Update on March 27, 2011 litter (Doe Dee)

All Doe Dee’s puppies have now been SOLD!

The black pups are Doe Dee‘s last two male pups available. They have started training now.  All the pups have now been trained to poop and pee in one small area of their pen, sit on command (most of the time) and we are now working on the down position. They are learning this week what kennel up means: they get to go for a run while I am cleaning and feeding their pen and when I whistle they come running and as they enter their kennel I use the command “kennel up” and it is not taking them long to catch on to it. The willingness to please and mild mannered temperament of these pups is truly a wonderful thing to watch.

The apricot pup is Doe Dee’s last little girl, and she is small compared to her siblings. This is a quiet pup, she would prefer to lay in my lap to running up and down the alley of the barn at playtime so is a real people oriented pup. She is well mannered and likes to have belly rubs. Doing nails is a snap, she just lays on her back and takes it all in. She sits on command every time and kennels up when told every time. We are just starting on the down command…this pup is a very quick learner and is eager to please so she can get told what an exceptionally good girl she is. She has a soft, yet straighter haircoat and the most absorbing big brown eyes that take it all in.

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These are Doe Dee‘s last five pups.  Look at how alert these rascals are- they are watching the swallows fly in and out of the barn and the donkeys grazing beside us. These guys don’t miss a thing.  They are catching on quickly to every new thing in the barn.  The baby swallows are peeking out of the nest above them now and the parents are busy trying to keep up with their ferocious little appetites.  The pups are finding this all very interesting.  They are really giving the barn cats a run for their money when they try to steal the canned pup food at breakfast now.  It is pretty thrilling to watch them and how they are really starting to pay attention to all the new changes.

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Doe Dee has only four pups left to go to their new homes and dazzle their new family with how incredibly smart they are.  The pictures above were taken June 2nd.  These pups will be very easy to housetrain; they have picked one small area of their pen to use as the bathroom and everyone runs to that spot.   These pups will mature at about 45 to 60 lbs. and be about 21 to 23 inches at the wither.  They were born March 27th so are just over 9 weeks old.  They have two sets of boosters and have been vet checked…all is well and they are looking for people playmates.

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These are the puppies from from Doe Dee and Pluto‘s March 27, 2011 litter (pictures taken May 15, 2011).  They are F1B Golden Doodles and will be ready to go May long weekend.  Some details about the pups:

This puppy has been SOLD! The first pup (pictured with the orange dog stuffy) is the larger of the two remaining black males in this litter.  He is a quiet puppy and has just learned to wag his little tail and loves belly rubs already.  He likes to be held on my lap while I sit in the whelping box and play with his siblings.  He will be fairly wavy when he is grown. This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! The next pup pictured (pink bunny stuffy) is the smallest curly female. I think this girl will mature a bit smaller than her siblings and she will definitely be curly.  She is a little go-getter, although she is the smallest she bellies up to the food bar with her siblings and doesn’t let the bigger ones push her out.  When she hears me coming she waddles out to meet me and wants to be played with.  I am hoping this girl goes where there are kids to play with as she has such a gentle personality. This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! Following her is the smallest black male (blue bunny stuffy), although he is only slightly smaller than his brother with the orange dog stuffy.  He did not want to give his stuffy back, he held it between his paws and hugged it.  This guy will likely be a cuddler and will definitely be a little heart warmer. This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! Next up is Doe Dee and Pluto’s only F1B Apricot male Golden Doodle (with blue Gumby stuffy).  He will be very curly and is the biggest pup in this litter.  He is a real tail wagger and trots around the pen thinking he is so important and cute, and he is right!  This pup will turn into a good family dog, I am sure he is the guy that would love to belong to a family that is active and includes their dog in their activities.  This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! Then there is the curliest apricot female (yellow rope stuffy).  She will be very curly and is mid size in this litter, which does not necessarily mean she will mature at the middle of the pack, somebody has to be smallest.  She is developing a lovable personality, likes to be held, and was very good at sitting and posing for her pictures.  She enjoys our petting time and is getting to be a little show off when she plays with her siblings.  This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! After that, there is the wavy coated F1B lighter apricot female (pink dog stuffy).  She is slightly smaller than her curly apricot sister and will have a very wavy if not curly coat.  Sitting in the whelping box is a little bit of heaven here on earth and smelling puppy breath is the bonus!  This little girl likes to be handled and cuddled and follows me to the gate when I leave the pen.  She is destined to make some family very happy for many years. This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! Rounding the litter out is another male (blue ball/rope).  This puppy has been SOLD!


More pictures of Doe Dee’s pups (taken May 8, 2011):


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