Maggie (Melfort)

This is one of Danni and Cesar‘s Sept. 8th litter, I delivered her to Melfort and these kids were so excited to get a puppy…..what a great (and scary) story about Maggie:

I have been meaning to send you an update with pics of Maggie. She is doing really well and we love her to bits!!!

She continues to be great with the kids (1 and 2 years). She is so calm and gentle with them. It’s sweet how she follows us throughout the house and just lays down.

She loves to play outside and has the perfect energy level for our family. She will play hard in the yard and then relax in the house.

We had quite the scare with her at the end of Feb. We had her spayed and a few days later noticed her incision was splitting open. We were surprised because she didn’t chew at her stitches and she wasn’t at all rambunctious. We took her to the vet who examined her and he thought it would heal on its own. That night we were invited out for supper. When we returned, poor Maggie was in rough shape and her incision was wide open! She was rushed into emergency surgery and was stitched up the old-school method. She is fine but it was quite a scary experience!!

We finished beginner obedience last night. She catches on to new things quickly so she did fairly well (2nd in the class). It’s the handler that needs to do better! There might be a beginner agility in June so I hope to take her (she won’t do any jumping).

We are still working on reducing her barking. It’s her one bad habit. She barks when people come in the house but within 5-10 mins she’s calm. She was the barker at dog obedience so we plan to continue to expose her to new people and other dogs. She’s friendly and not at all aggressive, just a little unsure at first.



Hope spring is here soon! We are all desperate to get outside more.