F1B Labra Doodle Litter (Dory) – Born July 9, 2013

All Dory’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Dory and Cesar had 9 F1B Labra Doodle pups on July 9th in campsite 102A in Red Lodge Provincial Park, Alberta. She went over on her due date so had to go camping! These are beautiful pups, the first crossing with these two dogs, and it certainly paid off. They have now had two sets of boosters and been dewormed twice, they were totally vet checked yesterday and are ready to go any time after Monday Sept. 3rd. The price of these non shedding Labra Doodles is $900 delivered to most places on the Prairie’s, I do not ship my pups but choose to deliver them safely into the new families arms.

These are very intelligent, loyal and clean dogs that learn quickly what is wanted of them, they have not been allowed to lick or jump up on me, so they are well started. They have had access to a crate with the door off to play in, so will be easy to crate train.

The pups with a ball are the males, there are three males and two females left available right now.

My pups are very well handled, dew claws are removed and they have a two year health guarantee for ears, eyes, hips and elbows for anything genetic….I am very selective about my breeding program and have many references. Please answer on this ad, text 306 521-1371 or call 306 792-2113 and leave a message or use my contact page.


Dory and Cesar’s F1B Labra Doodle pups are now 6 weeks old and starting to show their character and coat development has shown up….we have a great variety from curly to loose wavy. These are very gently natured pups like both parents, suck up the attention whenever they get a chance and are a herd of tail waggers for sure. They come to a whistle when it is time to eat or be played with, they are eating well from a dish and helping themselves to dry food and water. They have a ball in their pen and an empty bleach jug, it is great fun for one to get it and hide in the crate and try to keep it from the others, a few are showing signs of becoming outstanding retrievers.

The lighting was not good the other night, so lesson learned. It is very hard to take pictures of black pups to start with and they were only interested in when supper was coming, certainly not in sitting still for photo time. Dory keeps them so clean they shine, I wanted to do pictures before they ate their supper as usually there is a few remnants on their nose and whiskers.

There are now only three males and two females to choose from, both females are curly, the males are one curly, one loose wavy and one will be more of a Benji type shaggy coat. They will get their second boosters on August 27th. and will be ready to go at 8 weeks old on September 3rd. and they are $900 delivered to most places on the prairie provinces, if you are further away I will gladly meet you to place your puppy safely into your arms.

For more information on these pups please call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Dory, my blonde, F1 Labra Doodle, went overdue with her second litter, so she went camping with us and delivered 9 beautiful F1B Labra Doodle puppies, fathered by Cesar, my Chocolate Standard Poodle, in Red Lodge Provincial Park. They were born July 9th.

For a girl that had never been off the farm she took it all remarkably well, the word was out in the park so we had a steady stream of visitors which gave me the unexpected pleasure to teach children about how puppies are born blind and deaf, how they use only their nose to find a teat and suckle and how the mother keeps them clean and teaches them the basics of life from day one! The children were not allowed to hold the pups and I went through two bottles of hand sanitizer, which also gave me the chance to teach children (and adults) about how viruses are spread……I don’t know about the kids but Dory and I had a wonderful experience.

Three of the pups are spoken for, all three being female, leaving two females and four males to choose from, all are black. Dory’s father, Pluto my black Standard Poodle, weighs about 45 lbs. and her English Lab Grandfather, Trump, weighs over 100 lbs. and is the old style ‘big flat head, good spring of rib, broad chest’ kind of Lab. Coat textures are from loose wavy to curly, Dory keeps them so shiny clean that it was incredibly hard to get good pictures of them. These pups will weigh 50 lbs. and up, I expect the largest male, who has Trumps noggin, to weigh about 90 lbs.

The pups with some sort of ball in the picture with them are the males. Dew claws have been removed, they will come Vet checked with two sets of boosters, they will be dewormed and are extremely well handled with paw massages and nails nipped weekly, so feet handling will not be an issue. At four weeks they are all climbing out of the whelping box to pee and poop where Dory goes (a small area of the pen with straw) so they are going to be very easy to train, especially for people with a fenced yard that want their dog to go in a designated area. They are eating soft food now and just starting to sample dry food and take a few licks at the water. They have access to a crate with the door off, to make crate training less of a chore, I throw their toys into it each time I clean their pen so going into the crate is like a game for them.

These pups are $900, I am struggling to keep my prices down and my health is telling me to slow down, so I do not know how much longer I will be doing Doodles but rather than quit I am retiring some of my dogs and have put my Retrievers up for sale. Possibly with a lightened work load I can finish the bloodlines I am so proud to have built up to produce the quality of pups I have for sale now. The price of my pups includes delivery to most places on the Prairies, if you are further away I will meet you part way. I do not ship my puppies, I drive them and meet the new family and place them safely into the arms that will hold them for the rest of their life.

My pups leave me at 8 weeks old, with lots of manners, they are not allowed to lick, put their feet up on me or tug on clothing. I am here to help with training issues as your pup matures, sometimes a little advise goes a long way and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve that I am more than willing to share. A happy owner makes for a happy puppy.

For more information, pictures of the parents or grandparents, or pictures of a certain pup, tell me the toy that is with him or her in the pictures and I will send all the pictures I have taken. I try to update my pictures weekly, so if you purchase a puppy from me you will be updated with pictures of its progress. Please text 306 521-1371 or call 306 792-2113 and leave a message, or use my contact page.


I had my camera in my pocket while I was in the barn today and the pups were all asleep in Dory’s box while I cleaned the whelping box….. so I decided to take a few pictures. These 9 F1B Labra Doodle pups were born July 9th, 2013 in Red Lodge Provincial Park, just out of Bowden, Alberta. Dory went overdue so she had to come camping, she did remarkably well with everything that was going on around her. The father to this litter is Cesar, my Chocolate Standard Poodle, so these will be totally non shedding pups. They are ready to go September 3rd.

Dezi’s pups sold by the time they were 4 1/2 weeks old (they are only 6 weeks old now and there are 8 of them)… I didn’t even get them into the paper and they were sold!

If you are interested in an F1B Labra Doodle please contact me and let me know what it is you are looking for (male or female) and when I take individual pictures at 4 weeks old I will include you in the update.

I look forward to hearing from you and I am here to answer any questions you may have. I want this to be an informed decision, not a whim…. this puppy will be living with you for the next 15 years, so choose wisely!

F1B Golden Doodle Litter (Dezi) – Born June 20, 2013

All Dezi’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Dezi and Einstein have had their last litter of pups. The total was eight, these are the three males left to choose from. They were born June 20th, so will be ready to go August 15th when they are 8 weeks old. These pups will mature at about 50 to 60 lbs. and will be totally non shedding, wavy to curly coated. They will have two sets of boosters and lots of instructions on when to get the third set and when they are safe to go to the dog park.

My pups are very well handled and started with manners, imprinted and socialized. These are intelligent, loyal dogs that are always trying to please. They are clean, easy to train and very family oriented….they especially love children. I stand behind what I breed and am here to advise you along the way….it is much easier to do the training right the first time than to try to undo a bad habit that you have let start (such as getting on the furniture, mouthing or jumping up). For more information or pictures of a certain puppy, refer to it by the toy that is in the pictures with it and call 306-792-2113 or text 306-521-1371 or use my contact page. The price of these pups is $900.

Maggie (Olds, AB)

This is Maggie who now lives in Olds, Alberta and has an awesome life with her owner who works at an Olds Auction Mart, so Maggie get to at least smell all the different critters that go through there. I am really happy about how great these dogs have turned out and of course I can’t really take much credit for what happened after they left me but I would like to think that the start I give them has something to do with it. That and the good solid bloodlines they have running in their veins. I sincerely appreciate every one of the emails I get telling me about how my pups turn out. Maggie’s family wrote:

Here is Maggie almost 2 years old. I thought maybe you would like to see how the girls were doing from this litter, by the sounds of it she is exactly like her brothers. She packs my socks around when she gets excited, she is not in her kennel any more but is baby gated out of the living room during the cold days. She spends the warm days outside with the cat, in her run when I am working. We took dog Agility last winter and she did really well we are going to take some more lessons this spring and maybe even a competition. Maggie absolutely loves camping and last summer she learned how to swim and now I can’t keep her out of the water. But BALL is her favourite game which we play a lot, she is so patient with my great nephews and very gentle even playing ball with them. She weighs about 60 pounds which is about 45 pounds heavier than her brother (Benson but he is a Chihuahua, jack russell and Shizshu mix) that she loves dearly. Thank you so much for breeding such great dogs as she is a much loved member of my family.


Maggie is one of Darby and Cesar‘s pups from Darby’s last litter (February 26, 2013). Her owners wrote us the following message to go with the picture:

I thought I should send you a picture of Maggie and her brother Benson. I had just shaved her so she is a little ragged but is doing really well. She is the star student in her dog classes and the teacher said she is very smart and doing excellent. We are going to take some scent detection classes later on. Well off to work and I gave your name to a lady who is looking for a pup.