This little monkey is Zuzu, she was one of the tiniest pups I had ever seen come from Hannah and Einstein. Right from the start she was a little go getter. I fed her around the clock for the first four weeks, some nights I would just sit in the whelping box and feed the others and put them on the other side of me and let little Zuzu get her tummy full of mothers milk. She was so small we called her Tinykins. I am so happy to hear about this little girl, she really stole my heart. I hope one day I can see her and hold her in my arms. I don’t think people know how hard it is for me to place one of my pups into a strangers arms, but many of those strangers have become friends, we connected over a puppy, what more fitting way could there be to meet a friend. Thanks for sending Kira, I have quite a few Doodles in Calgary now. Zuzu’s family wrote:

I thought you might like seeing Zuzu at 2 years old. She is a sweetheart of a dog and we are grateful for her in our life. Zuzu weighs 57 pounds. Happy and healthy in every way! She is so smart and has an incredible nose. There isn’t a place that I can hide that she can’t find me. She absolutely loves hide and seek. I told my husband that if I ever get lost in the woods to just send Zuzu and she will find me. She also loves the water, loves retrieving the ball, and She can catch a frisbee like a champ. She loves people so much. We haven’t run into anyone yet that she was afraid of or disliked. We really are so lucky to have her and we owe so much of that to the great start to life that you provided to her. I hope that all is well with you and your crew!


This was one of the tiniest pups I have ever had born here. I went around the clock for four weeks to keep her going. She was bottled and I would sit and hold her on Hannah’s tit to get some mothers milk so she would have a good immune system. She turned out to be such a beautiful dog. Hannah only had one litter after this and then she was spayed and has her very own man to dote over her and take her for rides. I love happy endings! Zuzu’s family wrote:

I thought that you might like an update on Zuzu. She turns 18 months old tomorrow and this is a new photo of her taken this afternoon. She is still the greatest and such and important part of our family. She is very loved!


Zuzu was such a tiny pup that is a wonder she made it, not only did she make it she had a very strong heart with no sign of a murmur that tiny ones sometimes have. Her family told us:

Zuzu is now 50lbs and she is great. Here is a funny picture that we took of her the other day. We called it working class dog. The other photo is Zuzu with my oldest son (they are best friends).


What a beautiful specimem of an F1 Labra Doodle Zuzu is. She lives in Calgary and was the tiniest puppy you could imagine, if I had not been out there every few hours with a bottle she would not be here, so I am so thrilled to hear she has made it to 46 lbs. and is happy and healthy in every way. This is what keeps me ticking! Her family let us know:

I thought you might like to see a new photo of Zuzu…just taken. She is 8 months old today and weighs 46lbs (hardly the runt now). She is just the best. She has brought much joy to our family and we are grateful.
I hope all is well with you!


Here is an up-to-date picture of the lovely Zuzu! Her owners also told us:

Here is a picture that I took of Zuzu this morning with her favorite pink pig. She is a wonderful pup! Still getting lots of compliments on her. The latest was a group of women (strangers) that thought she should be on tv because she was just so cute. They also couldn’t believe how well she walked on her leash for me.


Zuzu lives in Calgary and is one of Hannah and Einstein‘s March 3rd pups, she was very tiny and weak when she was born so I spent a lot of time sitting with her until she was strong enough to fight for a place at the dinner table on her own.   Once this little stinker got going she was really a go getter and such a funny pup to watch, it was like she was telling the world she was just happy to be alive.  Her owners sent us some new photos and told us:

Things with Zuzu are going well. She really is a wonderful pup. She turns lots of heads when we are out with her and she has even had a couple of cars stop to see where we got her. Everyone LOVES her.

I am sending you another picture of Zuzu so you can see how much she has grown. She is soooo beautiful.


This is Zuzu.  Her owners told us:

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding Zuzu. We have had her now for 24 hours and I think that she is a genius dog. She has gone to her designated pee/poo spot every time (no accidents yet in the house). She is already learning the come and sit commands, and she is as sweet as pie. And although last night there was a little crying through the night, (as expected), she has been napping comfortably in her crate off and on today (the last time I put her in her crate, there wasn’t even a peep).  We are in love with her. If her siblings are even half as wonderful as she is, you are going to have some very happy puppy owners!
Thanks again for everything!