F1B Labra Doodle Litter (Debbie) – Born August 30, 2013

All Debbie’s puppies have been sold!

Cesar and Debbie now have only one female left available for adoption. She is the second smallest female from this litter of twelve puppies but is a feisty little girl that never looked back one day, she is a sweetheart of a pup, great to work with…the pictures tell the tale, it is almost like she is looking at the camera and posing for her new family! She has now had three sets of boosters, her dew claws have been removed, she is completely vet checked and she is guaranteed non shedding. I estimate this little girl will mature about the same size as her mother, 45 to 50 lbs. and she will also have Debbie’s great personality and loyalty. Her grandfather is Pluto and any of his bloodline are extremely loyal, clean and very intelligent. This puppy will not stay black, she is going to get silver and gold hair all through her coat, she will be an eye catching beauty! For more information please use my contact page, or text 306 521-1371 or call 306 792-2113 or 403 919-1370.


Debbie and Cesar now have only one black male and three black female F1B Labra Doodles to offer. These pups were born August 30th and will be ready to go about October 26th. They have been vet checked and have two sets of boosters, are dewormed and ready to dazzle their new family with how smart, loyal and sweet they are. They are $900 delivered to most places on the central prairie, buyers from further away can meet me part way.


Debbie (Small Black F1 English Labra Doodle) and Cesar (Registered Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle) gave birth to a litter of 12 pups on August 30th. They now have four F1B non shedding Labra Doodle female pups and three male pups for adoption. Between my bottle supplementing and Debbie’s dedicated nursing, all are here, safe and sound and lovable from all the attention bestowed on them. Debbie is on the smaller side for a Labra Doodle so this has been a big undertaking for her and she has excelled at the job, but both she and I are glad they have learned to eat from a dish. Some of this litter was spoken for before they were born.

These pups are black now but they will start to get silver, gold and chocolate hairs coming into their coat at about 4 months old, courtesy of Cesar’s Silver genes…they will be unique and outstanding looking dogs when their coat matures. This is Cesar’s first breeding season so we are just starting to see what a great stud he is and are dazzled by the quality of pups he is producing in both the Golden and Labra Doodle lines.

The dew claws have been removed, they are booked for vet check on Oct. 11th. and are ready to start leaving on Oct. 25th. when they are 8 weeks old. They will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice before leaving my arms and being safely delivered into the arms of their forever family. I do not ship my pups but choose to have either my husband or myself drive them to their new family, meeting as near to you as we can.

These are very loyal, intelligent, non shedding, easy to train family dogs….these girls are from English Lab hunting background so would be easily trained as a bird hunting companion, or would be great for hiking or a distance runner’s side kick once they are fully joint developed. This cross just wants to please their owner, and are very quick to catch on to what is expected of them. Debbie’s pups tend to stay on the smaller side, the females will likely mature at 50 lbs. tops.

For more information please use my contact page, or text 306 521-1371 or call 306 792-2113 or 403 919-1370. For more pictures of a certain pup please refer to it by the toy that it has with it in the pictures. The price is $900 including delivery. We have lots of previous buyers references, which you can browse by going to my Customer Testimonials category in the menu to the right.