Waldo & Olive

These two Fur Fettish Farm Doodles live in Regina with Jimmy and Elizabeth, who, quite obviously, are top notch dog owners that put a lot of time and effort into making Waldo and Olive the best they can be. Olive’s mother, Kloe, is spayed and lives with her family in White City (her new family are all red heads so Kloe fits right into the group).

The picture with them dressed up as Lions is my all time favourite. I sincerely thank Jimmy and Elizabeth for this great update and awesome pictures and I would love to hear how their siblings are doing. When I receive updates I go into my book and share them with buyers who own a sibling, this sometimes results in that buyer sending an update on their Doodle. You can be assured that I never include anyones personal information when I forward. These updates are the wind beneath my wings and are genuinely what keeps me putting one foot in front of the other.

I have been slowly downsizing due to some ongoing health issues but I am going to try to hang in to finish this project that I started, the last of the breeding stock were picked and kept back in 2013, and they will be old enough to breed this year. Waldo and Olive’s family wrote:

Waldo and Olive are doing well. Nothing much new with Waldo, beside being a bit more mature and mellow now. We’re still doing lots of dog sports with him, and I’ve been training him in agility, getting into flyball, and he’s doing pretty good. Olive on the other hand had grown up lots. She was really shy as a pup but we’ve done a lot of work with her, taking her to classes, play, and training, so she had really starting to gain more confidence in herself. It’s kind of funny how the two are so closely related, but could not have been more different in personality. Olive loves to cuddle, Waldo not. Waldo is much more friendly outside of the house, while Olive is more shy, but Waldo is the laid back one at home. Olive follows her big brother around all the time, while Waldo can do without her. We always tell her to “find Waldo” and of course he’s always the first one she looks for and play with. Waldo thinks of her as the annoying little sister, but they love each other. Olive is really good at obedience too, even better than Waldo, so we’ll continue to work on that.


The older dog is Waldo, son of Kamryn and Einstein, born August 20th. 2011 and the pup is Waldo’s little sister, Olive, who is from Kloe and Einstein born July 29th. 2013. These two lucky dogs live in Regina. Their owners wrote:

Just thought I would send you a quick update on Olive and Waldo.

Olive is doing great, adjusting well at home. Her and Waldo have became best of friends. It took Waldo a couple of days to warm up to her, but now they play together all the time. Olive is fun to have around, she’s a lot more playful than Waldo when he was a puppy. It seems like she has more Golden in her while Waldo has more Poodle.

House training is coming along, but she’s not there yet. She had a couple of accidents but generally she’s getting it. She had her 3rd booster last week, and gained about 7 pounds already in three weeks. She is very smart and picks up things really quick. She already knows the sit and stay, and we’re working on the down. It’s a little more challenging to train her compared to Waldo, as to her it’s play time all the time. Her tail is constantly wagging, and I must say she is much more happy go lucky than Waldo ever was, he was always the laid back one.

Waldo will finish his first agility class tomorrow night. i think he found his calling doing agility, and we’ll be doing level 2 after. Olive will begin classes soon too. Judging from how well she learns at home, i think she’ll do great.

Will keep you up to date on their progress, stay warm, will be in touch.


This is Waldo, he was two on the 20th of August, 2013. Waldo is from Kamryn and Einstein….and now he is getting a baby sister from Kloe and Einstein’s July 29th. litter. I have had a few sales from people seeing Waldo and yes they should get commission for passing out my name. Now this is a gorgeous Doodle….even if I do say so myself. Waldo lives in Regina and although I have not seen him since he left me at 8 weeks old, I have certainly heard about him many times. Now I really wish I was not so damn old!

In addition to the pictures, Waldo’s family told us:

As you know Waldo turn 2 yesterday. He’s doing great, and yes we do have lots of comments about him from strangers everywhere we go. We have had people take photos of him when we’re driving, people came up to us asking about him all the time at parks, during walks, at store, people driving in their car stopping in the middle of the road asking about him, everyone seems to love and wanting to pet him, and sounds like some of those people became your client. We were joking the other day at home that he should get part of your puppy sale commission for marketing, kidding of course.

He’s very mellow at home, gets a little excited when people comes to the door, more so with people he knows, but overall he’s great. We haven’t done any classes this summer as puppy school is close for the summer, but he is on the waiting list to try agility.


Waldo’s owners sent us some updated pictures!


This is Waldo. He lives in Regina and is one of Kamryn‘s pups from this last litter. He is about 4 months old now. His owners wrote:

It’s been almost 2 months since Waldo came home with us, and it’s been the busiest and funnest 2 months of our life. Waldo is such a great dog, so loveable and full of life, everyone who see him just can’t get over how cute, soft and well behave he is. Just tonight we finally took him to the dog park, and i’ve never seen a dog so happy just running around, fetching balls and playing with other dogs. As I’m sending this email he’s all tucker out by my feet. He is growing up fast too, almost 30 pounds already. We nickname him the beast or the yellow beast at home…

Waldo is a fast learner. He sits, downs, and fetch and retrieve now, all with just a voice command. Still working on the hand shake, roll over, come and stay on command, but we’ll get there. He’s pretty much house trained, and we don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to let him out anymore. Still has some accidents when he gets too excited from playing, but that’s few and far between. He’ll begin obedience class in January, which i know he’ll finish first in class for sure, if not, first in cutest.