F1 LabraDoodles (Winnie) – Born April 5, 2016

Winnie (Chocolate English Lab) and Newton (White Standard Poodle) have now had their final litter of F1 Labra Doodle pups. There were 10 pups in this litter and now are only 7 to choose from, 2 are males. These pups are 4 weeks old, they were born April 5, 2016, and will be ready to go the first week of June.

They are $900, that price includes delivery to most places on the Prairies, two sets of boosters, whatever toy is with it in the pictures, a 2 kg. bag of Purina Puppy Chow and a can of Pedigree with instructions on when to booster and how the pup has been fed. If you let me know by the toy in the picture I can send all the pictures I have taken of that puppy, the males have a blue ball or the Eeyore stuffy. Please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113.

F1 Labra Doodle Males (Winnie) – Born September 1, 2015

All of Winnie’s puppies have been sold!!!

Due to a family emergency, I am now selling these pups for $500! I need to get them to their new families!

Winnie, Chocolate English Lab, and Newton, White Standard Poodle (son of Einstein, Grandson of Pluto) have had their first litter together. Ten stout little F1 Labra Doodle pups, born Sept. 1st. 2015, four of which are males. These pups show a lot of Lab and have the laid back Lab temperament, they are incredibly relaxed and are happy little tail waggers. It was hard to get as many pictures as I did because they were ready to play, not sit still for pictures.

These are minimal shedders, which means they will not shed like a Lab but will shed a little. A weekly brushing will not only keep their coat in great shape and take care of any loose hair, but will bond your puppy to you. I want these guys to go to the best of the best homes where they will be part of the family. They will excel at becoming a hunting dog, a kids dog, a family dog or a farm dog. They are kind, gentle little guys that won’t be so little when they mature between 70 and 90 lbs. depending on the pup you choose.

They have been well handled by adults and children, I handle feet a lot to assure they will be good about having nails done. Usually F1 do not require clipping unless you want them clipped, the hair grows to about 4 to 5 inches long and stays there in an awesome shaggy look. I have included a picture of what they will look like as mature dogs. They will be ready the end of October, they will then have two sets of boosters, will be dewormed twice and completely vet checked. The toy in the picture will accompany them so they have something familiar for the transition from my home to yours. A 2 kg. bag of the Puppy Chow they are on and a can of what they get for breakfast goes with each pup, this gives you the chance to either stay with that brand or slowly switch them to the brand of your choice.

I do not ship my pups but prefer to drive them safely to as close to the new owner as I can get. The price of these pups is $800 delivered to most main areas on the prairies. For more information or pictures of a certain pup use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 or text 403 919-1370 or leave a message at 306 792-2113.


These pictures are of Jake from Three Hills. He will soon be three years old, and this is a great example of what Winnie’s black pups will look like when they mature!


Winnie, Chocolate English Labrador Retriever, and Newton, White Standard Poodle, have had their first litter together. I am very impressed with these pups and with the job that Winnie is doing, she is a very heavy milker so it took a few days to get them eating from a dish but now that they have caught on they are like a vacuum when five little faces go into each dish. They are already trained to come out of the whelping box to pee on the pile of straw that is provided for their mother.

These pups are the picture of health, they are gentle and willing little guys that learned a week earlier than most pups to wag their tails and now they don’t stop wagging. These pups are going to be big enough to bring a pretty big goose back for you. This breed loves the water. Some of my owners tell me the dog jumps off the boat to swim.

For more information please text 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113. You can also use my contact page. I do not ship my pups but prefer to drive them as close as possible to the new owner. I deliver Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, buyers from further away can meet me part way. For more information or pictures please tell me which pup you are interested in by the toy that is in the picture with him. They will leave me with two sets of boosters, they will have been dewormed twice and completely vet checked.

F1 Labra Doodle Females (Winnie) – Born September 1, 2015

All of Winnie’s puppies have been sold!!!

Due to a family emergency, I am now selling these pups for $500! I need to get them to their new families!

Winnie, Chocolate English Lab, and Newton, white Standard Poodle, son of Einstein and Grandson of Pluto, have had their first litter together, born Sept. 1st. 2015. They have 10 robust coal black puppies, six of which are females. There is not a white hair amongst the 10 but I do expect them to get some chocolate highlights as they mature, it is hard to tell now what color they will be. I am including a picture of Jake, one of my F1 Labra Doodles that is now three, and this is very much what I think this litter will look like when they are mature.

This is a very happy litter of pups, tails are wagging and they love kids! My groomer has six kids and these pups are at the fence wagging tails in anticipation of the gate opening and kids coming in to play with them. These pups would make great farm dogs, family pet or hunting partner, they are easy to train and quick to learn. They have the laid back Lab temperament like Winnie and the Poodle smarts, this is a win win combination.

I expect the females to mature between 50 and 80 lbs. depending on which female. They are calm, well handled and have great manners. They have not been allowed to lick or jump up, so they have a great start and each of them is ready to become a valued member of their forever home. They were quick to catch onto their dish, I whistle and call when I give them breakfast (canned food mixed with dry food soaked in milk) and they are fat little characters.

I do not ship my puppies, I choose to have them driven by either myself or my husband, to be placed safely into the new owners arms. We do deliver three prairie provinces. The price of the puppy, $800, includes delivery to a meeting spot as near to the new family as possible. They will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice, they will come with lots of instructions on when to booster and how to keep your puppy safe until it has a good immune system. I send a 2 kg. bag of the food they are on, a can of what they are used to for breakfast, and feeding instructions. The toy that is in the picture will accompany your puppy so she has something familiar with her for the transition from my home to yours. A complete Vet check will be done Oct. 26th. and her certificate record will be with her. For more information use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113. If you tell me by the toy that is with the pup, which girl has caught your eye, I will send all the pictures of that particular puppy. I am a long time, third generation dog breeder and I will go the extra mile to assure you have the best puppy for your home or acreage or farm.


These pictures are of Jake from Three Hills. He will soon be three years old, and this is a great example of what Winnie’s black pups will look like when they mature!


Winnie, Chocolate English Labrador Retriever, and Newton, White Standard Poodle, have had their first litter together. Ten robust, alert, and friendly F1 Labra Doodle puppies that will be extremely great family dogs, farm dogs or (and this is always my wish for these Labra Doodles) great hunting companions. They were born September 1st, so they will be ready to be delivered the end of October. I do not ship my pups but prefer to deliver them safely into the new owners arms.

They have been played with by kids and they just do not stop wagging their tails. They have just cut their teeth so they are now on puppy chow soaked in milk with canned stirred in and they have full access to dry puppy chow and water. Winnie is a very heavy milker and an excellent mother and the pictures tell the story, they are fat, healthy, shiny pups with a very gentle personality. They will not be small dogs, I think the females will range from 60 to 80 lbs. when mature and they will be minimal shedding (which means they will shed but not like a full Lab).

I know they will not stay coal black, they will get chocolate highlights and some may even get ‘Shotgun Blue’ or ‘Steel Grey’, it is hard to tell at this age. For further information tell me what toy is in the picture of the pup you like and I will send all the pictures I have of that particular puppy or pictures of the parents. Newton is third generation Poodle for me so I can send you pictures of his parents and grandparents.

Use my contact page or leave a message at 306 792-2113. I do deliver Alberta and Manitoba as well as Saskatchewan. You can text 306 521-1371 but I will need an email address to send you pictures.

Rufus (Calgary)

This is the Calgary Rufus. He is from Winnie and Cesar, and was born May 12, 2014. His full brother same litter in Edmonton also got the name Rufus. Is sounds like Rufus and his human brother, Carson, have a lot of good quality time together. It is great to get pictures of them and compare the similarities and the differences. His family wrote:

Things are going great with us, Rufus fits in perfectly. He gets out for a walk and the dog park everyday he isn’t quiet sure about the water yet but slowly but surly I’m sure he will get used to it. He is growing so fast I only realized now as I was picking out some pictures. Carson and Rufus act like brothers they are always playing, sometimes a bit too rough but they are both learning how far they can go. Rufus is completely kennel trained which is one of the best things you advised us to do, It is a life saver. We actually go to the dog park with a golden doodle named ozzy, they got him from you a year ago.

Jessie (Regina)

This is Jessie, another of Winnie and Cesar‘s May 12th. 2014 litter. It is really great to hear how my pups are doing and helps me know what kind of pups I am getting. I will definitely breed Winnie to Cesar again next spring. Her family wrote:

Just thought you’d enjoy seeing pictures of how quickly Jessie is growing. The first picture is our daughter with Jessie on her first day with us. The other photo was taken last week. We like to take pictures bi-weekly to document her growth. She is the love of our life. Little did Jessie know that she had some ‘big dog paws’ to fill upon arriving at our home 2 weeks after the sudden loss of our beloved 11 year old golden retriever. We were devastated and unsure of how a new puppy would fit into our lives. We are in heaven. Jessie is amazing, sassy, bossy, loving and so SMART. She has filled out hearts back up again. Thank you for raising such beautiful and loving dogs. She is the main attraction everywhere she goes and is already the mascot for our daughter’s hockey team. We are still trying to figure out a way to get her into the rink to actually watch a game but she loves to visit all the girls on their exit from the rinks.

First snow day in Regina yesterday. Jessie loves her sweater and took full advantage wearing it yesterday. We weighed her last night and she’s a solid 49 lbs and loves going to hockey and lots of walks. She is doing awesome!

Gracy Mae

I will cc this with no forwarding address to everyone who has a Doodle from this litter, Winnie and Cesar, March 3rd. 2013, and Robyn’s litter, and hope to hear from some of these litter’s families. When I get updates on my pups I like to share them with people who own littermates, it is very exciting for me to see pictures of them, hear how they are, and know what they weigh. This helps me know how I will breed. Gracy Mae is an F1 Labra Doodle and F1 Labra Doodle do shed with only a few exceptions, it is F1B are non shedding (although I have produced one that completely blew his baby coat and then quit shedding). Desta and Della will be bred to Einstein, my apricot Standard Poodle who only weighs 45 to 50 lbs. so this will offset the size of the pups I produce. Cesar has produced some sincerely big pups and I definitely didn’t see that coming.

Quite a few things cause dry skin, especially in winter, wood or electric heat (what I would advise for that is to have the dog sleep in a room with a humidifier going), not enough oil in the diet, a food allergy, it could be a number of things. I would try to remove one thing at a time, or add one thing at a time for a few weeks to see if there is a difference. A cod liver or salmon oil capsule a day, year round, will never hurt a dog and will make the coat nice and shiny, coconut butter is excellent.

I have a full sister to Gracy Mae here, Della, and an almost full sister from Robyn and Cesar, named Deeka, born Feb. 21st. 2013. Both are being bred to Einstein, hopefully this month, (as they are two now and have their head in the right place to be good mothers) to produce F1B Labra Doodles. They are both big girls, 80 lb. mark, both are minimal shedding but they are kept outdoors on straw, so I really wouldn’t notice it unless it fell out in handfuls, they produced a few tufts that turned into matts that I simply plucked off. Other than that they look just like Gracy Mae. They really went through a clumsy stage where they seemed to be all legs, when they were about a year old, but then they turned from ducklings to swans seemingly over night and now run like the wind when it is their turn to check out the farm. They have the Poodle grace and love to find things to jump over yet a 4 foot kennel fence contains them, they will stand with their front paws on the fence and look over but neither has ever attempted to climb over (which is wonderful because dogs that learn that are a breeders nightmare). I have two years invested into Della and Desta so I am getting excited to see the pups they have from Einstein.

Gracy Mae’s family wrote:

Gracy is the most beautiful smartest friend we ever had . In January, I had her at the vet. She was 89 lbs. I think I’ve trimmed her down a few lbs. Gracy is very affectionate. I have her on a raw food diet at 1 lb per day since 1 year old and a fish kibble every 3rd day. Sso far her health has been great. I’m still trying to control shedding and dry itchy areas. I give her a teaspoon a day coconut butter. I tried missing link supplements for skin and coat and fish gels don’t seem to work. Her skin is not red or scratched. I brush her almost every day and keep her nails short and filed. My daughter said it could be chicken in raw food diet. If you can share some remedies I can try that would be great.

Buddy (from Winnie)

This is one of Winnie and Cesar‘s male pups from May 12, 2014. This is a beautiful dog, I hope everyone else that got a pup from this litter is as happy with their puppy as Lori. I love to hear they have lots of energy, that translates into healthy puppy in my dictionary! Buddy’s family told us:

Thought I’d send a few pics of “Buddy”. He is a big boy with lots of energy… he weighs 32 lbs.

Sadie (Outlook)

This is Sadie, she really shows the Lab and it looks like she has scored a pretty great home, I didn’t even get to go ice fishing this year and there is Sadie, ice fishing! Sadie’s family wrote:

Thank you for the pictures! And whenever you have time and find the other pictures of Winnie, you can send them then! Thanks I will attach a few pictures of Sadie from this past winter.
1st pic – Out ice fishing
2nd pic – loves to cuddle (even in the vehicle)
3rd pic – out for a walk with the kids
4th pic – play date with our relatives German Shepard
5th pic – cuddling with my son
6th pic – chewing on her deer horns (just taken today)


I am so happy that one of my dogs has found her dream job as a bird dog. They have bird dog in their blood and will excel at this natural sport. It was a real treat to receive this email as I have been wondering about this particular pup. Sadie’s family wrote:

She is such a fun puppy! She has recently just graduated from “puppy class!” We had her in it to socialize with other dogs/people! She did great! We have had her out hunting quite a bit! She is doing quite well with the “bird hunting!” Once the gun shot goes off she is eager to go find the bird that dropped. First snowfall she went out and had a blast and kept licking the snow!! I am attaching a few pictures of her…
First one-Sadie retrieving a duck
Second one-my son and Sadie out hunting
Third one-successful hunt
Fourth one-relaxing on the chair
Fifth one-first snowfall with my kids
And last one-Sadie and my other 2 poodles (Teddy & Coco) they are all great friends!!


Sadie is one of Winnie and Cesar‘s May 12, 2014, females that now lives on a farm near Outlook. The boy seemed allergic to her at the start but it seems to be working itself out now. Her family wrote:

I am attaching a few pictures of Sadie. She is just an amazing puppy! We are loving her so much and I am happy that our son is getting better with her!!! First picture (she is playing fetch with her toy duck), Second picture (played out after our walk), Third picture (saying goodbye to the kids on their first day of school). Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!!


This girl has it made in Yellowknife. These Doodles just love the outdoors! It is so good to hear about my pups and know they are doing well with their families, I sincerely thank Wanda for taking the time to send this. She wrote:

I have attached some photos of Grace running and playing in the snow! She just loves it, and we’ve started taking her out to the lake and letting her run off-leash if there are no people/dogs/snowmobiles to tempt her. She is doing so well, and her impulse control is improving with time! My husband has taken her out in the driveway a few times when he is shoveling snow; she sticks close until something distracts her, and then she takes off for the neighbour’s house! Needless to say, she does not leave the yard to shovel snow anymore!! She loves when we throw snow in the air, as she jumps and chases it trying to catch it with her mouth.

We are experiencing some warm weather, it has been -15, and we’ve spent a good deal of time outdoors. Grace doesn’t seem to mind the cold however, and even on -35C days, she is always keen to go for a walk…. and so we trudge outside and go for walks no matter the weather.


Grace has put a lot of miles on in her short life and it looks like she is ready to put on a few more. Grace was named because she was such a calm pup and very graceful even when she was only at waddle stage. This girl is going to go on to do some great things in her life and I couldn’t have found a better home for her. Her family wrote:

Grace continues to grow and provide us hours of joy and love!! She has grown from 24 lbs three and half weeks ago to 33 lbs now!! She is long and lanky, and looks like an awkward teenager when she runs… I guess it’ll take her awhile to figure out how to coordinate those long legs of hers!
She gets out for 3 walks a day, and loves to run and play in the yard!

I attached some pictures for you as well. Grace loves to cuddle with us, and lets the kids pack her around as if she is a little lap dog… which I suspect she’ll soon be too big to haul around. The picture of Grace and our son Josh at the lake at sunset is one of my favourites! Also attached is a picture of the kids and Grace on their first day of school this fall!


Grace is one of Winnie and Cesar’s May 12, 2014, females. Now I have two pups in the NWT, the other was a Lab that went to Tuktoyaktluk. I think I have a pup in every Province and Territory now except Quebec. I have thought of putting a map on a cork board and using a different color thumb tack for each breed and poke holes all over the map. I also have one in Texas now as her owners moved, and one overseas as her family was deployed. Grace’s family wrote:

After two days of travel, Grace has made it to Yellowknife!! She was such a great traveler though, I was pleasantly surprised at what a breeze it was! We instantly fell in love with her, she is so affectionate and we have received so many puppy kisses already!! At the moment, she is having a snooze at my feet, after exploring the house, the yard, and everything she could poke her nose into.

I’ve attached a picture of Grace and my daughter at the NWT border. We decided to take advantage of the photo opportunity in front of the sign as we entered the territory.

Lacey – F1 Labra Doodle (from Winnie) – Born May 12, 2014

Lacey has been sold!

Lacey was born May 12, 2014, and will soon be 3 months old. She is the daughter of Winnie, English Chocolate Lab, and Cesar, Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle. Both parents are very well put together dogs with excellent confirmation, gentle temperament and extremely intelligent. Lacey will grow up to be about 60 plus pounds. She will have a smoother coat rather than extremely shaggy, she will never need clipping unless you want her to be done. She has the Lab personality and the Poodle smarts so this pup will mature into a loyal, intelligent dog that will be very easy to train. Lacey is hoping to get a family that will take her to the lake and start her fetching a stick or floatable fetch toy, so she can show you what a water dog can do. She has the potential to go on to be an outstanding bird dog or the most valued member of a family. Lacey is $935 delivered to most places on the central prairies.

Lacey has a calm personality and is very gentle around kids. She has great manners: no licking or jumping up on people, her word to keep her feet on the floor is ‘off’, she is starting to sit on command, comes when I whistle for her, pees and poops in one spot (so will be easy to teach to go in one spot in your yard), and is very well handled, especially her feet. She is a lover, not a fighter, and would love to belong to an active family that goes to the lake, hikes, rides bike or hunts. She has had three sets of boosters so is now safe to go anywhere, she has been dewormed and totally vet checked. She is ready to trade love and loyalty for food and a good health care plan that would include her boosters once a year. For more information on Lacey (she got this name by the fringe of Doodle hair around her ears that looks like Lace), please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.