This is the update on Opie. Rest assured I never give out anyone’s private information. Opie is the son of of Robyn and Cesar born Feb. 21st. 2013. Maybe the information Ashley added about the easy walk head harness will help, I do not know anything about this method but it sure sounds like it worked. Due to the threat of Parvo being tracked here I tend to stay away from Pet Stores, especially ones that allow dogs in. So I am not up on some of the new dog devises out there. Parvo can live on a dry surface for a week and over a year on a wet surface, and like the Measles outbreak we have had here in Canada the last few years, it is very hard to track a virus. I am thrilled to hear about and see how my pups are turning out.

Opie is just 2 years old as well. He has a great personality….. loves everything and everyone (except our neighbour’s cat). He is the best cuddle buddy. He is also right around the 100 pound mark. We will have him weighed at the vet again in June. He loves water, has stopped getting into puppy trouble, and loves playing fetch. I can take him off leash to a park by our house….. and as long as we are playing fetch there is nothing that can distract him.

He also travels extremely well! We have taken him on road trips to BC a couple of times, and has no problem adjusting to his surroundings.

In the last email you sent you mentioned the ceasar Milan collar for dogs that pull on a walk. We tried that with opie but found he would choke himself…. we instead bought an easy walk harness…. it has the leash attachment in the front so when he pulls it spins him around so he is facing the other way. It worked GREAT, after 2 walks he completely stopped pulling! He hated ending up in the opposite direction.


Opie is beautiful… this litter was all over the place with some shaggy and some like Opie.  I am happy to hear he doesn’t shed badly…I do try to be honest with people and tell them F1 are minimal to non shedding.  He looks pretty content to me!  What a beautiful Lab head he has… I am duly impressed!  His family had this to say:

Opie is a great dog, he has an amazing personality, and I couldn’t ask for a better puppy. We just had him fixed so this week he has been a bit of a suck but that is fine with me. I have attached a picture of him. He has taken after the lab side quite a bit more than the poodle side but doesn’t shed too badly.