Amber is the last pup I kept back for breeding from Abbey and Trump before Abbey retired.  She was born May 21st. 2009, and came from a litter of 6 pups.  She celebrated her second birthday with Einstein and would now like to announce that she has had eleven F1 Labra Doodle puppies on July 21st., 6 black and 5 apricot…so still no chocolate. She is doing extremely well for her first litter.  The pups needed a few bottles to get them and her going but now she is managing on her own. She is getting two big cans of dog food and all the dry puppy food she wants and the pups are fat little grunters at this stage. Pictures of the pups will be taken at about 4 weeks of age and added to this page.

Amber is a very gentle girl, much like her mother in character and actions.  She is smaller than Abbey by about 10 pounds, weighing about 50 lbs., and standing 21 inches at the wither. The pups from Einstein and Amber should mature around the 50 lb. mark and be about 21 to 22 inches at the wither, so mid size dogs.  They will definitely be winners with the combination of parents and grandparents they have. These guys are bred to be loyal and gentle, intelligent and clean, easy to train and just all round good family members.