Eddie (Lorette, MB)

It was great to hear this update and I am thrilled to hear that they followed my eating plan. I hear so many different ways to feed and I really am against doling out portions. The way that Louis is doing it is exactly like I think it needs to be done. I sincerely Thank you Louis for this great update and these awesome pictures. I will forward them on to the families that have littermates in hopes we get a few more pictures to share and compare. This litter is spread over three provinces. Enjoy this great spring with your Doodle. Louis wrote:

I thought you might like to hear this update from Eddie. I took him to the Vet to get his shots up to date. He passed his check-up with flying colours. The Vet was full of compliments in regards to his weight, muscle mass and disposition. She told me to keep doing exactly what we’re doing and she had no recommendations at all. I’ll take credit for his giving him enough exercise but he obviously has fantastic genes.

She asked how much we feed him per day as she felt we were strict on his diet, the truth is the complete opposite, when his food dish is empty we fill it, since day 1 he has only eaten when hungry and only eats until he’s full. She says it is obvious he has been well cared for since birth and has never gone hungry.

I though you’d like to hear this as some of the compliments are due to your care and bloodlines.


Eddie is one of Darby and Cesar’s male pups from Feb. 26th. 2013. litter that had 14 F1B Golden Doodle puppies. I have video posted of me supplementing this litter with a bottle, it is so uplifting for me to receive these emails when I open my computer and I sincerely thank everyone who sends them. Eddies parents are Darby (now retired to a ranch near Breton Alberta) and Cesar, still living at Fur Fettish Farm and loving his girls and freedom to run. Eddie lives in Lorette, Manitoba and it really sounds like he in not only a great dog but a very entertaining one as well. I do not forward people personal information but I do try to take the time to share pictures and stories with littermates families in hopes to hear how the other pups are doing.

I am on the downhill swing of my Doodle breeding operation, the plan is to downsize and head for retirement in three years. Darby was a hard act to follow, she was perfect in every way and a great mother. Her family in Breton are my family also, so I have been allowed to visit and see first hand how happy she is. Eddie’s family wrote:

I thought I would send you a picture and a quick note as Eddie is now about 2 yrs old. As he has been all along he’s been a great dog, he’s remained at about 65 lbs for the last year, he still has an endless amount of energy and loves his daily walks. He listens well to most commands, the one he hears most often is “drop it” he almost always has something in his mouth, a shoe, a glove a kid’s toy or his own when he can find one. His reaction when he get exited is to pick up something, doesn’t matter what. We still kennel him during the day, at this point he’d likely be fine loose but he likes his kennel, when he sees us getting ready to leave in the morning he goes to his kennel on his own.


Eddie’s family sent us these great pictures of Eddie at the race track and told us:

I thought you might like these pictures, this is from the racetrack, Eddie come out with use every time, he absolutely loves it there. We have a professional photographer who is always there and he takes opportunities to grab any great photos, even when un-related to motorcycles.


Eddie’s family sent us some new pictures and this update:

It’s been quite a while since I last gave you an update so I though I would send a quick note to let you know how he’s doing. At 1-1/2 he seems to have leveled off at about 65 lbs. He has an unlimited amount of energy, he gets a run every day and is always ready to go. He does great off leash, he’ll never let us get out of his sight. He listens well and wants to be with us at all times. During the day he stays in his large crate in the house. I used to feel bad leaving him there but on days I work from home, he spends all day in his crate by choice. Eddie is great with all kids, he’s extremely calm and patient when strange kids are around and petting him. He is also good with any other animals, he plays well with other dogs, cats, and unfortunately he also attempted to play with a Skunk one morning. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again. We have him groomed every 2 months, he is completely non-shedding. Eddie has never shown any sign of aggression towards any person or animal. He’s exactly what we hoped for, he’s a textbook example of a Golden doodle in regards to behaviour.


I am so happy to hear how good Eddie has fit into his family. His mother, Darby is spayed now and retired to a ranch near Breton, Alberta and they say she is the best dog they have ever owned. Eddie’s family sent us this picture of Eddie celebrating their son’s birthday and told us:

Just thought I would send you a quick update on Eddie, he now weighs 50lbs, he is still doing very well, he’s been a great dog, the kids love him and he is always playing with them. We had him neutered about 2 weeks ago, he was a little slow on the day of but back to himself the next day.

We’ve taken him to the lake several times now, he’s not a great swimmer yet but he’s getting better and he loves the water.


Eddie is one of Darby and Cesar‘s males that went to a family near Winnipeg. They told us:

Hi Margaret-Ann, I thought I would let you know how well Eddie did when we got home. He’s taken a liking to my 6 yr old son and they seem to be bonding quickly. He’s eating and drinking and going outside to the bathroom. He seems to be very happy and just wants to be near us. He loves his doggy bed and did great in his kennel overnight. The pic attached is of their first meeting together (don’t mind the hat, he’s 2 and wants to dress himself).