Here is an update from Cooper’s family:

Cooper is absolutely gorgeous, he is so handsome. The vet estimates he is going to be about 80 lbs full grown, he is doing really well……very smart dog, I have never heard of a dog house training within a few weeks…. He can be a real handful when he gets playing hard….lol!! we are so in love with him, especially my 13 yr old daughter they have a bonded amazingly which is exactly what we were hoping for…. I think our only regret is we wish now we would have gotten 2 puppies from you….lol!! take care.


Cooper is one of Kloe and Einstein‘s males from their July 29, 2013 litter. His family told us:

Just updating you on our little Cooper! It took a few days for him to get used to his new surroundings but he has fit in nicely. He is very energetic and outgoing. We all love him, he has added so much to our lives. We had trouble deciding on a name but Cooper was the winner.