People need to be aware of the list of things I have posted that dogs should not ever be given or get into accidentally. This beautiful pup ate a whole bag of raisins on Thursday and almost didn’t make it. This picture was taken at the vet’s with is IV tube still in, and he is still smiling. Please refresh yourselves with the DO NOT eat list. Lucky for Cooper his owner got him to the vet in time. They sent us this update:

I went to visit him yesterday. He was very lively and they said that was a good sign – but they were doing a blood test in the evening. They phoned Adrian. His blood test was perfect and Adrian went to pick him up about 9 last night. I haven’t talked to him since.

The vet said that it was important that Adrian discovered what had happened and went in immediately. She said they can’t induce vomiting if 3 hours have passed. After 3 hours it’s a lot more serious. I put a warning on Facebook telling everyone that raisins are very toxic to dogs and cats apparently.

The vet said that they don’t know what it is in raisins that causes kidney failure. They are trying to discover what it is.

So Cooper, thank goodness is doing great. Adrian says he won’t be buying raisins in future!


Cooper is one of Kayden and Pluto’s pups from June 6th, 2009, so he is 4 now. A lot of people ask to see pictures of what the pup will look like when it is mature so this should be helpful. Cooper’s family is really happy with him!