This is another big pup from Robyn and Cesar, she gave herself last year off so she will be bred the same way this year, at least now I can give a more accurate estimate on mature weight. I never in my wildest dreams thought they would get this size, that being said they have awesome confirmation and personalities. I thank everyone for sending, there are still a few I have not heard from (and that always gets me worried). Si’s family wrote:

I thought I would also give you an update on Si, he just turned 2! He’s a big boy too, weighing in at 106lbs. He does shed quite a bit, but nothing we can’t handle! He loves to run, and play fetch with his ball! Keep up the good work.


This is Si, one of Robyn and Cesar‘s males from their Feb. 21, 2013, litter. He lives in Calgary.


This is Cabo from Calgary, I fully understand that the people that bought these pups didn’t expect them to get as big as they have, I didn’t see that coming either as neither parent is over 90 lbs. This is one of Robyn and Cesar’s females born Feb. 21st. 2013. Robyn weighs 85 lbs. when she is in top shape, she is a little beefy this winter as I have not been well and they only get the run of the farm every second day (they usually get to go every day). Cesar is leggy but weighs 75 lbs. now and will thin out a little by spring as we have started breeding and when he is ‘in love’ he gets into racing shape!

What I do with my dogs ears is: pluck them with a vet forcep that is curved so I can get right down into the canal, then I tip their head and pour hydrogen peroxide into the ear and work the gristle below the ear to get it down the ear canal. If it is infected the peroxide will bubble (and if it there is no infection is remains liquid, just like pouring it on people with an infected cut). I do not put a Q-tip in until I have gotten as much out as I can with a paper towel, and I allow them to shake their head like they do after they have a swim. I twirl the Q-tip one way only, that way I am not pushing anything down into the ear canal, and I only do that after I have the ear as shook out and dry as possible….you will want to do this outside because when they shake they flip it everywhere. My dogs ears are cleaned like this every spring and fall when they are clipped or groomed and nails are done. Last year Debbie had an ear infection that just didn’t want to quit, so I did this three times in one week (which I don’t really recommend) and the third go round I got a dead beetle out of her infected ears….so that was the problem. If you warm the Peroxide a little by placing the bottle into warm water, they really don’t mind it……another note is, Dr. Oz says the shelf life for Hydrogen Peroxide is only 6 months, something that I now watch for.

Only a few of the pups got these blonde highlights, Deeka, who lives in Souris, Manitoba was really blonde tipped when she went but they have not updated me or sent pictures so I don’t know what she looks like now. She also had a woolier coat. The last four pictures are of Deeka when she was 7 months old, I had kept her back to breed but when my health started giving me the gears I offered her for sale to start downsizing my business.

I hope this helps, not only Doug and Sandy but the other Doodle owners. It doesn’t hurt to put ear drops in but the ear should be clean first. Thanks for sending, I am loving seeing my pups (your dogs)! They told us:

She weighs 75 lbs, and has held the same weight for the last year. She does shed quite a bit, however she is groomed every 3 months and brushed once or twice a week. She gets fish oils daily so that helps. We have had some problems with ear infections in the last year. We are changing her food to see if that may be what is causing it. I do clean her ears regularly. I am looking for a new product to clean them with if you have any suggestions. Cabo is very intelligent, and has a very loving demeanour. She loves to run so she is at the off leash dog park every other day and she loves to play with all the other dogs. Although we did not anticipate having such a large dog, she is an amazing addition to our family. I look forward to seeing all her other siblings to compare notes.


Robyn and Cesar’s last litter produced some big pups! They are incredibly beautiful, I have Desta out of this litter for breeding next year and she is an outstanding female with great confirmation and temperament. Cabo’s family wrote:

I thought I would update you on Cabo.

Last month she weighed in at 70 pounds, she is a very loving dog. We too are struggling with the barking, and jumping up, the training is on-going though and hopefully we will soon see some rewards.

Cabo loves our 2 year old grandson, they get along very well, however it is pretty chaotic when they are together.

She is shedding a lot these days, any tips to help with this? Our groomer says she is probably changing from her puppy coat to adult.

She does a lot of tricks as well, very smart puppy. She loves to play fetch, however not great at bringing it back when we are at the park.

Today she is celebrating her birthday at puppy daycare, one of her favourite places, as well as the dog park.

I have attached a couple of pictures of her for you. We will try and get a video to you as well.


This is one of Robyn and Cesar’s females from Feb. 21st. 2013. Her owners wrote:

Cabo is doing really good. We have started puppy classes, she was a maniac the first class, but I am sure things will get better as we go along.

We walk 2 hours a day, morning and night, she is really smart, knows a lot of tricks already. We are working on her not jumping up on people. It has been a challenge so far.

She has some golden streaks on her head nose and feet. Everyone comments on her as being a really neat looking dog.

We are really enjoying having her.

Banjo Jones

This handsome hunk of a dog is Banjo Jones, he resides with his family in Calgary and although I certainly didn’t expect my pups to get this size I am not unhappy with how they look and the rave reviews I get on them, so I sincerely thank Shannyn for this update! This is what I like, is to hear how they are, what their faults are, if any, and their personality. My answer for a dog that pulls is to put a Cesar Milan lead on it, wear it high on the neck and do not take no for an answer. The trick is to keep the leash short, require the dog to walk right beside you (where they are supposed to be) not 10 feet ahead or 10 feet behind. If they break then be very firm about the consequences, like you would do to a child that runs into traffic. Banjo’s family wrote:

Banjo just turned 2!!! He gained a little chunk this winter but has hit the dog park a lot more with this warm weather and is back to a trim 98 lbs. big big boy. He is so good hearted, kind and loving. We call him banjo of peace as he hates when the cats fight and is always right there saying stop it guys! He loves his cat buddies though they still don’t always love him. The children of the neighborhood love him dearly and they are great for teaching him manners and he is great for teaching them about dog interaction. He still pulls on the leash and is so strong and it’s something we work on. As long as there is no squirrel he can usually keep his head but those squirrels…. He sheds quite a bit more than we thought but I love his shaggy coat.

Overall what a bud we have in banjo. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years!


An update from Banjo’s world:

Thought we would drop you a line to update you on our big pup. Last time we weighed him, about a month ago, he was 86 lbs. He is so very friendly and is becoming good buds with one of the cats, the other is hopeless (she hates everyone). He has just learned to shake a paw, which he didn’t give up until about a week ago ha ha. He has discovered his voice lately that’s for sure, he was never a barker and we thought ourselves too lucky ha ha not so much! So the training of course continues!

Here is a little video of his current tricks:


Banjo is one of Robyn and Cesar‘s Feb. 21st pups, they are really turning heads and everyone is saying the same thing as Banjo’s new owners….and Banjo is indeed turning into a handsome boy! They told us:

He is doing great and learning so much! He’s a happy puppy and loves puppy class. Was hard to get him to sit with the toy this morning but I think you can tell he is a bigger boy now. We really love banjo and thinks he had an excellent start with you. We both appreciate the effort you go to so that we get such a great puppy.

I am sure you have seen the crazy floods in Calgary this week! Wow has the city ever come together to house all the evacuated animals (and people). Here is a pic of Banjo at the dog park, looking sad because….well you can see what it looks like right now! He has gotten so big, the vet thinks he will be 90 lbs. The second thing everyone says when they meet him is how big his paws are! The first is that he is a cute well mannered boy. He is in doggy daycare once a week and loves it! He loves people and other dogs. He has two more weeks in puppy class and then he will be 5 months already! Anyways we are safe and sound and he was happy to explore the flooded city yesterday!


Handsome Noble’s family sent us this new picture and wrote:

This is Noble at 15 months, he’s laying on the hot tub cover and keeping watch over #9 green and fairway.


Noble, AKA “King Tut of the golf course”, expects to ride everywhere AND have the front seat!!!


Noble resides at Chitec Lake Golf Course, Northern Saskatchewan. He was born Feb. 21, 2013 and is from Robyn and Cesar….I will repeat this breeding next spring….I kept one of his sisters, Desta, back for breeding when she is two and she will be bred to Einstein….this will produce the best F1B available, I am struggling to keep going but want to go out producing the best Chocolate pups money can buy. Even I am dazzled with the quality of pups these guys are producing! His owners wrote:

Here he is at 5 months. Quite a character, a lot of golfers want to know what the heck kind of breed is that so we tell them and most responses are “man is he cute!”


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Noble is one of Robyn and Cesar‘s pups born on Feb. 21, 2013. These Doodles just blow people away with how quick they learn and how willing to please and loyal they are….I am smitten! Noble’s new family told us:

He’s pretty much house trained, only one hyper puppy accident this past week – too busy playing to realize he needed to be going outside!! Sandra has him sitting on command and he’s getting better at shaking hands. We were surprised at how well he does on the leash at this stage.

Desta (Joy)

Desta was born Feb. 21st. 2013 and is my pick of the litter to carry on this bloodline by being bred to produce F1B Labra Doodle puppies in 2015 when she is two years old. She is from Robyn and Cesar and is a gorgeous pup, everything about this girl screams perfection……she has the right stop, the correct eye set, correct leg placement, barrel chest, long back and perfect tail set….so we have a winner. I am hoping to breed this girl to Einstein, he has flawless confirmation also….so anyone watching my web site should watch this girl grow up. I will update pictures of her as she grows into a mature female.