Kira (Melville, SK)

Kira is one of Tigger and Einstein’s males, he lives in Melville. I actually have three Doodles in that little town and a fourth customer waiting impatiently for the next litter to arrive. Thanks for the update Jeff. He wrote:

Kira and Rosi are neighbours. They love to play. Rosi is very husky, Kira is the smaller one. Kira loves our little Cloe and they are best buddies.

Stella (SK)

This is another of Tigger and Einstein‘s pups, this girl is named Stella (there are a few Stella’s out there). She has a full sister same litter named Stella in Alberta. I can see chocolate tinges in her hair and it looks like even more once she is clipped. I prefer the clip and I am sure you will also once tick season is upon us. She does have the sad Lab face but I can see the smile on the corners of her lips. I was very excited when I opened this email because I had not heard how Stella was doing, so I sincerely thank you, Paul, for taking the time to update me with pictures and a note on how she is doing. Stella also stayed in Saskatchewan. When I first moved here, 10 1/2 years ago, it seemed putting a pup in Saskatchewan was going to be a rare event, most were going to Alberta, but now I have quite a number of them here. Keep up the good work Doodle owners, I am proud of you! Enjoy our beautiful Spring with your pup! Stella’s family wrote:

Great pictures of Lily, here are some recent pics of her sister Stella. My apologies for not keeping up with the update photos but your updates are a reminder to send you some.

Stella is doing great, and like Lily we had hey spayed and she recovered in a couple of days and was hard to keep calm. She loved the winter and the snow although she looks rather sad in the snowy picture attached…in saying that she always looks sad but is an extremely happy dog. She has that sad face and eyes.. She has slightly brindled but not a lot, mostly around her beard!! She does have quite a few grey hairs coming through though.. We took her to the groomers a couple of weeks ago, the before and after pictures are attached with her bravery ribbon, she definitely came back looking like a different dog, we do prefer her with the shaggy coat..

She had her first dip in the lake last week following her Frisbee , it was a little cold so I think she will think twice next time!!


This is Rylea, one of Tigger and Einstein‘s females from July 27, 2014. Her family wrote:

We are just updating you on our wonderful puppy Rylea. She was the female with the pink elephant from Tigger and Einstein’s litter. She is now about four months old and weighs 35 pounds. She is fitting in well into our routine and keeps us entertained with her endless adventures. She is very drawn to water and the snow. She has had her feet washed in the tub a number of times and will now go and jump into the tub looking for water. She watches us empty the horses’ water pails, and we have to watch where she is as she tries to leap into the water spray as we are dumping it. She has dropped a piece of dog food into the water dish in the house and will submerge her nose under the water and root around to try and get it. She has also, on occasion, put her front feet into the water dish and pawed at it. She is also in the middle of teething and enjoys chewing on an ice cube.

She is a very social girl and will be sure to greet each of us every morning once we are up. She still has the welcoming tail wag for us and for new people she meets and she doesn’t jump up and is very polite. She has had play dates with a black lab and a husky mixed breed. She has learned to sit, down, roll over and we are still working on come and stay.

She loves the outdoors and walking in the park, and on the paths we have throughout the treed areas of our property. She helps us with chores in the barn and loves to bug the barn cats.

We have not noticed much color change in her yet, although in the light her leg hair looks brownish and she has a few more white hairs along her back. Her feet are still huge to her body size and we are looking forward to seeing how big she eventually gets.


Marabelle does look a lot like her sister Lily for sure. Marabelle is from Tigger and Einstein. Antlers seem to be a great idea, I have bought them for the house dogs (the dogs in runs seem to just want to bury them). For hole digging the answer is to pick up their fresh poop and put it in the hole, don’t cover it. They may start a new hole, just repeat it with the new hole. I have all my kennel dogs on dirt and nobody digs out so I can assure you this works. Usually dogs start to dig so they have cool dirt to lay on, then it becomes a fun thing to do but it is a little hard on yards! Marabelle’s family wrote:

My daughters have told me I have to send you new pics and an update on Marabelle, now with Lily’s update I must give you ours. Marabelle is just wonderful! She’s amazing with the kids, she love to run and play with them. Favorite games are fetch, tag and chase! Can’t wait to take her to the lake and see if she also like to swim!

She’s up to date with her shots and recovered well from her spay. The vet was impressed on how well she behaved. She is a good girl and listens very well. She, too, loves to chew on everything but once we gave her antlers she never touched anything of ours again! She does like to dig and we hope that will just be a phase!! We can’t wait to take her to the lake and play fetch in the water with her and take her along with us for our hikes! Enjoy the pics!


This beauty is Marabelle, one of Tigger and Einstein’s females that now lives in Shellbrooke with her bilingual family. This Doodle will take her commands in both French and English. What a delight to see how happy she looks! Her family wrote:

Up date on our lovely Marabelle. She has grown 3 inches and gained about 8 lbs since she left your farm.
Her colour has started to change as well. She’s very gentle and patient with the kids and love playing outside in the snow with them. We just adore her!

Chance (Bonnyville)

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This young man is Chance. For reasons unknown he developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I have the same thing so maybe I need to go on his diet). Crystal is right, he is beautiful and shiny. I knew when I placed Chance in her arms she would be a great dog mum, and I like it when people stand behind their dog like Crystal has! Apparently Chance has taken up logging and pulls trees out of the bush, that was fun to watch! Chance lives with his family on a beautiful acreage near Bonnyville, Alberta. They wrote:

Here’s a recent video of Chance after a haircut. As u can see he is now doing great. Our lil fur ball was diagnosed with IBS when the diarrhea didn’t stop. So now he’s eating home cooked meals by his mom and is on supplements from a great Vet called complete and balanced by Hilary. We love and adore our boy.

He loves to run and play outside and pull small trees out of the bush. I just wish he’d pile them by the fire pit!! But he has fun get to rip through the bush and be free!! And we like watching how big the sticks get.

He’s happy and healthy 60lbs. His fur shines and I love how he reacts to the fresh food. His diet now consists of chicken breast, beef liver, blueberries, broccoli, peanut butter, fish, yogurt, tomatoes and Hilary 20 supplements and minerals. He also gets coconut, cod liver and safflower oils in his food.


This is Chance, one of Tigger and Einstein‘s lucky pups to have a new family. Chance lives near Bonneyville, Alberta. I would say this is one lucky puppy! There is a long story behind her picking Chance, she has had a lot of tragedy this year and he is now the sunshine in their life, and what a ray of sunshine he is! His new family told us:

What a kind and gentle pup he is!

Lily (Warren, MB)

Lily is now a full year old, she has a little buddy but I don’t know who it is. Lily is an F1 Labra Doodle, I really love her close clip job! Thanks for sending Whitney, she looks happy and healthy. Pet her for me… Lily’s Grammy. Whitney wrote:

I wanted to send you a few more pictures of Lily since today is her birthday!! She’s doing great, learning how to listen very well and absolutely loves swimming she truly enjoys summer! Hope you enjoy these.


Lily has brindled perfectly, I am so happy when I get pictures like this. Just as a side note, letting your dog ride with it’s head out the window will dry the eyes out and create cataracts later on in life. If she is seat belted in with a five point harness she can have her window open without her head being allowed out and she will be just as happy. She is indeed a really beautiful girl (and her baby sister is pretty cute too!) I would sincerely like to see pictures of some of her siblings. Tigger will have her last litter in 2015 then retire to a farm near here. Lily’s family wrote:

Just an update… Lily is doing well, still going strong with her house training although we had a set back with her chewing on a few things. She’s a super happy pup and loves ripping around the yard. She’s very attached to her sister Cali, won’t go very far without her it’s very cute. Her stitches and everything healed up very well from her spay and only slowed her down for about 2 days. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thanks so much for sharing Lily’s siblings stories and pictures!! So great to see and hear about them. Lily is about 50 lbs now. Mostly just her beard that is brown and lots of white/grey hairs throughout. She’s great at fetch, knows how to sit and lay down and somewhat stay haha. We are also very excited to take her to the cabin this summer and see how she does in the lake! Thanks again!


Lily was  Tigger and Einstein’s last pup to leave, she lives on an acreage near Winnipeg now with her little sister Cali, who she has already buried in the snow. She took to this young couple like she had already met them. I was getting very attached to this little girl and was getting ready to pull her ad and use her for breeding when Whitney applied to the ad. She looks like she has snuggled her way into the hearts of this young couple. She has a five acre fenced acreage to play on so what a great life she will have there! The shower picture is exactly what her mother, Tigger, would have done only she would already be in the tub. I sincerely thank my puppy owners for sending pictures, you have no idea how it helps me feel good about where the pups went. Her family wrote:

Making herself right at home. No privacy in this house! Haha we think she’s going to be a swimmer. Cali and Lily are definitely becoming good friends. Lily isn’t normally allowed up on the couch or bed but she just looked too cute I had to take a couple pictures! We are getting to know each others personalities. She’s doing great. She had a trip to the groomer rrecently. She’s getting fairly tall these days. She was spayed on January 23 and everything went very well. She had a hookworm in some puke awhile ago so she was treated for that but otherwise she is great. Training is going well, she is such a smart pup!


Tigger Lily has been sold!

‘Tigger Lily’ was born July 27th. Her mother is Tigger and her father is Einstein. Tigger is my smallest Chocolate English Lab and Einstein is my smallest of the breeding Standard Poodles and is Apricot in color. I expect Lily to mature at about 50 to 55 lbs. Her brindle coloring is really starting to show up now. Yesterday was her first leash lesson. After her imitation of ‘fishing for marlin’ she settled down and was very respectful of the lead (I use a Cesar Milan lead to start my pups).

Lily has had three sets of boosters and once I get to the barn today she will also have been dewormed three times. Dew claws are removed, sleeping in a crate with the door off has been her only option to sleep in, so she is well started with the crate. She has known to poop and pee in one small area of her pen since she was 5 weeks old so house training should go smoothly, especially if you use the crate as part of your training technique. She is now the only pup left from July and August’s litters so she would really like to have her own family to love.

This will be a very loyal dog, she loves my groomers kids so she would prefer to go where there are kids to play with in the snow. She can be an outside dog as she has not been brought in where it is warm, or she can easily be an inside dog. Lily is an F1 so she shows a lot of Lab characteristics and has a beautiful flat head and her coloring is starting to give her the appearance of a pup wise beyond her age (3 1/2 months). This is the age where you can really make great strides in training, they are now paying attention and retaining what you teach them. She is an eager to please little girl that would walk a mile to lay down and get a belly rub and paw massages. I do not reward with treats. I do however, reward with praise.

If you would like Lily to join your family please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. She is $835 and that price includes delivery to most places. Further away buyers will have to meet me part way.

F1 Labra Doodle Males (Tigger) – Born July 27, 2014

All of Tigger’s male puppies have been sold!

Tigger, English Chocolate Lab, and Einstein, Apricot Standard Poodle, have only two male F1 Labra Doodle pups available now. These boys will be 8 weeks old tomorrow (they were born July 27) and now have two sets of boosters and are completely vet checked.

They will be minimal to non shedding, minimal shedding means they may shed a bit but nothing like a full Lab. A good weekly brushing will take care of any loose hair and will also bond your puppy with you. These boys will mature at about 60 lbs. as Tigger is the smallest of the English Labs here and Einstein is the smallest of the Standard Poodles. The boys have nice Lab heads and square bodies, solid chests and good spring of rib like the Lab side of the family. They know to come when I whistle, they are trained to pee and poop in one area of their big pen and they sleep in a crate with the door off to make crate training go smoothly. Nails have been nipped weekly and they get paw massages daily. They have had the hair trimmed between their toes and pads, so to put it in less words, they are extremely good about having their feet handled.

These boys are not going to stay black, they are going to brindle in color, which means they are going to get chocolate and apricot hair throughout their coat as they mature. The hair of an F1 Labra Doodle is soft, not wiry like a Lab. The parents are both extremely gentle, loyal and intelligent so these will be easy to train and loyal family dogs.

For more information please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371. It is not always convenient to call this number but I assure you I will answer your text ASAP


On July 27th, Tigger (English Chocolate Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) have produced their first litter of F1 Labra Doodle puppies together. These characters are all black now but are going to Brindle in color (get gold, silver and chocolate hair throughout their coat). Their coats will be shaggy, and never need to be clipped unless you want it shorter for the lake or in tick season. They all have nice Lab heads and are all showing the laid back character of the Lab. Tigger is actually my favourite of my Lab females. She is calm, gentle and very loyal, as is Einstein, so these will be very nice pups for a family with children or a hunter who wants a loyal companion.

I bottle supplemented this litter because there are 10 pups in it and I don’t feel that my girls should carry that load alone, so needless to say these are very well handled pups. They have started on a dish now and they come when I whistle, so recall is well started. They have had the little ends nipped off their nails weekly and get paw massages and laid on their back (for submission) each time they are handled. They have been subjected to kids holding them, under strict supervision, and the old barn cat has subjected them to a cat that only tolerates pups when they snuggle up to her, no pulling on fur.

They pee and poop in one small area of their pen, on straw, so it will be easy to teach them to use one area of your yard. These Doodles are very quick to pick up on what is wanted of them, they have the Poodle smarts and the easy going ways of the English Lab. This is an awesome cross that produces a great family or hunting dog.

My pups are two year health guaranteed. I am very conscientious about the quality of pups I produce as my goal is to place pups into their forever home for about 15 years. For more information on any one of these boys, or more pictures of a certain pup, let me know by the toy that is in the pictures with him and I will send all the pictures I took of that pup. Use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 for more information. They will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age which is about September 20th. The price of these boys is $800 and that includes delivery to most areas on the Central Prairies. They will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed and totally vet checked. My pups go with lots of instructions on how to keep them safe with inoculations and they have feeding instructions and a bag of the food they are used to.

F1 Labra Doodle Females (Tigger) – Born July 27, 2014

All of Tigger’s puppies have been sold!

Tigger is my smallest Chocolate English Lab and she went camping in July with Einstein, my smallest Apricot Standard Poodle. This camping trip resulted in 9 puppies, that much to my surprise were all born pitch black. These pups are just starting to Brindle now and will get more gold and chocolate hairs amongst the black as they mature giving them an outstanding looking minimal shedding coat. F1 never need clipping unless you want them kept shorter, the hair gets about 4 inches long and stays that way.

The girls have had three sets of boosters and are now safe to go anywhere, they are protected from the deadly Parvo Virus. These girls would like an active family, maybe a upland or water fowl hunter. They are extremely intelligent, gentle natured and very well handled. They will mature at about 60 lbs. and have the nice blocky Lab head and good spring of rib. For more information or pictures of these girls please text 306 521-1371, call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page. They have been sleeping in a crate with the door off to make crate training go smoothly and are trained to pee and poop in one small area of their pen to make housetraining go quickly, they are old enough to sleep through the night.


Tigger (English Chocolate Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) now have only four females left from their litter of nine puppies. These girls have been trained to come to a whistle, they all pee and poop in the same area of their pen, they sleep in a crate with the door off and have been taught to keep their tongue in their mouth and feet on the floor. This means they have had a very good start! They are great about having feet handled as I do nails weekly and paw massages are their favourite thing, right up there with belly rubs.

The girls have now had all three sets of puppy boosters, they have been dewormed twice and are completely vet checked. Any one of these four would make a great hunting companion, both sides of the family have hunting dog in the background. They love kids! They are minimal shedding (which means they will shed a bit but not like a full Lab). I encourage my buyers to pick a quiet evening of the week and make that into the night you brush your pup. This will not only take care of any loose hair but will bond your pup tightly to you and your family.

The price of the pups is now $835 and that price includes delivery to most places on the Central Prairies, buyers from further away can meet me part way. I do not ship my pups but choose to drive them and safely place them from my arms to yours so I know in my heart nobody has done anything to traumatize them along the way. If you would like more pictures of one certain pup please tell me by the stuffy or toy that is with her and I will send you all the pictures I took of her. You can text me at 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Tigger, Chocolate English Lab, and Einstein, Apricot Standard Poodle, had a huge litter of 10 pups on July 27. Most were females, five of the seven are pictured here. If you see a puppy that catches your eye let me know and I will send all the pictures I took of that pup yesterday.

These girls have had two sets of boosters, are dewormed and have been totally vet checked. They are now weaned, they will be 8 weeks old tomorrow so are on solid food. They know to come when I whistle for them and are trained to pee and poop in one small area of their big pen. They know that licking and jumping up on people is a no-no. They have had the tiny ends nipped off their nails weekly and get paw massages each time they are handled.

F1 Labra Doodles are classified as minimal shedders, this means they will shed but not like a Lab. Weekly brushing will take care of the little bit of hair that does come out and will also bond you with your puppy. These are very well handled pups, I bottle supplemented to help Tigger out. I never expect my mothers to go it alone when there are over eight pups in a litter. The girls are just starting to get their Doodle hair on their muzzle and ears so they are really starting to get some character now. They will not stay black, as they mature they will get some chocolate and apricot hairs throughout their coat which will make them Brindle in color.

For more information on the girls please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 (do not phone this number as I am often where it is inconvenient to answer). I will answer your text ASAP


Tigger (English Chocolate Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) have produced their first litter of F1 Labra Doodle puppies together. They were born July 27th, so will be ready to go the end of September. These pups were all born black but they are going to Brindle in color (have gold, chocolate and silver throughout their coats when they mature). These are very nice stocky pups, with a real Lab look to them, and they have the laid back Lab temperament. They already pee and poop in one small area of straw in their pen, they have started on wet food and are helping themselves to the dry puppy food and drinking water, they come when I whistle and everyone is very good about having nails nipped off and feet massaged.

These are F1 which are minimal shedders and this bloodline would make hunting dogs for upland or water fowl or be a loyal family dog. They have been handled by children under supervision, so they know what ‘little people’ are all about and the old barn cat has taught them that cats are a lot of fun unless you try to use them for a chew toy! Dew claws are off and the hair coat on this litter will be shaggy like a Benji dog, it will never need to be clipped unless you want it shorter for going to the lake or in wood tick season.

The price of this litter is $800 and that is delivered to Central Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, buyers from further away can arrange to meet me part way. I do not ship my puppies but choose to place them safely into the arms of their forever family. For more information use my contact page or text (do not phone) 306 521-1371 and I will get back to you ASAP. If you see a puppy that catches your eye, tell me by the toy that is in the picture with it and I will send you all the pictures I took of that puppy. I require a deposit to hold a puppy and the balance when I deliver her and you are happy with the quality of puppy I place into your arms.