Angus is at it again! Now this is something…Angus and his walking pack….what a great way to socialize your dog. His owners told us:

Angus weighs in between 45-50 lbs. He doesn’t shed. When we brush him of course hair comes out, but other than that it’s pretty nil. He is the most loving creature we have ever encountered. He loves children. Loves cuddling. I’m glad to hear Dixie is loving life too.


Angus Video 02

Click on the picture to check out the video that Angus’s owners sent us!


The owners of Angus sent us this great Christmas card!


Angus Plays Ball!

The link above is a video clip of Angus, one of Dixie and Einstein‘s Oct. 2011 pups…. this is pretty cute, he hides his own ball in the mat!