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This is a beautiful picture of Lincoln, son of Debbie and Einstein, born August 25th. 2012. His maternal Grandfather, Pluto, my black Standard Poodle is here eating up the profits, I have not bred with him for a while now but he is such a faithful old man that I keep him around to ‘class up the place’. Lincoln’s father, Einstein is here as well, in his work clothes trying to get Lincoln some little brothers and sisters. Debbie will have her last litter this summer then she will get her forever home, I actually have people with a horse ranch in Alaska wanting her. Lincoln’s Great Grandfather, Trump, my English Black Lab is also here holding down the fort with Pluto. I can see the love in Lincoln’s eyes and I know he is the happiest dog in Winnipeg! Thanks Bob and Daisy for sending me this…give Linc a pat from his Grammie! They also sent a great video of Linc “enjoying his favorite activity”.


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This is a short video clip and a few pics of Lincoln that I just received. I am sending this to everyone that owns one of his littermates in hopes to receive an update and maybe a picture. I would love to know how these guys are doing. I hear about Lincoln, who lives in Winnipeg, on a regular basis and feel very blessed that they stay in touch.


A & R is their carpet and flooring shop in Winnipeg, they have a great selection if someone in that area is looking for carpet or flooring. They wrote:

Another great shot of Linc at the lake. He is such a joyous, intelligent and hardworking dog. He is top dog at A&R and customers come back all the time to visit and give him treats. He definitely closes the sales! He is also very fit. He makes sure we go for our walks and play outside. Linc also has a very sensitive side and is very in tune to our emotional state. As you can tell he is a very important member of our family. We love him so much:)


New pictures from Lincoln’s Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations!


Lincoln is a character for sure! His family just sent us these new pictures from his 1st and 2nd Halloweens!


Here is an update from Lincoln:

This is Linc about 5 minutes ago. We’re just at the lake, his favorite place! He loves to find the biggest sticks and chew on them. This is also the view he has while doing it. He’s such a handsome guy! We all love him soo much! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! Let us know the next time you’re in wpg, we’d love to see you and show you Lincoln!


Lincoln has the whole smiling thing down pat!


Here are a couple of new pics from Linc’s family, who also wanted us to know:

I have attached a couple photos of Lincoln at the lake. One is of him and myself in the boat. The other is of him and his friend that is a miniature him! Lincoln’s favorite place is the lake since he’s so free. Although, he never goes too far from our family pack, he loves knowing where everyone is and keeping a protective watch on everything. Hope your summer is going well so far! We are now on a road trip to Banff!


We received a couple of new pictures of Lincoln along with the following update from his owners:

Here are the two pictures I showed you yesterday of Lincoln’s first boat ride. He was a natural!


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Linc’s owners sent us this video and mentioned:

We are all well and enjoying Linc more and more everyday! Sending you a short video of one of his many jobs he is proud to do.


This is  Lincoln, he is one of Debbie and Einstein‘s August 25, 2012 pups with Misty and Pluto being the grandparents… this is a beauty….this is what is keeping me going these days, the owners that continue to share the progress of their pup with me.  This is a picture of Linc fresh out of the beauty salon!