Chance (Saskatoon)

This happy little fellow is named Chance. He is one of Daisy and Einstein‘s pups from their May 4th, 2012 litter. Chance lives in Saskatoon with a cat named Mr. C. Chance’s owners wrote us on a few occasions, and here is what they had to say:

I can hardly believe that we have had Chance three weeks!

I think for his age he has made great accomplishments. He has not had an accident in the house for a long time and goes to the door when he wants out. Even gives a little bark if we are not prompt to his beckon. He knows sit and down and is very aware of his name however at times chooses to ignore our call. He also knows that when he comes in from outside he needs to sit and have his feet wiped. At times he is a little exuberant and forgets so he has to repeat the process. Last night I put him on the table and he sat through his combing like a trooper. Bill told him how handsome he was after and he almost pranced.

The hair was getting quite long on the bottom of his feet and beginning to cover his pads so he has had his first trim. We gave him a toy to chew while we did it. I need to go to the internet and get some instruction I think. I was out of canned puppy food this morning so thought that Chance could just have his dry food, however he looked so offended without the hot moist breakfast that I made him oatmeal porridge. He was delighted with the menu. Please tell me if oatmeal is not good for him as he really thinks it is. He really does likes a warm breakfast. We could hardly believe that he slept through Wednesday night and although he did need to go out last night he slept in until 8 a.m.this morning.


Thanks for continuing to care about Chance and our ongoing saga with our wonderful puppy.

And later, they wrote:

Chance was funny when the rain was coming down, the cat ran to the patio door to catch a large size dragon fly on the outside screen, and in the process tipped over the fan. Scared himself and took off running across the floor which, in turn scared Chance who turned to race away with him but did not clear the coffee table. With a yipe he ran to Bill needing a pickup and to sit on his knee for a minute. You will remember “Baby Huey” ….

Since we were told “sit & shake a paw” is old school, Chance has learned to “sit and high five” this week when accepting a treat. A dog has to be with the in-crowd.


Chance made his first excursion out to Blackstrap campgrounds today and practised coming to his name when called. In his exuberance for the next treat, continues to second guess the game by returning to the other person before being called. Hopefully he becomes more consistent in coming when called to his name. We have been told that should improve after 12 weeks.