Update on March 27, 2011 litter (Dezi)

All Dezi’s puppies have now been SOLD!

This is such a happy go lucky pup, she comes to a whistle, sits, kennels up when asked, and is always laughing at me…she would make a sweetheart of a pup for a kid about 10 years old! She is completely inoculated and ready to go camping, to the dog park, around the block or for a ride, she just wants loving and attention.

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This is Dezi‘s last puppy that will be available in 2011.  She is quite a bit smaller than Doe Dee’s pups born on the same day.  She is a fairly quiet-natured pup but very alert- the swallows were flying in and out of the barn with bugs for their babies and she was watching them with curiosity but no barking.

I really had fun taking pictures of the pups today as we went outside into the big pen and the miniature donkeys were grazing right beside us so it was pretty easy to get some good pictures as the pups were busy watching the donkeys.

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Dezi‘s remaining pups:  The little boy (with purple dog stuffy) is a lover, like his grandpa Pluto.  He is going to make a kids dog.  However the little girl (pink gumby) is a scally wag ready to play every chance she gets.  She needs to go where there are a few kids to play her out and she will show them with her constant tail wagging that she is loving every minute of it.  These pictures were taken on June 2nd.

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These are Dezi and Einstein‘s only remaining available F1B Golden Doodle pups from her March 27, 2011 litter.  Both are quiet, comical little characters – like their mother.  They will be ready to go to their forever homes May long weekend.  The pictures were taken on May 15, 2011.  Here is some more info about them:

This puppy has been SOLD! The first is a black male pup (pictured with a purple dog stuffy).  Dezi’s pups will mature smaller than Doe Dee’s as she is smaller in stature herself.  I estimate this little guy will be about 50 lbs. and 21 inches tall at the wither when he is full grown and will have loose curls.  He is a little bossy with his sister and he is very tolerant of her sharp little teeth when she wrestles with him.  He is a delightful little guy and already comes when I call him for breakfast and supper.  As you can see, he has a very unique coloring – grey halos around his eyes and snout. This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! The second pup pictured is a small curly black female.  She is a very spunky little girl and was very quick to catch on to her dish and coming to meet me.  She is a playful pup with energy enough to keep up with an active family.  She literally struts her stuff when she runs around in the straw. This puppy has been SOLD!


Some older pictures of Dezi’s pups (taken May 8, 2011):

More pictures of Dezi’s pups (taken May 2, 2011):