we were the right home for her but she soon over came that shyness and is now wagging her tail more each day and showing more interest in everything. A lot of gentle words and petting has sure paid off she’s a wonderful dog inside and out. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity to be her forever home.


Krissy is a very well put together English Labrador Retirever, she was born Nov. 11, 2010 and is a deep Chocolate with a great Old Type Lab head, well set eyes and ears, good barrel chest, good spring of rib and straight back. This girl is quiet in nature, has wonderful manners….she is going to go on to produce some outstanding F1 Labra Doodle pups!


Amber is the last pup I kept back for breeding from Abbey and Trump before Abbey retired.  She was born May 21st. 2009, and came from a litter of 6 pups.  She celebrated her second birthday with Einstein and would now like to announce that she has had eleven F1 Labra Doodle puppies on July 21st., 6 black and 5 apricot…so still no chocolate. She is doing extremely well for her first litter.  The pups needed a few bottles to get them and her going but now she is managing on her own. She is getting two big cans of dog food and all the dry puppy food she wants and the pups are fat little grunters at this stage. Pictures of the pups will be taken at about 4 weeks of age and added to this page.

Amber is a very gentle girl, much like her mother in character and actions.  She is smaller than Abbey by about 10 pounds, weighing about 50 lbs., and standing 21 inches at the wither. The pups from Einstein and Amber should mature around the 50 lb. mark and be about 21 to 22 inches at the wither, so mid size dogs.  They will definitely be winners with the combination of parents and grandparents they have. These guys are bred to be loyal and gentle, intelligent and clean, easy to train and just all round good family members.


Abbey was from two chocolate English Lab parents.  There were 6 chocolate and one yellow in the litter she came out of.   Abbey produced some outstanding Lab pups from Trump (Misty) and F1 LabraDoodle pups from Pluto (Dayle).  Two of her F1 granddaughters, Debbie and Dory, will go on to carry her great bloodlines.

Abbey picked her own forever owner, a neighbor girl worked for me part time.  Abbey followed her everywhere and laid at the bottom of the ladder when she was painting… it was a forever friendship in the making.  Now she lays on my neighbor’s bed and I am told Abbey growls if anyone comes near her bedroom door at night.   That would be Abbey, faithful and loyal.   She came to visit me for Christmas but did not show any signs of wanting to stay.  After her visit she was ready to go home with her very own private person.

“The Girls” – Upcoming Chocolate Lab Breeders

The “girls”, a mass of Chocolate English Lab perfection in fur coats!   These will be the girls to watch in 2013.   We are waiting to let them mature and then decide who they will be bred to.  But one thing is for sure, there will be some outstanding Lab and F1 LabraDoodle pups when these girls are ready to be mothers.

I had to make the decision on whether I was going to concentrate on Golden Doodles or LabraDoodles.  These pictures will tell you which way I am leaning for the future of my program.   I have put a lot of thought into this decision.  I love both hybrids but have grown partial to the Labs….I need to live longer.  By the time these girls have had their allotted litters I will retire from dog breeding on this level.  All good things must come to an end…until then I am limping my way, full speed ahead.   So just sit tight and see what Krissy, Robyn, Winnie and Tigger are going to do!


Hannah has now had her last litter of puppies and is up for adoption to a farm or acreage home. She was born June 16th, 2008, so she is 5 1/2 years old. She has had three litters of awesome Labra Doodle pups. In my breeding program the girls do not have more than three litters unless they have small litters (and so far the only one has – Danni). Hannah has produced some awesome pups and has now fulfilled her job as a breeding female and would like to go on to her final job of being a farm or acreage companion outside dog.

I would like half of what it cost to spay her, which is $200 (her spay and shots, teeth cleaning etc. were well over $400) but I am not looking to make money on her, I just want to make sure she goes to a great home for her last 9 or 10 years. Her file with all her information goes with her. She is an easy keeper, I have never seen this girl thin, in fact it may be a good thing for her to go where food is not full feed like it is here. Hannah doesn’t jump up on people, she is not a licker, she is well mannered, she is not a barker. If you may be interested in giving Hannah her forever home with room to be free and just be a good dog, please text 306 521-1371, call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page.


Hannah, a Chocolate English Labrador Retriever, born July 16th 2008, struck my eye the very first time I set eyes on her.   She has what it takes to produce the quality of pups I am looking for from Trump.   When she came here it was obvious she had been purchased for her quality but no follow up with affection and training had occurred.   Once she had a few hours of training on her, and a lot of affection and praise, her real self shone through.  She has turned in to a confidant, loyal, sweetheart of a dog.   I left her an extra year to breed to be sure her head was in the right place (around here what is good for the dog comes first).  So this summer, at 3 years old, she should produce her first litter, she will be bred to Trump and I already have a waiting list.


Misty was my pick of the litter from Abbey and Trump‘s August 2005 litter.   This dog really gave me the run around with getting pregnant.  I almost gave up on her.  She was exposed to Pluto at 2, 2 1/2, 3, 3 1/2, 4 and 4 1/2 years old.  I knew there was nothing wrong with Pluto as all his other girls were having pups.  If she was not such a beautiful specimen of an English Lab, I would have given up.  But I had Misty vet checked three times and each time they said they saw no reason she was not getting pregnant.   Finally, when she was  5 years old, Pluto must have sweet talked her because just when I was ready to get her spayed and take my losses, she got pregnant.  Not only did she get pregnant, she produced an outstanding litter of 9 F1 LabraDoodle pups (which is why I have Dory and Debbie).   We are on the right track now.  So this summer we will give Pluto a few extra milk bones and see if he can sweet talk her into another great litter!


Meet Trump.  I got pick of the litter when I chose this absolutely beautiful specimen of a dog!   Trump is an English Lab, his mother was Gold (with one black parent) and his father was Chocolate (with one black parent).  The litter was 10 pups, all coal black.

This is an old fashioned blocky headed, barrel chested, stout, gentle as a lamb, soft mouthed, intelligent, laid back Labrador Retriever.   He has a son that has gone on to be a professionally trained bird dog although Trump himself has never been used to hunt.    He throws good solid pups with his gentle temperament and loyalty.   This is another guy that will be with me until we die of old age.  He is very obedient and has solid hips and elbows.  He will be 7 years old July 12th and is just starting to get a few gray hairs on his muzzle.   He is such a happy dog, he is like a bulldozer when he goes for his run and then comes barreling back to me and skids to a stop right at my feet awaiting his loving time before he goes back to his kennel.   I called him Trump because I knew he would be my ‘Trump card’ in my Lab and LabraDoodle breeding program.