Stewie (Chestermere, AB)

This ‘Pot Licker’ is Stewie. There is not, to the best of my knowledge, any Italian in Stewie but I think he has a fondness for spaghetti! Maybe a little red wine to go with it. It sounds like this guy has an awesome personality and is very lucky to have a family like this. Stewie lives in Chestermere, Alberta. He looks like he could be a little mischievous even in the pictures, he has that twinkle in his eye, but it looks like Michelle has that same look, so this makes a matching pair of bookends. His family wrote:

We wanted to send you a quick note on Stewie. He turned two this past December and he looks like he has finally slowed down on the growing portion – he is now a stellar 90 Pounds and is quite tall and leggy.

Still charming and gentle and a little mischevious on occasion. He comes with me quite often to work and sleeps under my desk and is terrific company for us all. We continue to work on training him and he is quite a smart fellow!

We were not however, teaching him how to cook in the attached picture. He is such great company for us all and we couldn’t have asked for a better companion!


Here is an update on Stewie. Darla is his full sister and she just has her first pups now from Einstein, so now he is Uncle Stewie. Take a look at this Halloween costume, that is awesome!

The answer to their question is ‘yes’ I know what to do about ear infections. Keep the hair plucked out of the ear canal every few months, I use a forceps that have a curve in them. If you are squeamish get your groomer to pluck them out but it really is easy to do and most dogs learn to like it, they lay in my lap to have it done. Then make sure the heaviness is clipped off the centre of the ear inside and out, so in other words just leave the fringe around the edges, the weight of the hair keeps the ear too close to the head so the canal doesn’t get any air. Tip the dogs head to one side and pour hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal and gently massage the base of the ear so it runs down into the ear canal. If it bubbles you have an ear infection or mites and it works for both, if it just sits there then you don’t. Regardless, it will clean the ear canal. If it bubbles, or not, clean it out with Q-tips, be careful to go straight down into the canal and twirl the Q-tip in one direction, don’t twirl it one way and then go the other way, this way any loose hair will wrap around the Q-tip and you can pull is out. Repeat until the ear canal is squeaky clean and then get it as dry as possible with Kleenex and Q-tips. If you have ear medication or drops now is the time to put it in. I clean the dogs ears when they get clipped spring and fall, I rarely have an ear infection in between except with Daisy so I cleaned her ear that was infected for five days in a row and eventually I actually flushed out a dead beetle.

My groomer taught me this, her daughter, who is 11 years old now, was prone to ear infections when she was younger, Thea’s sister worked in a health food store and read about this in one of the books. Thea tried it and Dinah has not had an ear infection in a couple years now. I have used this on my dogs for the last eight years and it works wonderfully. Stewie’s family wrote:

We had a quick question regarding Stewie. He keeps getting ear infections. We have taken him to the vet several times but have not been able to re-mediate them.

We were wondering if you had any ideas on how we can help him….


Here is an update and a new picture from Stewie’s family:

Hi Margaret Ann – here is the latest picture of Stewie and Elora. They have so much fun together! He just had his first haircut and is looking very handsome. Such a sweetheart. They are inseparable.


This is one of Kloe and Cesar‘s pups born Dec. 17th. 2012. Stewie lives in Chestermere, Alberta, with his family who wrote us:

Just a quick update. Stewie is doing well. He is already 70 pounds and still growing. Easy to groom and a very steady personality. Absolutely loves our daughter Elora – they are inseparable. He travels with me most places I go and is an absolute scream. He went for his first hair cut yesterday. We kept him long though as he has the wire hair and it`s pretty easy to take care of. He loves to camp and go for walks. Never far away and he has never run off but stays close to us. Great dog!!!