F1B Golden Doodle Litter (Darby) – Born February 26, 2013

All Darby’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Darby and Cesar now have only two pups available out of their whopping litter of 14 born Feb. 26th. 2013.   One male and one female, both mid size in the litter.   These guys are F1B so will be non shedding, they have had three sets of boosters and have been dewormed twice….. they were bottle supplemented so there is no need to say they are very well handled.

The female would like to be the boss of these two but the male is not taking a back seat to her ‘womanly ways’.   It is very entertaining to watch them interact with toys and copy cat ‘You are having a drink so I guess I should have one also’ ways.   These two are a pair of ‘tail wagging rascals’, it was hard to get as many good (well mediocre) pictures of them today as they were steadily tail wagging and wanting to play with the straw…. it was mission impossible to get pictures without a blur for a tail…. they are such happy pups, it really has been a pleasure to personally know each of them.   They are $900, that is delivered safely into your arms price.


Darby and Cesar now have only four males and two females to choose from out of their litter of 14 born Feb. 26th, 2013. These pups are non shedding, have very much Retriever heads, loose curly coats with proud tail carriage. They are very well handled (they were bottle supplemented the first four weeks of their life to help poor Darby out), great about having nails done and have lots of good manners with no bad habits being allowed to start. These pups are easy to train as they strive to try to please their people. Darby is (in my eyes) the best Golden Doodle I have ever raised, she will now be retiring and going to her forever family in the spring. These will be loyal, clean, family orientated dogs that will be a valued member of your family for many years. They are very kid orientated and do well at agility or obedience. Dew claws have been removed and two sets of boosters, a complete vet check and two rounds of deworming have been done, next boosters are due May 8th. For more information or pictures refer to the pup by the toy that is with it in the pictures and I will send all I took of that pup. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Darby and Cesar now have only 6 males and two female pups left (the smallest and one mid size, both are black, wavy to curly coated) for adoption. They were born on Feb. 26th, they had their complete vet check April 17th, the same day as these pictures were taken.

Dew claws have been removed, two sets of shots and deworming have been done. These guys were bottle supplemented for the first 4 weeks of their life so needless to say they are very well handled, nails have been nipped weekly, paw massages are given daily, they are laid on their back for submission and were imprinted at birth and at regular intervals in between. They are eating very well from a dish, pee and poop in one area of their pen, have not been allowed to put feet up on anyone, lick or tug on clothing….my pups leave me with lots of manners. They have had access to a crate with the door off since they were 5 weeks old, they play and nap in it, so they will not be hard to crate train.

For more pictures of a certain pup refer to it by the stuffy or toy in the pictures of him and I will send you all the pictures I took of that puppy. You can call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page….or so all three!


Darby and Cesar had 14 puppies on Feb. 28th. and we are extremely happy to say that all 14 are healthy, happy, robust little characters that are now off the bottle and eating from a dish. It was a very long month with bundling up and going to the barn with warm bottles several times a day (and night)! I bottle supplemented all 14 puppies around the clock, until they were four weeks old, to help Darby manage to keep them fed….she alone kept them clean and warm and did an amazing job. This is her third and final litter, she has a home waiting for her with twin boys to love her to bits!

The pups are now on a dish and their little tummies can finally hold enough bedtime supper to make it through until morning. I have split this litter into two pens, one for boys and one for girls, as it is impossible to keep a pen clean with 14 pups in it! Darby is switched over every 6 to 8 hours and gets an hour break in the excersise pen in between. My mothers all have a deep sided packing crate they can get into when they need a break as pups at this age are relentless if they want to suck, it is incredibly funny to watch her waddle over to the box with several puppies attached, and all of a sudden hop into the box. The look on the pups faces is priceless! All of a sudden she is gone, ‘we can smell her but where is she’ looks on their sweet little faces.

These pup are non shedding, Pluto the Grandfathers genetics came through strong with every pup being black (Darby is Apricot and Cesar is Chocolate), and if they are even half as loyal and smart as their Grandpa you will be adopting a winner! I breed for temperament and confirmation, not color and I am just thrilled that all 14 made it, they were very small when they were born with that many in there and Darby looked like she had eaten a bag of watermelons!

I do not even need to say, but will anyway, they are very well handled. They are 5 weeks old now and already all go out of the whelping box to pee and poop in the designated area, they come when I whistle and last week the tail wagging began, this week a few have ‘voiced their opinion’ with a little puppy bark.

Delivery will be when they are a full 8 weeks old. Dew claws are removed, two sets of boosters, deworming and a total vet check will be done before delivery. The price is $900 and that price includes delivery to a town or city near you in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, any one in the north of those provinces will have to drive part way to meet me. I do not ship my pups, I drive them and place them safely and untraumatized into your arms. It is mandatory that you meet me with a crate to transport your puppy safely to your home…no crate, no puppy! I am an advocate of having a pet secured in your vehicle the same as a child.

If one particular pup catches your eye please let me know and I will send all the pictures I took of that puppy. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page and I will get back to you ASAP. I have just began to advertise this litter and four are already spoken for.


Born February 26th and making their individual debut are all 14 of Darby’s puppies, safe and sound and a month old. Einstein is the father.   This took a lot of work for the little ones, as everyone knows there are not 14 places at the table for meal time, so the little ones get pushed off. This is where ‘The Grammie’ comes in, with warm bottles every few hours…..and I am sure that if I had not helped, at least one of these little characters would not be here! These pups will be ready to go when they are a full 8 weeks old on April 23rd.

These are active pups, I split the litter last week end, so there are 6 females in one whelping box and 8 males in the other…..they get Darby rotated between them when I go out to bottle, while I am bottle feeding she is in the exercise yard having a little time out from duties. This week the pups will start on a dish, they are just cutting teeth now.

These are guaranteed non-shedders, dew claws are removed and I don’t need to say how well handled they are. There is only one male with a real Retriever-like coat texture, the rest are wavy to curly but I can assure you Darby must have callouses on her tongue because they are all kept shiny clean. I didn’t get the best of pictures this time, it was cold and when I would take them out from under the heat lamp they would shiver (and so would I) and they want to run to me and right off the edge of the chair….so these are the best of the worst. We will try to do better next week, when they will have dog food on their faces. If you see a pup that ‘catches your eye’ let me know by the stuffy that is in the picture with it and I will send you all I took of that puppy. We may try a short video for buyers that have picked a certain pup. These pups are $900 delivered to major cities, if you are too far away you will need to meet me part way as I do not ship my pups. I have to know what has happened to them between when they leave me and arrive with you. My Saskatchewan contact number is 306 521-1371 for Texts or you can call the house number which is 306 792-2113 and leave a message.


Here is a first look at Darby’s newest litter. 14 beautiful puppies and all black! Keep watching for more info and new pictures. In the meantime, here is a great video for you to watch:

[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding3.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding3.png mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bottlefeeding3i.m4v embed=false share=false width=480 height=352 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=4:3 /]