Hunter & Chase

We received some new pictures and this update from Hunter & Chase:

Chase is now 6 months old and is doing wonderfully well. He follows his big brother Hunter wherever he goes. He weighs in at 46 pounds and his body is starting to catch up to his legs. He had his first clip a few weeks ago and stole the heart of his groomer. His legs and face are starting to show the brindle. He is so loveable and cuddly and has the funniest personality. He loves the snow, going for walks and Hunter has taught him the finer points of treeing squirrels! As he was born at the lake, we are anxious to see how he likes camping this summer.  The 3 photos were taken just before Christmas.


This post has been renamed to now include Hunter’s new little brother, Chase! Chase is one of Dory and Cesar’s July 9th. Red Lodge Park pups. Here is the latest from Hunter and Chase’s family:

Chase has settled in very well. He seems to think he is a big boy like his brother and they are forever running and play fighting. Hunter now gets down to his level to play and I no longer worry about how rough they are with each other. There’s the occasional yelp, but so far no blood or missing fur. He’s fully crate trained and puts himself to bed when Hunter heads down the hall around 9. He is coming around to the leash and stays by Hunter when we take them for their morning walk. He has the longest legs!

He goes to the door when he needs out to do his business and uses the same spot all the time. No concerns at all with him other than he would eat continually if we let him.


Hunter’s family sent us a few new pictures. He is getting a little brother out of Dory and Cesar’s pups….they have the same grandfather…Pluto. They told us:

Hunter has become quite the camper. He loves the water and dives for rocks in the lake. He’s now a year and a half old, and full of pee and vinegar. He weighs in at 65 pounds and when not at the lake, he loves his long walks and chasing squirrels. He came face to face with a coyote in the spring and desperately wanted to play with it.

He butts everything with his nose when he wants attention….arms,legs, other dogs. We met another owner of one of your doodles and discovered their guy does the nose butt thing as well!

We get tons of compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. He can be intelligent, comical and puppy-brained all at the same time.


Hunter is one of Dezi and Einstein’s pups from their May 4, 2012 litter. He is a real beauty! His owners filled us in on his status:

Hunter is doing well. He’s growing in leaps and bounds and weighs in at just over 30 pounds. He will finish his 1st round of puppy school tomorrow and is doing very well with sit, down and recall. We can hardly wait to start him in agility classes as he is already quite the jumper and speed demon. He’s met his match during playtime with a female Brittany Spaniel. It is amazing watching those 2 run and play. He’s very sociable with other dogs and loves people.

He can be very dominate towards me at times and wants to mouth on hands, but he is learning that it isn’t acceptable behaviour.

He loves his daily walks and handles the 1 hour jaunts very well. He’s chased a few rabbits, is fascinated by squirrels but detests seagulls. Everywhere he goes, he’s complimented on how handsome he is and how big he is for only being 5 months old. He adores our 4 grandsons. We’ve had a few knock downs, but all in all he’s very good with them.