F1 Labra Doodle Litter (Hannah) – Born February 14, 2012

All Hannah’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Hannah and Einstein now have only three pups left available….I am so confident on the breeding of this litter that I am keeping whatever female pup is left because they are equally sound and confirmationally correct, so technically only two are available.

I am very happy with the job Hannah is doing, she has a crate she can go into when she has had enough of the pups, but she chooses to sleep with them and discipline them when and when not to nurse. To me, this is a very important part of the pups first 8 week of life. Between Hannah and I they are leaving us with a good foundation, they have not been allowed to lick or use their mouth in any way on me, they are not allowed to put their feet on me while I am standing….(sitting is an open invitation to visit and play)….I always hope the new home continues with this program to produce the best mannered dog that you would ever want to own!

I am very selective about what my foundation breeders are and want my buyers to be confident that they are getting a solid, healthy, dysplasia free pup at a reasonable price….I have been on some other breeders sites and can not believe some of the ‘sales pitches’, contracts and even the fact that they think they can ‘dictate the brand of dog food you have to feed or your agreement is not valid’. Please beware of these breeders, do not send a non refundable deposit on a pup that has not even been born, or a pup that is not the pup of your choice. You will be living with this dog for about 15 years so please choose wisely.

I also want to address Mini and Midi Doodles….these breeders are artificially inseminating a Miniature Poodle to a full size Lab or Golden….think of this as breeding a Draft horse to a Shetland Pony….you are going to have confirmation, and henceforth health problems….this is a buyer beware market….so buyer beware. If size is that important to you, go with a non shedding breed that the breeder has spent the time to downsize….it took Jack Russell his whole life to downsize that breed…you can not do it on one generation! I am open to any questions and am willing to take on any breeder that does not agree. Also beware of “Parti” genetics….Poodles have been solid colors for hundreds of years…Parti comes by introducing Springer Spaniel into the bloodlines, just as the ‘so called’ recessive ‘Silver’ Gene in Labs…they have introduced that gene behind closed doors with Weimaraner Genetics, Labs have also been solid colors for hundreds of years, Yellow, Gold, Chocolate and Black.

I am not on this earth to impress other breeders that are in this business to make big bucks….I am in this business because I love dogs with all my heart, if there are no dogs in Heaven I do not want to go! I want you, the buyer, to receive the best possible pup, to grow into the best possible dog, for your companion for the next 15 years….please choose wisely, do not buy a pup on a whim or an ‘off the wall’ sales pitch.

For additional pictures of any of the pups on my web page please call 306 792-2113 or use the contact page and refer to the pup by the stuffy it is with in the pictures. Margaret-Ann


The Valentines Day pups are romping around now and learning to eat. They are slow at getting going on the dish because Hannah has so much milk the little monkeys are not really hungry. We planned on an outside photo shoot today but the cold wind drove us to the straw bales inside instead.

The pups have had their first boosters and today were treated with Carmel flavored dewormer and everyone got a manicure and paw massage. There are only these five F1 Labra Doodle pups left available, they will be blocky and it is already obvious that they will have nice flat heads. They will not be curly but will have more of the shaggy ‘Benji’ look about them. Some are already showing strong signs of retrieving, they are carrying their toy around and if I put it on the other end of the bale they go and get it.

All seven are now climbing out of the whelping box and peeing and pooping in the straw where their mother goes, so they will be easy to housetrain. I am very happy with the quality of Hannah and Einstein’s pups. She will be bred Poodle again next year at this time but to Cesar, the new Chocolate Standard Poodle so there will be some chocolate pups in the future.

For more information on any certain pup refer to it by the stuffy that is with it and I will send all the pictures I took of that pup today.


This is an update on Hannah’s five remaining pups. Good thing I am not trying to make it in this world as a photographer! I am going to try to take some pictures outside since the weather is cooperating so hang on for some better pictures… in the meantime, these little monkeys will start on a dish tomorrow. That should be fun until they figure out only their mouth goes in not the whole front end …teeth are being cut now… so on to some doggy food ran through the blender we go!


These fat little characters are Hannah‘s first pups, the father is Einstein making them F1 Labra Doodles. Hannah has lots of milk so hardly a peep is heard from her whelping box, all these guys do right now is eat and sleep. They have started to crawl to the outside of their whelping box to pee and poop already and sleep in the middle under the heat lamp….once they are big enough to crawl out the dog door into the pen, they will be trained to poop and pee in one area. People tell me that my pups are easy to house train. I think if you start them off right they will end up right. F1 are $700 delivered to major cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Please choose wisely as this choice will live with you for about 15 years! If you see a puppy that you want more pictures of please let me know (refer to it by the stuff or toy that is pictured with it).


This is how I spent Valentines Day! Hannah had her first litter: these are F1 Labra Doodle pups from Einstein. Hannah is a real good Mum, this girl went two summers ‘camping out’ with my Lab… no go, so off to the vet for ultra sound. She got a clear bill of health so I tried her with Einstein instead! He must have a better pick up line than Trump because here, finally, is her first litter! There is one black male and two darker apricot males, two black females (one being the smallest of the litter) and two medium apricot females.

Hannah has smoothly transitioned into her role as a good mother. She is a very heavy milker and her pups are fat little piggies that are kept spotlessly clean. So far it looks like they will all be loose, wavy-coated when they grow up but it is a little early to tell that for sure. The dew claws have been removed and they will be ready to go to their new families about the middle of April… they are $700, that price includes two sets of boosters, deworming, delivery to major cities in Alberta, Saskatcewan and Manitoba. They come with a 2 kg. bag of the food they are on and a can of the food they get for breakfast. This gives you the option to slowly change them to the brand of your choice or leave them on what they are used to.

Please decide wisely when purchasing a puppy. It will live with your family for many years.