F1B Golden Doodle Litter (Dinah) – Born April 9, 2011

All Dinah’s puppies have now been SOLD!

This is Dinah and Pluto‘s last female pup, I have named her “Jenny”.  She is a well mannered, cat proof, friendly little monkey that started her leash training today and did very well. This is a stop and smell the flowers kind of girl, she is curious but cautious, watches the swallows, butterflies and especially loves one of the old cats named Bobette…she actually invites her to come and eat her breakfast of canned food with her. This would make a good kids dog if the kid is about 10 years old or older, she would bond well with a kid and just want to hang out and be their buddy. She will mature about 45 to 55 lbs. and be about 21 to 23 inches at the wither…I am thinking she will remain the smaller estimated size, she is very soft loose curly coated with a very gentle look about her. The pictures above were taken on June 30.

More pics and info below!


Dinah has only black pups left to be placed into their forever home.  I have dropped the price to $600 as it is important that these lovely pups get a home of their own where they will impress the heck out of their new family with their loyalty and intelligence.   Remember these are the exact same temperament and confirmation as the apricot pups, I do not know why people buy for color but that seems to be what is happening.   If you go onto a car lot and there are four red cars, one is a Honda, one is a Ford and one is a Chevy and the last one is a Dodge you would not look at the color but at what is inside.   These are non shedding, F1B Golden Doodles.  They are sharp little characters and are noticing everything that moves, including the barn cat that likes to share their canned food for breakfast.  They try to gang up on her now but this is an old wise Manx cat and she lets them chew on her a bit and when she has had enough (to eat and chewing) she skedaddles into the rafters and they sit and look up at her as if to say “How do you do that?”  I could sit in the barn all day and watch these guys as they are so entertaining now.

Here are the newest pictures of Dinah‘s puppies (taken on May 30th).  They will be ready to go next week (delivery date to Alberta is June 8th). Dinah’s pups met the vet today and got their second set of boosters and complete vet check, all is well!  This is a very quiet litter of pups compared to some, they get all excited when I go into the pen and sit down with them, do nails, scratch bellies and then they all want to get on my lap and snuggle around my legs.   I always sit on the floor with them, that way they do not learn to put their feet up on me for attention, no nipping or licking is allowed…my pups leave me with no bad habits and I try my best to council the new puppy owners to make the pup mind.  People create the bad habits and then punish the puppy later on, it is much better to never let the bad habit begin.   I have all the time in the world to play with puppies… who needs a clean house when they can sit and pet puppies instead?

Be sure to scroll down for more (older) pictures and information about this litter!

Dinah‘s available pups are pictured above in photos taken May 22nd.  These guys are going to stay a bit on the smaller side for Golden Doodles,  I am thinking.  They are quite the bunch!  The barn cat went into their pen a few days ago when they were eating their morning mush, and that caused a ruckus.  First they woofed at her (she is a very old cat that is really puppy proof), then they took turns getting brave and to get close enough to sniff her.  She calmly walked over and tasted their food.  I wish I would have had my camera with me as they all went and ate with her.  Once she had enough they decided it was play time and she hiked it out of there.

Below is Dinah’s apricot pup that has already been sold, pictured with yellow and orange rope ball (thanks Alex, you are going to enjoy this boy).  After those photos, you’ll find some older pictures and more info about this litter.


This litter was born to Dinah and Pluto on April 9, 2011 (pictures taken May 15th).  They will be ready to go to forever homes on June 4th.  They are F1B Golden Doodles and will mature slightly smaller than a Golden Retriever and will all be curly coated and non shedding.  These pups are robust little characters. They learned early to climb out of the whelping box. They never pee or poop in their bed now, rather they climb out and go over to where the mother goes and climb back in to bed. These guys should be very quick to housetrain as they are already trying to be clean and are only 5 1/2 weeks old! They come running when I call them and are on my lap and in my arms as soon as I sit down in the pen to play with them.

The first pup shown is a black female and has a wavy to curly coat (pictured with beige and purple ball).

This puppy has been SOLD! The next is an apricot male (yellow ball with orange rope). This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD!After that is an apricot female (multicolored duck stuffy).This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! Next is a small black male with a curly coat (Donald Duck stuffy). This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! Then is a small black female with a wavy coat (orange gumby stuffy). This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD! Finally, the last puppy shown is Dinah’s smallest black male (blue and green ball). This puppy has been SOLD!