Charlie is one of Winnie and Cesar’s males from their March 3rd. 2013 litter. I have his full sister Della here, she will be bred to have her first litter this spring (with any luck….to Einstein, who is a little short on one end for the job, Della is quite leggy). Although they shed (F1 Labra Doodles do shed, they just don’t shed like a full Lab) and they certainly got bigger than anyone, including me, expected, nobody wants to return the dog. I am very happy with the reports I am getting about these gentle giants, so Winnie and Robyn will be bred the same way this year. At least this time I have a good gauge to go by when telling my buyers how big they will get. This will be my first Doodle into Alaska, I have a few in NWT and the Yukon. Charlie’s family wrote:

I have really enjoyed all the updates from Charlie’s litter-mates! Perfect timing too because he just had his 2nd birthday!

Charlie continues to have a wonderful temperament. He is exactly what I was hoping for in a dog. He is very attached to me (some say too attached) and follows me around everywhere. From what I hear this is a poodle trait. He gets along well with other dogs and people, even children. This spring was his first time staying at a boarding kennel. He did so well that the family taking care of him just let him loose on the farm and he stayed close and played with the kids all day long. He’s been boarded a few times since then and there has never been a problem. Like many of the others mentioned, Charlie does shed. He isn’t allowed on the furniture and I bought a good vacuum cleaner so it’s manageable. He is also a lot bigger than expected. I can’t lift him up anymore to weigh him on the bathroom scale but he was 80 lbs in June when he was last at the vet. I’m quite sure he weighs more now!

Charlie and I will be moving soon! I just got engaged to my boyfriend who lives in Alaska! We will be moving up there before the end of summer. Alaska seems to be a very dog friendly place and I’m sure he will love it up there.


This is Charlie, one of Winnie and Cesar’s 2013 pups, he lives in PA and his family wrote to tell us:

I’ve been meaning to send you an update so here goes! Charlie is the best dog ever!! OK, he’s my first dog but I can’t believe how good he is! He was house trained almost immediately. On the first night he slept right through the night with no bathroom breaks and no accidents and it’s been that way ever since.

His sit is really solid and he fetches well too. His down needs a bit of work though. We’ve been to the dog park a few times and he’s had lots of visits with my friends’ dogs (and kids too). He does well with small and large dogs alike. We’ve been working on jumping in and out of the car and going in and out of the kennel in the car.

Charlie walks REALLY WELL on the leash! (He gets lots of walks and lots of practice on and off leash.) I had him in downtown Saskatoon one day during the Jazz Festival. Of course there were crowds of people and lots of noise and music. He did so well! A stranger even stopped me to ask how I got him to walk so well on the leash. I told her that Charlie was like that from day one and I just reinforce it.

Charlie and I are going camping this week with some friends and I plan on introducing him to the lake. I know he’ll love it! He’s also going to get some practice getting in and out of a canoe too! I should have some good pictures and video to send you after our camping trip.

I can’t believe I deliberated for two years before I got a dog! (But then, of course, I wouldn’t have gotten Charlie!)