These are the things that keep me going, when people like Andrea send me pictures and stories about how their pup has turned out! Corona lives in Calgary and Andrea had begged for a dog for a few years before the parents gave in…and now it is the parents that spoil her. Another happy owner!!! She wrote:

Yes, she’s spoiled mostly because of my parents but she’s a very happy dog-I hope she gets bigger!!


This little beauty is Corona…she is from Dezi and Einstein‘s May 4th. 2012 litter….what a smart little cutie she is turning out to be!!! I love it when I hear from my buyers about how my pups are doing in their new environment! Her new owner wrote to tell us:

I haven’t sent you any pictures because she had a bad haircut haha and it took forever to grow back, it’s still growing I will send you more!! She is the happiest dog I have ever seen and extremely smart .. By 3.5 months she knew sit stay down rollover shake a paw, other paw now she knows play dead and more I think. She is amazing…best decision ever!!