Cash (Winnipeg)

Cash’s family sent us this Christmas card and told us:

Wishing you a wonderful new year! So happy that 2013 brought Cash into our lives. He’s a big boy now at 10 months old & the sweetest pup. He has such a great demeanor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him remotely unhappy. He’s still a bit of a fraidy cat, but he sure enjoys the snow!! Here’s a picture of the Christmas card we sent out this year. Both Cash & his “big” brother Rex had a great holiday!


I just delivered this guy ‘Cash’ to his new family in Winnipeg yesterday.  He is one of Darby’s 14 born Feb. 26th.   There are only two left… male and one female.  His new family told us:

Thank you so much for bringing Cash into our lives!  He is an absolute sweetheart.  Our first evening together has gone great so far.  Him & Rex are getting along just fine already.  We’ve spent some time in the backyard tonight.  Thought I would send you a picture of the “boys”.  Cash looks very happy!