Another update on the magnificent Sully! In answer to their question below, cutting the hair shorter (not clipped out) will help with the snow balls. Around the base of the foot and between the pads and toes, don’t clip it all out, it will be way too cold on his feet. I love the picture of his lounging on the couch! They asked:

Sully loves the snow and sleeping on the couch. The cold does not bother him. However, he does get ice balls in his paws and there has been some blood in the ice balls. Do you know of anything or use anything that prevents ice balls and protects the paws? Thanks.


Check out this great video! I can not believe how gentle Sully was with this sparrow, he could have swallowed it whole! I am going to forward this to all my dog people… these guys have done an amazing job!


Here is a quick update from Sully’s family:

Just a quick email to let you know Sully s doing great! We’ve been extraordinarily busy around here. He was great with my brother’s 10 month and 3 year old. Our son was home for a week and they bonded like bothers! Just like people you can see a different kind of relationship with different people!

Sully’s walking has improved tremendously with lots of patience, reinforcement and persistence. He still likes to be slightly in front but not pulling.
He is so affectionate I call him my “love bug”. He has made a collection of loose tree branches logs under the pine tree in the back yard. He has been house broken for months so much that the new carpet arrives this week! We are working on a surprise trick for Kylee’s return in 2 weeks from Europe.

His most favourite toy are eggs that squeek and come with a stuffie toy, in our case crocodile, that have a pouch to put them in so the dog can dig them out! He loves us to throw and he loves to fetch them. He will purposefully toss or push them into places that create more of a job to get to them! For instance, under the dishwasher open door, behind a coffee table, etc. He is pure enjoyment to watch!


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Sully’s owners sent us another update, as well as the video above which features the playful Sully stealing a Kleenex!

Sully is still enjoying skiing with us. There is one designated dog trail at the ski hill. Sully will wait at a door until asked to come out. He can sit, down and wait on hand signal and verbal command. He is superb at leave it. We are having to work lots on loose leash training outside. Indoors he is perfect.


He really enjoyed watching and listening to War Horse the other night. He seriously looked like he was taking in the entire movie! He must remember about animals in the barn.


Another update from the owners of the very well-trained Sully! They wrote to tell us:

Well the training is going well. The pop can with pennies was only needed once for barking at night and jumping up when excited along with positive reinforcement of the appropriate alternative behaviours!
This is Sully, 5 months old, holding a carrot in his mouth for 3 minutes on a “wait” before he can eat it. He is soooo smart! AND cute too!


Sully’s owners sent us some new pictures! They wrote:

Sully is doing very well. We had a good first Christmas with him and our son in town. He picked up a few bad habits like smoking (see attached photo) Smile. He loves cross country skiing with us. Really stays close and keeps checking on both of us. He starts puppy classes in January. We have been practicing “watch me” and “wait”. He is super smart and has a strong desire to train!


Sully lives in Winnipeg with his happy new owners. He is from Danni and Cesar’s September litter. His owners wrote to tell us:

Sully has been keeping us hopping. He loves all the attention he can get and running around outside. He is too cute, and smart. He is already piddling in the outdoor dog pen for us. He is at 90% coming when we use the informal “here Sully.” We are holding him lots now while he is small enough. Puppies grow so fast. We dug some paths through the snow and he runs around in them. We think he smells the rabbit, but has not seen it yet. He has noticed the birds including the blue jay peering into the patio window that I have stopped feeding since I found many small dead sparrows in our yard! Our daughter is loving the company and relationship. The first few nights were a bit rough, but we moved the kennel into our bedroom and he has been fine. The best word to describe his adjustment is secure. He is so secure. We believe all of your intentional actions from the get go have allowed him to be so relaxed, confident and well adjusted! We have attached a few photos. Sully goes to the vet on Tuesday. We will definitely keep you posted every week – 2 weeks for the next while. we can hardly wait to parade him around the neighbourhood!