Gus’s family sent us this pictures and a little update:

I have attached a picture of Gus from August when we spent a day canoeing down the North Saskatchewan river. This was taken during our lunch break. He is a good guy and is doing very well.

I think that he has stopped growing and is 70 lbs. How does this compare to Darby, Einstein, and Gus` siblings? About 3 weeks ago we were in the woods and he got about 1,000 burrs on his fur. I thought that I could brush them out but this was impossible. My daughter Connie (who was with me when we met you to pick up Gus on highway 16) and I spent about 2.5 hours giving him a hair cut to get the burrs out. Shelley thinks he looks like a girl now.

He is getting better at catching the Frisbee and loves to fetch… until he sees another dog that is.


Gus is one of Darby’s/Einstein’s pups from last year. She is due any minute with her last litter but this time she is bred to Cesar, the chocolate Standard Poodle. Gus’s owners sent us a “first birthday” update:

I thought that I would send you an update on Gus since his first birthday was yesterday (Feb. 17). Gus was from Darby and Einstein`s litter last year. Gus is a great dog. We have completed basic obedience and he is doing well with all of the basic commands. Recall is a challenge if there are distractions however. He is becoming a good frisbee retriever and loves to retrieve a duck toy that we have.

He thrives in our busy house and gets 3 walks every day. My daughters and wife have a schedule for walks and I take the evening shift each day and most weekend walks. I plan to soon enroll us in the beyond basics obedience class.

I have attached 2 photos. The one with the boots is from November and the one in front of the door is from yesterday just before we gave him a trim. He is 64 lbs.


This is Gus! He lives in Edmonton and is one of Darby and Einstein‘s Feb. 17th. pups. His happy owners told us:

I thought that you may like to hear an update regarding Gus and I have attached a picture of him from today.

He is quite a happy puppy and he has been enjoying having family around all day long (since it is still summer). He typically has 3 walks per day but on the particularly hot days he only goes for two. It seems that he is not interested in a mid afternoon walk when it is very warm. There is a creek in the ravine near our house that he likes to play in. Also, he did a little swimming in Sylvan Lake this summer. He seemed to be a natural at it.

Tomorrow we have an appointment for him to be neutered. Not a happy day, but hopefully it all goes well.

He continues to get along really well with other dogs, and enjoys playing and romping around. In September we will probably sign up Gus for obedience school so that he learns a few more commands.

He is great at sleeping in his kennel every night, and also is well trained for not having accidents in the house.