Einstein is one of my two Standard Poodles.  He and Pluto, my black Standard Poodle, are an unbeatable combination when producing F1B Golden or Labra Doodle pups.  These boys have made me proud to be a dog breeder!

Einstein is his farm name, in real life he is ‘Hammids Eequalsmc Squared’, a registered Standard Poodle, born November 23rd. 2005.  My hat is off to his breeder as she knew what she was doing to produce a Poodle this correct with an intelligent, outstanding personality.  He was shown at one time and believe me he is much happier here in his work clothes with his girls.

Einstein is not a big Standard Poodle as far as Standards go, he weighs about 45 lbs. and is 21 inches at the wither.  He has a very tight curly coat where Pluto has what I call dreadlocks when his coat gets longer.  The combination produces a variety to please every buyer.

Einstein is a ladies man.  He likes to check out all the girls (whether they are in his harem or not) on his run, and always, without fail, comes back when he is done and sits at his kennel gate to be let back in.   This guy is a real gentleman with his ladies and is another that will die here with me of old age!  Hopefully we all have a few good years left in us.