Here are some new pictures of Daisy and Nathan.


Daisy had a little excitement recently. When I place my retired dogs I make sure they have a current rabies tag on them so if something were to happen they can be traced to my beloved Melville Vet Clinic and I can track down the new owner and find out what happened that the dog was running at large. Happy ending to this saga but not until I had spent a whole night worrying that she wasn’t happy there. I know some of my dogs come looking for me, she would have had a very long trek as she lives near Portage La Prairie now with her new family. She is a companion dog for Nathan who has some mental issues. I am glad to say she is back where she is supposed to be today. She looks happy enough to be waiting for Tina to prune bushes, with no leash attached. They told us:

Daisy is ok and safe with us. I had put her on my deck, on leash. She chewed it and ran to neighbors. She really likes to be with people all the time!! She has figured out how to escape her wire kennel now but I tied it shut last night so she stayed put. That’s not her favorite spot by no means. We laugh at her because she won’t win so she might as well just give in now and save her energy. Her & I are in yard trimming \ pruning my shrubs. She’s happy!!


Daisy has gone to her new home, she is a companion dog for Nathan who lives on a beautiful farm near Portage La Prairie. She and Nathan hit it off right away and they are now inseparable buddies. Nathan gave me a big hug before I drove away, it is very hard for me to let my retired females go but she has a very important job to do now and that is what I like, happy endings. Her new family wrote:

Life is Grand! We are fortunate to have lovely Miss Daisy living with us. Are you sure she’s not house trained haha….she is very ladylike! She hates her kennel, doesn’t stop barking in there, but I’ll win the battle. She loves our deck, it has gates that we keep closed. She’s part of the action all day with boys in the pool, meal times etc. She seems to love us especially me!


Daisy is an F1 Golden Doodle from Katie (Golden Retriever) and Pluto (black Standard Poodle), born January 4, 2007.   Daisy is my slightest built Golden Doodle and she produces smaller pups.   She has just had her second litter.  Last year she did not get pregnant, this year she whelped April 9th.  Her litter of 8 F1B Golden Doodles has 3 black females, 2 black males, 2 apricot males and one apricot female.  The father of these pups is Einstein, my apricot Standard Poodle….I estimate that Daisy’s pups will mature at about 50 lbs. and be quite curly.

Daisy has a very quiet temperament and has one of those ‘just happy to be here’ personalities.  She is a real home body.  No matter who she is loose with for her run, she sticks close to the house…although these dogs are allowed to go to the field and corrals to look for gophers to chase, Daisy chooses to stick with me…this is how Katie (her mother) was.  A real people dog, loyal, gentle and very obedient and an easy to be around kind of dog, quick to pick up on what it is that you want her to do.