Finn (Saskatoon)

Here is a new picture from Finn’s family. They told us:

Finn is in excellent health & we will be starting puppy school next week. He’s over 24 lbs, but those big paws hold promise of much more growth! He enjoys going out for walks & meeting family & friends. He has taken only 2 Christmas tree ornaments in his mouth but they were extracted intact, which was amazing good fortune, all around!  He started testing his limits with our “old” dog & we are working at discouraging him from trying to pull the little guy around by his tail for the last 2 wks!  He is handsome & clever & we are ever so grateful for all your good work to bring him to us!


This is one of Debbie and Cesar’s August 30th, 2013, pups. There is one more male and three females left from this litter (which was 12 puppies in total). It is better for the puppy and me if they go when they are 8 to 10 weeks, I continue to work with them and get even more attached to them, but e-mails like this and the one I got on Phoebe yesterday put my mind at ease. I know, pup by pup, I am bringing good, healthy solid pups into forever homes, and making some great friends along the way. Finn’s new family told us:

Finn is fantastic! His Saskatoon world is pretty small right now – the kitchen & family room during the day & carried out to the backyard for business & some play & then he spends the night in his crate in my room. My kids each have big exams tmw but then will start to teach him to go up the carpet stairs indoors, since he’ll eventually need to learn to go up & down some wooden stairs outside.

Our older dog, Coby, is 12, so not quite as energetic but they seems to be tolerating each other pretty well & they are always supervised; sometimes the older dog just indicates that he’s ready for a break & he gets to go out the baby gates to the rest of the house! Coby is a bichon & right now, they are about the same size, though Finn is several lbs lighter!

Our family vet found Finn to be in excellent shape & commented on his great temperament! I’m glad I have taken this week off work since we need to get our routines nailed down (& my kids are big, so I’m not so used to getting up twice a night anymore although I can see that sleeps will soon get longer).

We are impressed by his lovely personality & such a great start on house-training. We really appreciate all the love & skill & effort you put into him & his parents!