Dixie is now retired and living happily with a family near Springside. Her new family wrote:

Dixie is adjusting to her life here. She is still shy around us but is warming up slowly. I love her quiet personality at night though. She loves to be off her chain and explore our farm. The kids love to take her for walks on the leash.


Dixie is an F1 Golden Doodle from Kelli, one of my original Golden Retrievers.   I owned Kelli’s mother Bailey, also, and Kelli’s father is a Platinum blonde Golden Retriever owned by Telford Kennels who produced some pretty outstanding pups in his day.

Dixie’s father is Pluto, my black Standard Poodle and she was born February 1st. 2006, she will have her last litter this fall and then be retired to a farm or acreage home.   Dixie has the poorest hair coat of all my Doodles but the best confirmation.  She produces very good quality pups with non shedding coats that are wavy rather than curly.

This bloodline is outstanding for temperament and confirmation.  The only fault that they had was producing extremely large litters which was hard on them and me.   Dixie seems to have skipped that gene and has had normal sized litters (she came from a litter of 14, as did Kelli).   Dixie is the girl that will let me know if someone has arrived or the cows or horses are out.  When she barks, something is happening outside!  Once she knows I have been alerted, she settles down.  There have been a few times that we would have been chasing critters if she hadn’t let us know they were out!  She is not a wanderer, although she loves to go to the pasture and see if there are any gophers out (but has never caught one that I know of).  She uses her free time to scout out the farm with our cow dog “Mudflap” and then comes back and waits to be put in her pen.   This girl is crazy about kids and gets really excited when there are kids that come to visit.  I am hoping to place her on a farm or acreage home with children when she retires this fall.