Meet Lilou! She is from Dory and Einstein‘s Feb. 24, 2012 litter. She lives in Alberta now, and her happy owners told us:

I just wanted to share some pictures with you of Lilou. We have tried many different methods to tucker this little girl out but she is still a ball of energy! Last week we took her on her first bike ride…there were some near misses but we all survived unharmed and I think she really likes it. It is so much fun to watch her run as fast as she can with the wind whipping through her hair. What she likes most though is climbing mountains…she has climbed 3 so far this summer. We just went on a hike with her yesterday, she does great pulling me up the hill when I get tired lol, and even when we let her off leash she doesn’t go to far from us and always comes back to check that we are alright. I’m not sure if she has much growing left to do, but we are both thrilled with how she turned out! The only issue we are having with her is teaching her to come when she is called. When we are in the house we practice getting her to sit and stay and then call her from other rooms and she is really good with that. We do have neighbours with dogs next door though and there have been a few occasions where she has gotten out to the front yard and then it takes some hard work to coax her back to the house. If you have any tips that would be greatly appreciated.