Finn (Roblin)

Oh my goodness look at this big guy, stunning to say the least! I am watching for Winnie to come into heat so I can breed her the same way this year. I am certainly loving to be able to see what my pups are turning out like. Finn’s family wrote:

…a few more photos of Finn to share from our snowshoe trek this morning. Very beautiful and sunny here today, hope you can see his awesome colour better!


Here is an update from Finn’s family. They wanted us to know:

Finn is our “wonder-dog”. He is an absolute perfect fit to our family. He enjoyed his first big fishing trip this summer. He was a perfect gentlemen in the boat and loves the water. The boys have taught him to fetch and Grayson has him sitting and lying down on command. He is a great companion for our little girl and spends a lot of time in the sandbox by her side. He has even taken an interest in the cows with my husband. I would not say he is a cattle dog but he really tries. Lol. We couldn’t be happier he truly is one of the family.


This is just in…. Finn is one of Winnie and Cesar‘s pups…. they still have three males available that are just as great as this guy…. waiting for their forever family…. this is what keeps me going guys, I deeply appreciate hearing and seeing how my pups are doing… this is what makes me love what I am doing and softens the hurt of placing one of my girls… Darby got tears on her fresh clip job today!  So this helped a lot!  Finn’s owners wrote:

Finn is doing great. He is one of the family for sure. Loves playing with the kids and is really enjoying farm life.  We could not have chosen a more perfect puppy. And wow has he grown…it seems like he is double the size he was three weeks ago. Keep up the great work Margaret-Ann, you dogs are a testament to your hard work and dedication.