Charlie is one of Dory and Einstein‘s pups from Feb. 24th 2012. His owners sent us this picture of him “gettin’ his feet wet” and told us:

Charlie is a wonderful pup. A great source of entertainment . He only cried a couple of times on the first night. The second night whimpers faded and he fell back to sleep.

Greased lightning. When he’s on his way out the door with your favorite sock or a ball of wool. He’s a fabulous gardener… I plant them, he relocates them.

He helps take ALL the laundry off the clothes line… Making sure he waits till AFTER we’ve cut the grass.(everything needs to have SOME grass clippings on it)

He just cracks us up most days. There have been evenings the tv doesn’t even come on, especially around the bewitching hour of 9 pm. Don’t know exactly what happens to that brain but it takes a hiatus for an hour or so!

We love our Charlieeeeeee