This is an update on Remy. I have her full sister here, Deeva, who will be bred to Cesar in 2015. I have two half sisters to Remy here that are the same color, they were coal black when they were born. It was so good to receive and update on Remy and I am thrilled she has turned into a shining star in the bird hunting department. I didn’t have a doubt as I could tell Paul knew how to handle a dog when I met him. Her family wrote:

Remy has turned out to be one of Paul’s best dogs, and companion. She is even shining as a hunting dog. She still seems to think of me as her play mate, but as she gets older, she is listening to me a lot better as well. Just wanted you to know how Remy has become a real part of our family.


Will you look at this!!! What a beautiful dog she has turned out to be. Remy lives at Boissevain, Manitoba and is a hunting companion for Paul, her owner and trainer. I am going to be interested to see this bloodline go to the F1B stage as I have a full sister to this girl here (her name is Deeva and she is bred to Cesar creating F1B Labra Doodle pups). Amber has found herself a forever farm home and they tell me she fits right in.


This is Remy. She is from Amber and Einstein‘s August 26th litter. I am very excited to know how this pup turns out as Paul is a professional dog trainer. Remy will be his hunting partner. This girl is a perfect example of how some of the pups that are born black can brindle as they mature….she is absolutely beautiful.

This is also an example of how hard it is to get good pictures of pups. People are relentless with wanting more pictures and then once they have the pup they realize how hard it is to get good pictures unless you are a photographer. Remy’s owners sent along these words with the pictures:

Here are some pictures of our little Remy. I apologize for taking so long to get them to you. She doesn’t like to sit still long enough to get a picture. You can see that she has acquired quite a bit of gold/blondey hair around her face and the tips of her ears. She was five months old yesterday. Paul will be starting the “hunting” part of her training in another month.