This is an update on Remy. I have her full sister here, Deeva, who will be bred to Cesar in 2015. I have two half sisters to Remy here that are the same color, they were coal black when they were born. It was so good to receive and update on Remy and I am thrilled she has turned into a shining star in the bird hunting department. I didn’t have a doubt as I could tell Paul knew how to handle a dog when I met him. Her family wrote:

Remy has turned out to be one of Paul’s best dogs, and companion. She is even shining as a hunting dog. She still seems to think of me as her play mate, but as she gets older, she is listening to me a lot better as well. Just wanted you to know how Remy has become a real part of our family.


Will you look at this!!! What a beautiful dog she has turned out to be. Remy lives at Boissevain, Manitoba and is a hunting companion for Paul, her owner and trainer. I am going to be interested to see this bloodline go to the F1B stage as I have a full sister to this girl here (her name is Deeva and she is bred to Cesar creating F1B Labra Doodle pups). Amber has found herself a forever farm home and they tell me she fits right in.


This is Remy. She is from Amber and Einstein‘s August 26th litter. I am very excited to know how this pup turns out as Paul is a professional dog trainer. Remy will be his hunting partner. This girl is a perfect example of how some of the pups that are born black can brindle as they mature….she is absolutely beautiful.

This is also an example of how hard it is to get good pictures of pups. People are relentless with wanting more pictures and then once they have the pup they realize how hard it is to get good pictures unless you are a photographer. Remy’s owners sent along these words with the pictures:

Here are some pictures of our little Remy. I apologize for taking so long to get them to you. She doesn’t like to sit still long enough to get a picture. You can see that she has acquired quite a bit of gold/blondey hair around her face and the tips of her ears. She was five months old yesterday. Paul will be starting the “hunting” part of her training in another month.

F1 Golden Doodle Litter (Kloe) – Born December 17, 2012

All Kloe’s puppies have now been SOLD!

There are now only two pups available from Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle). This litter of 9 pups were born Dec. 17th. and are now ready to go to their forever homes. Both pups are loose curly coated, shiny black coats that will be minimal to non shedding. These are very well handled pups, nails have been nipped weekly and paw massages are done daily at play time, dew claws are removed. These boys have been dewormed twice, had two sets of boosters and come with lots of instructions on when the third set is due and when they are safe to be socialized with other dogs. They are vet checked. Kloe has now weaned them, they eat dry puppy food and get canned added for breakfast only. Each is developing their character now, they are gentle temperament and have great manners. They have not been allowed to put their feet up on me when I am standing, sit down is play time. No mouthing or tugging on clothes has been tolerated so they have the best start a puppy can get. The price is included in delivery if both boys are on the same load, or we can arrange to meet part way. If you are considering adding a Doodle to your home this is the buy of the year….my pups will not remain this low. They were lowered due to health issues on my part but I have now found some part time help so the following litters will be priced accordingly. To see what the critters and I are all about browse through my web page or call 204 845-2355.


Kloe and Cesar now have only 4 male pups left for adoption out of their litter of 9, the females and smallest male are now spoken for. These pups were born Dec. 17th. and will be ready for delivery Feb. 11th., the price of the pup includes delivery safely from my arms to yours. These are well handled, happy little characters that are going to be minimal to non shedding (this means that if they do shed it will be minimal, not shedding like a Retriever), usually they don’t shed at all but I have to be honest about how I portray my pups. This is a 15 year commitment and I want my buyers to think about what they are doing….a happy buyer will mean a happy pup that will grow into a dog you will be proud to own.

Dew claws are off, they will have two sets of boosters before leaving me, and lots of instructions on when the next set is due, when they are safe to associate with other dogs, and when to neuter (my opinion). They will be dewormed twice by the time they are ready to go. They climb out of their heated whelping box and all go to the designated poop and pee area now, they are eating canned food twice a day and are helping themselves to the dry puppy food that is free feed….I absolutely do not believe in limiting food for my pups or my dogs.

These will be intelligent, clean, extremely loyal, gentle, easy to train family dogs. They will give you their heart in exchange for room and board.

I am here to advise on health or training questions, I have been doing this for 45 years….the reason these pups are priced at $500 (rather than $700) is I am dealing with personal health issues at this time. They are still 2 year health guaranteed for anything hereditary, I am very selective about the quality of puppies I bring in to this world.

For more information use my contact page or call 306 792-2113 Three of this litter are going to Calgary. Delivery to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba can be arranged.


Kloe and Cesar now have only males available for adoption…there are four to choose from at the time of this posting…the females are all spoken for with deposits in place. These pups will go quickly at this price, there is not a breeder out there that can touch my genetics at this price…..I do not know how much longer my health is going to allow me to produce what I consider that ‘best of the best’ at the reasonable price I am doing this.

It really has become a ‘buyer beware’ market, I would be happy to explain Mini Doodle procedures and the ethics of breeding dogs to anyone that wants to be aware of what they are getting into…..the buyers need to remember that this is a 15 year commitment…so think about it before you purchase a puppy. There are many breeders out there that are in this for the $$$$ and not for the good of the puppy they produce…think about it people, rather than match the color of the fur with your drapes or carpet, think about the confirmation and temperament of the pup you are choosing because you are going to be living with this choice. To me buying for color alone is like going to a car lot and buying a vehicle because it is red, regardless of the make of the vehicle…Ford or Chevy.

Even though I am fighting health issues, I am a Scot with scruples and I am going to go down fighting for what I believe in. I absolutely will not compromise the integrity of my dogs for size or color!!! A Scot with her Kilt in a knot…..MA


Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Cesar (Standard Poodle) have F1 Golden Doodle puppies that were born Dec. 17th. 2012 and will be ready to go to their forever families on or after Feb. 11th when they are 8 weeks old. These are beautiful pups with loose curly, silky, soft and shiny black coats that will be minimal to non shedding. When mature the males will be about 55 to 60 lbs. and the females will be about 45 to 55 lbs., so slightly smaller than an English Lab with Lab temperaments, Poodle smarts and a lot less shedding! These pups may brindle in color as they get older, it is impossible to tell at this point in time.

They will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed and vet checked before they leave my arms to yours, they are very well handled….due to some health issues on my part I have reduced the price to $500 which includes delivery, I have not been able to put in enough computer time as sitting is an issue but have spent a lot of time playing with the pups so they are very well handled….they are what keeps me getting out of bed each day.

If you are thinking of adding a Golden Doodle to your family you will not get this quality of pup at this price anywhere else. I am worried that if my health doesn’t improve my breeding program that I have worked literally years to develop will be severely downsized or (horrors) come to an end.

For more information on these pups please call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page to email me.


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This is a beautiful picture of Lincoln, son of Debbie and Einstein, born August 25th. 2012. His maternal Grandfather, Pluto, my black Standard Poodle is here eating up the profits, I have not bred with him for a while now but he is such a faithful old man that I keep him around to ‘class up the place’. Lincoln’s father, Einstein is here as well, in his work clothes trying to get Lincoln some little brothers and sisters. Debbie will have her last litter this summer then she will get her forever home, I actually have people with a horse ranch in Alaska wanting her. Lincoln’s Great Grandfather, Trump, my English Black Lab is also here holding down the fort with Pluto. I can see the love in Lincoln’s eyes and I know he is the happiest dog in Winnipeg! Thanks Bob and Daisy for sending me this…give Linc a pat from his Grammie! They also sent a great video of Linc “enjoying his favorite activity”.


[stream flv=x:/ img=x:/ hd=x:/ mp4=x:/ embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

This is a short video clip and a few pics of Lincoln that I just received. I am sending this to everyone that owns one of his littermates in hopes to receive an update and maybe a picture. I would love to know how these guys are doing. I hear about Lincoln, who lives in Winnipeg, on a regular basis and feel very blessed that they stay in touch.


A & R is their carpet and flooring shop in Winnipeg, they have a great selection if someone in that area is looking for carpet or flooring. They wrote:

Another great shot of Linc at the lake. He is such a joyous, intelligent and hardworking dog. He is top dog at A&R and customers come back all the time to visit and give him treats. He definitely closes the sales! He is also very fit. He makes sure we go for our walks and play outside. Linc also has a very sensitive side and is very in tune to our emotional state. As you can tell he is a very important member of our family. We love him so much:)


New pictures from Lincoln’s Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations!


Lincoln is a character for sure! His family just sent us these new pictures from his 1st and 2nd Halloweens!


Here is an update from Lincoln:

This is Linc about 5 minutes ago. We’re just at the lake, his favorite place! He loves to find the biggest sticks and chew on them. This is also the view he has while doing it. He’s such a handsome guy! We all love him soo much! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! Let us know the next time you’re in wpg, we’d love to see you and show you Lincoln!


Lincoln has the whole smiling thing down pat!


Here are a couple of new pics from Linc’s family, who also wanted us to know:

I have attached a couple photos of Lincoln at the lake. One is of him and myself in the boat. The other is of him and his friend that is a miniature him! Lincoln’s favorite place is the lake since he’s so free. Although, he never goes too far from our family pack, he loves knowing where everyone is and keeping a protective watch on everything. Hope your summer is going well so far! We are now on a road trip to Banff!


We received a couple of new pictures of Lincoln along with the following update from his owners:

Here are the two pictures I showed you yesterday of Lincoln’s first boat ride. He was a natural!


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Linc’s owners sent us this video and mentioned:

We are all well and enjoying Linc more and more everyday! Sending you a short video of one of his many jobs he is proud to do.


This is  Lincoln, he is one of Debbie and Einstein‘s August 25, 2012 pups with Misty and Pluto being the grandparents… this is a beauty….this is what is keeping me going these days, the owners that continue to share the progress of their pup with me.  This is a picture of Linc fresh out of the beauty salon!

Tillie & Pepper

Tillie is doing great. Her family sent us a couple new photos. I have her full sister same litter here, her name is Deeva and she is celebrating her birthday with her first litter of puppies. Tillie’s family told us:

Wanted to send you a pic of Tillie on her birthday. She has matured to a wonderful happy companion! She is a mommies girl and I’m just fine with that. Take care, hopefully we can chat soon.


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These dogs have it made, they go to the farm for week ends, have spa days and makes me wish I was one of Janet’s dogs!  Here are some great videos of Tillie and Pepper!


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We just got in this new video of Tillie. I have her full sister Deeva here and she will be bred this fall to Cesar, making F1B Labra Doodle pups. Janet is an exceptionally great dog owner and both her Doodles, Tillie and Pepper, are well mannered and well trained.


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Here is a new video of Tillie. Her family wrote:

Attached is a video of Tillie on her first birthday, being Silly Tillie at her best.


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A video update from Tillie! Her owners helped her send it and wrote:

We had a great weekend at the farm. Planting flowers & doing some tree trimming. The girls were exhausted after spending the day outside. Hope all is well with you!


We received a new picture and update from Tillie’s proud owners:

Took Pepper and Tillie to get weighted yesterday. Pepper weights a chunky 71lbs., like her mom she has gained some winter weight. She’ll shed this quickly once I can take her biking again and once she stops eating the puppy food.


Tillie weighed in at 51lbs and is sporting her new big girl collar in the picture above.


Tillie has graduated from obedience school! Way to go Tillie!!!!!!

Now that business is done… time for Tillie to have some fun! Check out the video below of Tillie “ice skating”:

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Tillie is one of Amber and Einstein‘s August 2012 litter. I kept her full sister “Deeva” back to breed to Cesar and hopefully my health will hold on to complete that project. Tillie lives in Regina with Pepper (and Janet), they are a pretty awesome threesome. I will update pictures of Tillie as Janet sends them. Within one week Tillie was sitting right beside Pepper on the door matt when let in to get her feet wiped. Pepper was starting to slow down a bit so Janet got her a baby sister, believe me I have seen the new life in Pepper… she is like a teenager playing with Tillie now.


Kloe is looking very content in her new home!


This is Kloe in her forever home. I hope I can find homes like this for the others that are here waiting for their forever home.  Her new family wrote simply:

She’s spoiled!


Finally at the age of 4-1/2 Kloe has had pups! This girl was the hardest dog to get bred I have ever owned. She outfoxed Klifford the Big Red Dog, who was to be her mate, through three heat cycles! In a last ditch attempt at getting her bred I put her in with Cesar, the new kid on the block, my young Chocolate Standard Poodle, who at this point in time hardly knows which end he should be paying attention to. What to my bloodshot eyes should appear but 9 pups and every one black!

These are going to be drop dead gorgeous pups with these two as parents. I estimate they will be about 50 to 60 lbs. for the females and 60 to 75 lbs. for the males. Kloe and Cesar are both leggy and well proportioned and there is a good chance these pups may brindle in color as they get older. This is only Cesar’s second litter and he is proving himself a champion with the quality of pups he is producing.

Watch for updated pictures of this litter!


Diogie is one of Debbie and Einstein‘s August 2012 female pups. I have one left from this litter, she looks just like Diogie but a little darker apricot. Diogie’s owners let us know:

Sorry it took me so long to get a photo to you, but it was incredibly hard to coordinate a pose with the two of them.. lol.. Finally we gave up and caught them at rest.

They are having a blast together… once Charlie came to terms with the fact that she is to be a permanent addition to the family that is…

We have decided to call her Diogie (D.O.G.), a name that the kids had picked out about a year ago when we started talking about a second pup, that we decided would suit her funny little personality just fine. She has such a sweet, funny disposition we couldn’t be more pleased. And to top it off she has taught our lazy Charlie how to play again.

She has never had an accident inside the house, sleeps quite soundly in her kennel (we took your advise to heart) and took to her leash and harness on her very first walk. When we saw her on your site, we knew she was the puppy we had been looking for and luckily for us, she seems to agree!


Charlie is one of Dory and Einstein‘s pups from Feb. 24th 2012. His owners sent us this picture of him “gettin’ his feet wet” and told us:

Charlie is a wonderful pup. A great source of entertainment . He only cried a couple of times on the first night. The second night whimpers faded and he fell back to sleep.

Greased lightning. When he’s on his way out the door with your favorite sock or a ball of wool. He’s a fabulous gardener… I plant them, he relocates them.

He helps take ALL the laundry off the clothes line… Making sure he waits till AFTER we’ve cut the grass.(everything needs to have SOME grass clippings on it)

He just cracks us up most days. There have been evenings the tv doesn’t even come on, especially around the bewitching hour of 9 pm. Don’t know exactly what happens to that brain but it takes a hiatus for an hour or so!

We love our Charlieeeeeee


Here is a whole album’s worth of new pictures of Declan and his family. They also wrote:

We wanted to give you an update now that Declan is one year old.

He has grown up to be the most wonderful dog. Whenever someone meets him they can’t get over how kind and sweet he is. I would say “sweet” is the most common word people use to describe him. We had a lot of visitors in August – both dog and people, and Declan was just in his glory. We had a little Pomeranian “Buddy” stay with us for 10 days, they became friends right away. Buddy is older, but Declan is much better behaved. Buddy was following Declan’s lead when it came to kennel time etc. Buddy just had to learn some routine as Declan is used to that. We also had some young kids staying with us, and he loved them! These were the first kids he has ever spent time with. Once he learned that he can knock them over pretty easy, he was much more careful with them. He loved playing ball with them and even let them brush him. When they all went back to Winnipeg, you could tell he missed all the action.

We are working on recall with him now. We bought a big long leash for when we go to a park with big fields. He loves it and comes back to us when we call him. I don’t think we will be letting him go off his leash anytime soon. We are just so afraid that he may see a rabbit or something and take off.

He went to the groomer in July. They were so impressed with him. They couldn’t believe he was under a year at the time and his first time having a full groom. They wanted to hand pull his coat because his hair is wiry like an Airdale. I could barely recognize him when he was done. I think they pulled out all of his puppy coat because now he is a bit softer, and isn’t shedding much at all. I think we will let it grow out for winter, and have the hand pulling done just for the summer.

Declan has also become quite a guard dog. Not yappy at all, but he lets us know if someone is walking near our house with a little growl and woof. He will only bark a couple times if someone is at the door he doesn’t know. He is also quite protective. If people are play fighting, or using an aggressive tone, he is right there in the middle of it, trying to be a peacemaker.

What we need to work on mostly with him is how he reacts to bicycles. He is okay with parked bikes, and people riding bikes slowly, but bikes flying by he lunges at them. When we see a bike coming we move off the path and we try to keep his attention on us, but he is so interested in the bike. I am not sure what his intentions are…. chase the bike, or knock them over. I think what we will do is find a friend with a bike and have them bring it over and ride it around him. Maybe one of us will ride it so he can see it’s okay.


Declan’s owners sent us the following message along with the pictures above:

We hope this finds you well!! Declan is doing really awesome and is growing super fast!! On Monday, March 4 we got his neutering done, and his rabies shot. He was 50lbs then. The first photo I sent was taken after we took him to the groomer at the beginning of April. The others were taken in February/March.

We have been working with Declan on sitting, laying down, do a trick, crawl, shake a paw and he is really intelligent and picks up things fast… Especially when there is a treat involved! He has fetch almost mastered, just a little slow with “release”, but he does bring it back. We have also trained him to “ring the jingle bells” we have on the door knob for when he wants to go outside! Crazy right! He is walking well on his leash, we had to get him one of those no pulling harnesses and that helped a lot. Do you have any tips on how to train him to calm down when we meet people and other dogs on walks? He is getting better, but he gets so excited when we pass people that no one wants to meet him. What a scary Doodle haha. I swear he is going to think his name is Doodle instead of Declan. He is finally not chasing the precious timid cat “Ali” around so she is coming out a lot more often which is relieving! We can now have quiet movie nights as a family! He is great friends with our other cat Sasha. They play and sometimes even share Declan’s bed (actually Sasha just steals it…he thinks everything that is Declan’s is his!)
Sure looks like you have been busy….chocolate Doodles I see…they are precious!


This is Danni‘s other male that went this week end, this character is Declan and he now lives in Calgary. Guinness and Declan were Danni’s last two males to go, there are still three females. All are soft, curly-coated. I am going to start leash training this coming week.

Guinness (Saskatoon)

Enjoy the newest pictures from the family of Guinness!


Guinness is doing very well, and I was excited to get some new pictures and an update from his family:

I thought it was about time I sent you a photo of how handsome Guinness is becoming…

We see so many Labradoodles and I think all of them have the long straight lab tail… we are so in love with Guinness’s very cute curly-like-a-ferris-wheel-tail! We took him to Obedience Classes which was so good for him. He still is crazy about any dog that comes into his line of vision! He really needs a dog-mate, but we just can’t have two dogs! We did find though that he was a changed dog once we gave him a haircut once we got him groomed he was totally different… hanging around and cuddly – it was incredible! I think his thick coat had been bothering him for quite some time and we just didn’t know it – and then we were just so consumed with the house and all.

But we really love him – he is our baby and I think we spoil him, which isn’t good – he is fairly strong-willed… We do have some disagreements about what to do and quite often Guinness wins… ho hum and oh well!

I got this cool 3-wheel bike which is great for running G since I have some back and foot trouble. G loves it – way better than a walk…


Another Satisfied buyer…this is one of Danni and Cesar’s litter of 11, he has just gone to Saskatoon…they had put a deposit on him almost two months ago but had to move into their new house before they could take him so he was here until this past Friday. He still has 4 sisters that look just like him waiting for their family to pick them….I will try to update picture this week but Guinness’s sisters look exactly like this! His new owners wrote:

Well Margaret Ann – Guinness is just a wonder!!! We love him…

We put some paper in the kitchen when we came home – we should have just taken him out in the snow and I’m sure he would have gone pee outside, but about 1/2 an hour after we got home, he ate some lunch, drank some water and looked around for a spot and promptly went on the paper!!! After that, we have taken him up and down stairs. First and second time were soooo scary we had to show him how to climb up and down and then he had it!!! He flys up and down and today is Sunday and no accidents in the house…


And nighttime??? He went (with a little encouragement – well actually a lot of encouragement – a big push really) into his cage and never a whimper or sound all night. Both nights. I get up in the morning, and he bounces around he has to go so bad and out we go to pee. I just keep saying “Go pee” and “Go poop” when he does it and praise him like crazy. That’s how I trained my Black Russian Terrier and eventually she was trained to go on demand. Works great when you’re in a hurry to go somewhere. He’s such a good puppy though and heels nicely already – thanks for the work you did with him.


This is one of Danni and Cesar‘s pups, so this is Cesar’s first litter (and Danni’s last). These people have done an amazing job with this pup….they had never had a dog before, and listened to all my advise, read books, watched videos….I truly wish every pup owner would be this responsible. The end result here will be a wonderful dog that they can, and will, be proud of. That in turn makes me proud to be the breeder! Her owners wrote:

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We are very pleased with Maxi, she has grown on everyone in the family. She is a quick learner and loves people.

On our first vet visit, the vet commented “the breeder knows what she’s doing”.

She did whine at night when her kennel was in a different part of the house. The “fix” for us was to move the kennel where she could see the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. She distinguishes her play with all our girls. She’ll lay down for our 5 year old to be petted or brushed, she responds to our 7 year olds commands/tricks in no time and horse plays with our 10 year olds accordingly. In the new year we plan but to begin classes with her (although she picks up on stuff in no time).

She has never pooed in the house, by the third day she was ringing the bell to go outside. However, now with the coming and going of new people during the holidays, she now gets excited and urinates when she meets someone new (otherwise she urinates outside).

We are all really pleased with her, and to date have not noticed any shedding.