Pluto, a black Standard Poodle (starting to grey) was born October 15, 2003.   This fellow is the prince of dogs.  He weighs about 45 lbs. and is 21 inches at the wither.  He is a bit slighter in build than Einstein (apricot Standard Poodle), his partner in my Doodle breeding program.   This is one of the most loyal dogs I have ever owned.  If a bear came onto our farm this guy would give his life to protect me.

Pluto is an extremely graceful dog.  If he was a person he would have been a ballerina.  When he has his runs he entertains me with jumping over anything laying around, runs through all the kennel areas to stir up some barking and then runs back like he has played a huge joke on me.   He will also die of old age here!

I could not be prouder of my boys.  Pluto was my first Standard Poodle and I loved him the minute I met him.  He had not been handled enough and they told me he was hard to catch, so he spent the first two weeks here kenneled, leashed or tied and was given lots of attention.  After two weeks I bravely turned him loose, he ran and ran, around and around the building area of the farm.  I sat on a chair and waited, he would circle closer and closer to me and finally when he was done he came and put his head in my lap.   When you get a pup that is one of the things I tell people not to do… do not chase your pup or dog, sit down and let it come to you and then praise it and give it lots of petting (and of course do this in a fenced area so you do not have a disaster).

Pluto is a very mild mannered dog and very smart and obedient…I can not say enough good about this boy and his offspring follow suit.