Jersey is one of Daisy and Einstein‘s pups from their May 4, 2012 litter. Her new owner is busy loving her and wrote to tell us:

Jersey is growing like a weed! She is such a good girl, when we are outside she knows its playtime and loves to play in the grass. But when we are inside she knows its quiet time. She loves to sleep on the register when the air is on in the house, must be nice and cool. On Friday we go to the vet for the first time for her shots and checkup, gotta get those shots all up to date so when she is done we can start obedience classes then move up to agility once she is older. She certainly knows how to use her voice but when I take her out I get so many comments on how quiet she is. Also on how beautiful she is. The house training is going great!! Only a few accidents since I got her. You sure did a wonderful job Margaret-Ann!!
Jersey loves to go visit her sister Molly and Maggie in Blaine Lake! So much space to run in the backyard!! She is my little sweetheart.