Yesterday Dinah got her 2014 Spring haircut, she feels so much better. This clip takes about 4 hours so we hope her new owner appreciates how great she looks after all winter’s growth is removed.


Doe Dee and Dinah are full sisters, same litter, born March 13th, 2008. They are half sisters to Kianna as they have the same mother, Katie. Doe Dee and Dinah are from my Apricot Standard Poodle Einstein, making them F1 Golden Doodles. Neither of them shed, they do however have to be clipped at least twice a year. I really want them to go together as they have been together their entire life, they will be six in March and each has had three litters of awesome F1B Golden Doodle pups. Doe Dee is the apricot and Dinah is the blonde in the pictures.

Both these girls have the Doodle trait of smiling, especially if they think they are in trouble. Dinah is more of a barker than Doe Dee but they only bark if something is amiss, like the horses or cows are out, or something is in the yard, then they are quiet when told. My advise would be to tie both for a few days, then let one go and take turns tying them for about two weeks, by then they will have it figured out that this is their new home. They are both gentle with kids and their favourite thing is to be fussed over, petted or brushed. These girls have done their job here now and are looking to me to find them the right forever home on a farm or acreage, I am asking half the price of their spay, they are all healed up and have all shots up to date, so I would like $200 each to assure my dogs are not going to be resold or abused in any way. This is incredibly hard to let them go, but I can’t keep all my dogs and they deserve their own family now. Please text 306 521-1371 or call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page.


This gentle soul is Dinah, my F1 Golden Doodle.  Her mother is my now retired Blonde Golden Retriever “Katie” who now lives on an acreage near Riding Mountain Park in Manitoba.  Her father is Einstein, my Apricot Standard Poodle.  I broke my own rule with Dinah and her full sister (same litter) Doe Dee, I only separated them briefly as pups and then put them back together.  They are very strongly bonded to each other.   I got sick and spent a lot of time in the hospital so they remained kenneled together.  They were three in March and have just recently had their first litters.   With these two girls I was not in a rush to get them bred as they seemed to want to be puppies longer than the norm, likely due to having their sibling with them full time.   Both Dinah and DoeDee weigh about 55 lbs. and are about 22 inches at the wither.  Their mother, Katie, was my shortest Golden Retriever but also my stockiest.

Dinah is blonde, curly, does not shed but does get the occasional matt (which I just pluck out) between clippings.  These are farm raised dogs that go for runs down to the corrals and play in the yard when I am in my flower beds or painting, so they get clipped to the hide twice a year.  They need clipping now but due to this colder than usual spring they are still in full winter coat, only the tummies and back ends are clipped to make it easier for pups to nurse.

On April 9th., Dinah whelped her first litter, they are F1B Golden Doodles, they are from Pluto, my Black Standard Poodle.   She is an awesome mum and has 6 fat little characters: 2 black males, 2 black females, 1 apricot male and 1 apricot female…talk about an even litter.   When I sit with her pups she actually smiles at me, she is beside herself with pride at what she has done and watches every move I make with her puppies.   She was very worried when I took them, three at a time, to remove dew claws.   She stays with them very well (some mothers don’t) and keeps them spotless.   These pups will be an awesome kids dog as they have gentleness bred deep into their bloodlines and are from very intelligent, loyal and clean stock with great confirmation.