This picture really made my day, what a wedding this must have been with a vegetarian dog as the ‘best man’. I sincerely thank Lindsay and Darcy for this update and especially congratulations on the wedding, you both look wonderful and I can see Bru would like to steal the show! Brubaker was a little curly ball of fluff when they got him, he has certainly grown into a gorgeous dog. Bru lives in Manitoba so this litter spans three provinces. Bru’s family wrote:

Here is Brubaker. His mom is Debbie and dad is Einstein. Bru is an exceptional dog. He is very smart and steals the show everywhere he goes.

Last March we took Bru to an animal allergy specialist. He had allergy testing and turns out he is allergic to everything!!!!! Meat, mold spores, dust, grass, pine needles, feathers… My 66lb vegetarian puppy has been treated for the last year or so with shots of serum designed to desensitize him so he can tolerate some of his allergies. I am happy to report most of his symptoms have disappeared or gotten to the point of being very manageable!! He is happy and healthy and the love of our lives!!!

We got married on March 28th. Here is a pic of our boy.


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This is one of Debbie’s F1B Labra Doodles from August 25th, 2012.  I can’t believe what a beautiful color Bru has become….. people have asked for silver but when they are born black it is hard to tell which ones will roan out like that, he is really a smart looking fellow for sure.  A lot of buyers comment on how agile their dog is…. it is the Poodle in them that makes them excel in obstacle courses.  I wish everyone would take their dog to obedience, it really isn’t for the dog, it is for the people, and the dog benefits.  Bru’s owners told us:

Here is Brubaker. We call him Bru. He is nine months old and loving the nice weather. He has been to a few rounds of puppy school and is learning to walk nicely. His favorite activity is the obstacle course. He loves to jump and climb. He gets very excited over every toy, especially his piggy. Thanks for the great dog!