Here is a new pic of Danny Boy! I don’t think 85 lbs. is huge but apparently he is tall. Krissy was no slouch for size so he got her weight and the Poodle tall legs. It is so nice to hear about him. When Laurie met me to pick him up the crate was way too small and we literally had to stuff him in, I guess he has not forgotten that! She wrote:

Danny is HUGE!!!! The vet says very big. 85 lb but you can still feel his bones (I think he is skinny but the vet thinks he is just right). He has a nice “tuck up”?? they say. He has had 2 ear infections- I guess this is a problem with floppy ear dogs?

Yesterday he was at the dog park. He loves that place. When he runs he is so fast and sounds like a horse galloping. He gets along with all the dogs and often tries to be the peace maker in scrums. Yesterday was particularly fun for him with the snow. His gangly body was slip, sliding all over the place. He smiles (with that big tongue hanging out) all the time but the grin is bigger at the dog park. When he comes home it is good for at least a 2 hour “snoring” nap!

He still is very fearful of the car. We only take him in the car to the dog park in the car to try and give him positives associated with the ride. He is ever so slowly getting better but it still takes 2 of us to get him in. Forget a kennel – even great dane size. He hates confined spaces. Maybe it is because he is so big. I don’t know. I have to keep focusing on the positives and baby steps when it comes to cars. All he wants in life is to be with people (and eat!).

For everything else, he is a smart and sometimes mischievous young man. His height puts him right at counter level so butter, peanut butter and the occasional loaf of bread have gone missing if the gate to the kitchen is not kept closed. You gotta love him. He has an “I didn’t do that” look when he gets caught. He walks in a perfect heel position and stops whenever I do to cross a street etc.


Here is an updated photo of Danny. What a handsome fellow!


Danny is from Krissy and Einstein‘s October 30, 2012 litter. His family just sent us his “Grad photo”!